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15:08:23 <n0ano> #topic C release planning
15:08:45 <n0ano> we are dicussing the email that Raghu sent out listing items to concentrate on for the C release
15:09:56 <DanSmithEricsson> ahh.. ok - im double stacked with GTM calls :)
15:10:10 <DanSmithEricsson> great.. thanks
15:10:29 <n0ano> DanSmithEricsson, :-) (but you don't get sympathy until you're triple & quadruple booked)
15:11:10 <DanSmithEricsson> :) - thx - let me know where i should forward the screen shot of my outlook calendar for approval of sympathy :P
15:11:24 <DanSmithEricsson> i said GTM booked - there are lots of others ongoing  :)
15:11:47 <n0ano> OK, consider sympathy given then :-)
15:17:22 <n0ano> 1. Advanced (Packet Forwarding) Latency Optimizations
15:17:22 <n0ano> DPDK OVS L2 forwarding
15:17:22 <n0ano> SRIOV L2 forwarding
15:17:22 <n0ano> OVS L2 forwarding
15:17:22 <n0ano> 2. Advanced Interrupt Latency Optimizations
15:17:23 <n0ano> Synchronous Workloads
15:17:25 <n0ano> Asynchronous Workloads
15:17:27 <n0ano> 3. Fast Live Migration
15:17:29 <n0ano> 4. Total Live Migration Time reduction
15:17:31 <n0ano> 5. Inter-VM Communication.
15:17:33 <n0ano> 6. Upstreaming
15:17:35 <n0ano> 7. Kernel Upgrade
15:17:37 <n0ano> Update to latest RT Kernel
15:17:39 <n0ano> 8. Complete CI / Test bed Integration
15:17:41 <n0ano> Yardstick Integration
15:17:43 <n0ano> Pharos Integration
15:17:45 <n0ano> 9. Multiple Distribution Support
15:17:47 <n0ano> Ubuntu and CentOS
15:19:12 <n0ano> kernel upgrade - rt 4.4 is ready now, rt 4.5 may or may not be ready in time for the C release
15:20:07 <n0ano> we should upgrade our mainline git tree to at least rt 4.4 now
15:20:40 <n0ano> also, should not be constantly chasing the upstream kernel during our C release cycle, pick one release and stick with it
15:21:48 <n0ano> note that rt 4.4 is based upon an LTS (Long Term Support) kernel, all the more reason to just go with rt 4.4
15:22:45 <n0ano> everyone agrees we should stay with an LTS kernel, we can start with RT 4.4
15:33:00 <n0ano> #opens
15:34:27 <n0ano> #endmeeting