14:03:00 <ulik> #startmeeting octopus team-meeting
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14:05:27 <ulik> #info collecting topics
14:05:54 <ulik> #info add to topics how to address jira stories and assign people
14:06:14 <ulik> #info add to topics info about tool training
14:07:11 <ulik> #topic assigning Jira stories
14:08:03 <ulik> #info currently 11 stories on jira and 2 epics
14:09:39 <ulik> #info Fatih suggest we address OCTO-4 and 5 by starting to talk to those team
14:11:55 <ulik> #info Bhargava Tadi volunteers on Foreman track.(OCTO-4)
14:13:44 <fdegir> #info Please send mail to LF Helpdesk if you experience issues with Jira
14:14:00 <ulik> #info Iben volunteers to work on Salt stack
14:14:16 <ulik> #info suggesting to create new story for that.
14:16:32 <ulik> #info Iben suggests to add better link to training pages (something like the "for new developers"....)
14:17:38 <ulik> #info Narinder Gupta from Canonical has also created additional experiment in BGS.
14:19:36 <ulik> #info he will do the similar for this new Juju experiment
14:21:51 <ulik> #topic Training materials
14:22:23 <ulik> #info Fatih and others provided first set of training material and sent to review
14:22:57 <ulik> #info This even includes some interactive sessions
14:24:35 <ulik> #info link will be shared after a first review, because currently it is too much material.
14:27:23 <ulik> #info We will do 3 rounds of review. First very small team, then about octopus team, then whole community
14:27:46 <ulik> #topic Build scripts
14:28:49 <ulik> #info Fatih explains the history about creation of this first script
14:29:44 <ulik> #info Fatih encourages to check this on gerrit
14:30:45 <ulik> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/144/3/fuel/ci/build.sh
14:30:59 <ulik> #info Jerry asks why iso image
14:33:01 <ulik> #info unclear, which outputs are needed when there is an initial deployment on new hardware
14:33:10 <ulik> #chair fdegir
14:33:10 <collabot> Current chairs: fdegir ulik
14:34:33 <fdegir> #info different installers work in different ways so builds of these installers could differ
14:34:53 <fdegir> #info artifacts produced by these builds could be different
14:35:09 <fdegir> #info or other installers might not have build step at all
14:36:12 <ulik> #info ODL will have different formats for the different modules
14:38:27 <ulik> #info unclear why ODL needs  a debian package as part of one of the scripts. But this can only be answered in BGS.
14:40:11 <fdegir> #info Details regarding BGS Fuel Build & Deploy scripts: https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/BGS_CI
14:43:46 <ulik> #info jenkins will always call build.sh from the ci subdirectory in a projects (or experiments) repo.
14:46:38 <ulik> #info deploy step may need to know where are the artifacts
14:47:59 <ulik> #info especially in case of a new lab, there are more things that need to be there.
14:48:27 <ulik> #info Pharos project already has some information
14:49:03 <ulik> #info Release 1 will only deal with the LF environment
14:50:35 <ulik> #info Tim reports from the work witn vagrant and centos
14:52:27 <ulik> #info Question about how we make sure, a lab is cleaned up for the next case of installing
14:54:00 <ulik> #info Linux Foundation Hardware should be available now. So they probably are now setting up all the tools.
14:55:37 <ulik> #info Jerry reminds that we have to tell Aric how many machines should run what
14:56:36 <ulik> #info So this information must come out of the BGS project.
14:59:09 <ulik> #endmeeting