#opnfv-meeting: BGS team meeting

Meeting started by frankbrockners at 16:03:12 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/156654573 (frankbrockners, 16:04:11)
    2. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/156654573 (dfarrell07, 16:04:12)
    3. Arnaud's thoughts: He'd be happy to help others to try OpenSteak. Plans to add documentation (frankbrockners, 16:10:34)
    4. Arnaud looks for help deploying ODL - Dan Farrell is helping. Anyone else with knowledge on Ubuntu? (frankbrockners, 16:11:59)
    5. Arnaud looked at work of the other teams (e.g. Foreman approach) (frankbrockners, 16:14:51)
    6. Dan Farrell: Use reasonable size components (using ODL as an example). Better issue tracking: Use Jira. (frankbrockners, 16:17:04)
    7. dfarrell07 revises "reasonable size" to "reusable", maybe an audio connection issue (dfarrell07, 16:18:09)
    8. Dave Neary: Document the issues that people have. Document where things are missing - also from an documentation perspective. (frankbrockners, 16:19:20)
    9. Dave Neary: Work together on the end-result - i.e. puppet manifests, cookbooks etc. (frankbrockners, 16:20:06)
    10. dneary: Feedback on the OpenStack + OpenDaylight documentation upstream is welcome and needed. (dneary, 16:21:45)
    11. https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/OpenStack_and_OpenDaylight (dneary, 16:21:54)
    12. A common point many folks are making is to work on common parts of the approaches via their upstream projects (ODL docs for learning ODL+OpenSTack, ODL Puppet mod for deploying ODL, etc) (dfarrell07, 16:21:56)
    13. Joseph: Look at what is common between the installers. Describe things in words first - even if the tools are different. (frankbrockners, 16:21:57)
    14. Joseph: Example: Common network layout would be a good starting point. (frankbrockners, 16:22:32)
    15. Reinaldo: Has ODL background. Was trying to become more active on the project - but it is hard to find a starting point. (frankbrockners, 16:24:08)
    16. Reinaldo: Better documentation. One installer. If we cannot have one single installer - more documentation on the different approaches. (frankbrockners, 16:25:58)
    17. Reinaldo: Documentation - incl. what is done, what isn't done, where should I go from now? (frankbrockners, 16:26:39)
    18. Reinaldo: Be active. Very active projects often become the de-facto agreement. (frankbrockners, 16:28:16)
    19. Brian: Still in monitoring mode... - there is no one common place to go to find all info. (frankbrockners, 16:30:23)
    20. Brian: Information is too scattered and changing too rapidly. (frankbrockners, 16:30:47)
    21. Brian: Try to be more consistent in the tools we use. Create a history page to explain how things evolved - to understand why things are the way they are. (frankbrockners, 16:31:35)
    22. : Dan: Leverage public issue tracker for maintaining history (frankbrockners, 16:32:39)
    23. : Tim: More email (for BGS). Overcommunicate on what you do. Avoid "giant updates". (frankbrockners, 16:34:17)
    24. : Tim: Change "experiments" to "deployment tools" (frankbrockners, 16:34:44)
    25. : Tim: Break down each installer into individual functions. Identify which pieces are independent from each other (frankbrockners, 16:35:14)
    26. : Tim: The breakdown into individual functions would be a good way to identify common functions (frankbrockners, 16:35:43)
    27. : Tim: Move to Jira. Better tool to track issues and assign tasks (frankbrockners, 16:36:01)
    28. : Uli: Transparency is an issue. Share what are the problems for a particular deployment approach. (frankbrockners, 16:37:18)
    29. Uli: Hard for an outsider to understand a particular problem and start to help. (frankbrockners, 16:38:04)
    30. Uli: Recommendation for using Jira if an explicit task can be identified. (frankbrockners, 16:39:03)
    31. https://github.com/dfarrell07/puppet-opendaylight/issues?q=label%3Agood-for-beginners+ Example of using labels to ID easy to handle issues (dfarrell07, 16:39:04)
    32. Uli: Find a way to share where current deployment approaches are stuck. Avoid competition. (frankbrockners, 16:39:53)
    33. Frank: Smaller contributions ease review and identify eventual commonality (frankbrockners, 16:46:30)
    34. dfarrell07 suggests that as we move to Jira we consider something like a "good for beginners" label for marking TOODs that less-expert community members can likely handle without too much spin-up time (dfarrell07, 16:46:53)
    35. Josef: For documentation: Let's try to make sure we use one tool for documentation - and avoid divergence there (frankbrockners, 16:47:41)

  1. How can we identify "common" modules (and place them into a common directory tree) (frankbrockners, 16:52:12)
    1. dfarrel07 - any changes to installers should happen upstream (frankbrockners, 16:52:46)
    2. Reinaldo: Suggestion: Do a detailed step-by-step walk-through presentation of every deployment approach. Helps to understand the big picture (frankbrockners, 16:54:55)
    3. ACTION: Tim to setup a series of sessions to describe the Foreman/Quickstack approach (frankbrockners, 17:00:53)
    4. ACTION: Arnaud to setup a series of sessions to describe the OpenSteak approach (frankbrockners, 17:02:43)

Meeting ended at 17:03:27 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. Tim to setup a series of sessions to describe the Foreman/Quickstack approach
  2. Arnaud to setup a series of sessions to describe the OpenSteak approach

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  2. dfarrell07 (12)
  3. collabot (6)
  4. dneary (5)
  5. B_Smith_ (4)
  6. arnaud_orange (1)

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