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18:01:10 <rreddy1> #topic B-release 2.0
18:01:53 <rreddy1> We still have issue running kvmfornfv in Yardstick environment even though it works fine in our lab environment
18:02:08 <rreddy1> We are able to re-produce the issue
18:03:02 <rreddy1> and working with Yardstick team to address the issue
18:03:42 <rreddy1> #topic C-Release
18:04:17 <rreddy1> We have more details on Fast Live Migration
18:04:23 <rreddy1> will focus on following areas
18:04:33 <rreddy1> - Total migration time. Merge patch to upstream
18:04:47 <rreddy1> - Evaluate additional patches from NPG and upstream
18:04:58 <rreddy1> - Integration with OpenStack
18:05:12 <rreddy1> - Evaluate KVM patches with real world workloads in Intel NPG Labs
18:05:51 <rreddy1> #topic KVM Upgrade Decision
18:06:10 <rreddy1> we decided to upgrade the Kernel version to 4.4.4 LTS
18:06:50 <rreddy1> Jose will start working on it and will run baseline tests after upgrade
18:07:22 <rreddy1> #endmeeting