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00:34:35 <yjiang5> rreddy1: n0ano: I ment the #opnfv-meeting channel. :)
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00:35:27 <yjiang5> n0ano: got it. I thought we are using the meeting channel
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01:26:27 <rreddy1> #topic
01:26:45 <rreddy1> #topic B-Release
01:27:11 <rreddy1> Discussed the status on upstreaming patches
01:27:53 <rreddy1> On Latency side, one patch is upstreamed and another one waiting to be upstreamed
01:29:03 <rreddy1> On Live Migration side, i think most of the patches are upstreamed. Will check on status with Liang
01:29:32 <rreddy1> Discussed CI Test Bed Integration status
01:30:15 <rreddy1> Installer team is trying to run yardstick on fuel due to some dependency issue.
01:30:15 <rreddy1> We have not bottomed out on the issue.
01:30:15 <rreddy1> Followup meeting set up to determine next steps
01:31:07 <rreddy1> #topic C-Release
01:39:04 <rreddy1> - Kernel Upgrade – Decision on version
01:39:58 <rreddy1> Current version is 4.1 LTS; 4.4 LTS has potential performance issues; Monitor mailing list.
01:40:07 <rreddy1> Estimate is 2 weeks to upgrade the Kernel.
01:40:14 <rreddy1> Decision: Wait for C-release timeline to make a decision on Kernel version
01:40:20 <rreddy1> Owner – Jose
01:40:28 <rreddy1> Jose – Send Initial email to kickoff discussion
01:40:39 <rreddy1> - b.	CI Test Bed Integration
01:40:46 <rreddy1> Owner: Yunhong
01:41:22 <rreddy1> Yunhong to Develop the plan and come back and review in 2 weeks
01:41:36 <rreddy1> - Multiple Distribution Support
01:41:47 <rreddy1> Our plan is to support Ubuntu and CentOS
01:42:15 <rreddy1> Current Fuel installer supports only Ubuntu
01:42:56 <rreddy1> we have a meeting planned with Mirantis to find out if Fuel will support CenOS in C-release
01:43:51 <rreddy1> Depending on the answer we will decide on supporting multiple installers for Ubuntu and CentOS or a new single installer for both Ubuntu and CentOS
01:44:04 <rreddy1> #topic Opens
01:44:24 <rreddy1> Jose participating in internal C-release discussions
01:45:07 <rreddy1> would like to add Ovmf integration into C-release. There is one concern; Need to do more research if this is supported by OpenStack
01:45:38 <rreddy1> -	Jose to send additional proposed topics to mailing list
01:46:03 <rreddy1> #endmeeting