#opnfv-meeting: OPNFV BGS Meeting

Meeting started by dfarrell07 at 15:03:26 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/158935301 (pbandzi_, 15:04:16)
    2. https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings/bgs Meeting agenda (dfarrell07, 15:05:24)
    3. Trevor: can we speak also specificaly about coordination of work (functest and bgs) (pbandzi, 15:06:56)
    4. Canonical (did not catch the name) : mentioned some work being done in canonical regarding BGS (pbandzi, 15:08:08)
    5. Revewing target system - CentOS 7, ODL SR2, OpenStack Juno (dfarrell07, 15:08:54)
    6. Opensteak next week (middle) plannig to have meeting with presentation (pbandzi, 15:10:06)
    7. Foreman wiki pages updated and Jira tasks created (pbandzi, 15:11:36)
    8. Forman installer team gives updates on target system, they are using Cent7/SR2/Juno as mentioned above. (dfarrell07, 15:11:44)
    9. Suggestions to make sure we're keeping this System wiki up-to-date (dfarrell07, 15:12:11)
    10. https://wiki.opnfv.org/get_started/get_started_system_state Teams keep this up-to-date with system state (dfarrell07, 15:12:21)
    11. Idea with system state wiki, as Joseph put it, is to have all installers arrive at as similar as system state as possible (dfarrell07, 15:14:19)
    12. Opensteak for now is using ubuntu (pbandzi, 15:16:39)
    13. CI: waiting who will provide something from BGS.. so far they have only Fuel provided (pbandzi, 15:21:31)
    14. functest needs to be run regardless of installer(deployer) (pbandzi, 15:22:57)
    15. proposed to focus on Network setup documentation first (pbandzi, 15:24:17)
    16. Joseph proposed to focus on Network setup documentation first (pbandzi, 15:24:49)
    17. Trevor: needs more info from BGS in order to proceed with functest, such us network docs, test suites some one already done, what tools are using for this ... (pbandzi, 15:28:17)
    18. Trevor: propose to have working session with BGS, (pbandzi, 15:31:00)
    19. Trevor: with POD2 we might spent a lot time to replicate POD1, Morgan needs stable environment, how can we get stable env? (pbandzi, 15:34:18)
    20. radez_g0n3 points out that no installer has a working BGS setup, some have HA and others have ODL but none both (dfarrell07, 15:35:46)
    21. radez_g0n3 points out that we can't provide Morgan a stable setup until we've built that stable setup ourselves (dfarrell07, 15:36:24)
    22. Updates on installers (dfarrell07, 15:38:16)
    23. trozet gives Foreman update (dfarrell07, 15:38:23)
    24. trozet working on build script (dfarrell07, 15:38:56)
    25. trozet using Vagrant as part of build script setup (dfarrell07, 15:39:39)
    26. radez_g0n3 gives HA update, QuickStack turns out it will not be supported very long, Spinal Stack will, looking at them for HA, making solid HA progress and should have HA for Foreman soon (dfarrell07, 15:40:30)
    27. Discussion about how much setup will be done by CI vs installers (dfarrell07, 15:42:09)
    28. Using a VM (via Vagrant) and assuming very little setup from CI seems like a solid approach, folks seem to conclude (dfarrell07, 15:43:40)
    29. radez_g0n3 reminds everyone that there's a call scheduled for Q&A about Puppet mods (dfarrell07, 15:44:13)
    30. Fuel quickstatus (pbandzi, 15:45:30)
    31. Fatih gives quick update, (pbandzi, 15:46:03)
    32. build script is ready for review (pbandzi, 15:46:18)
    33. Szilard from erricson also working on Fuel scripts (pbandzi, 15:46:53)
    34. Update from OpenStack installer effort (dfarrell07, 15:47:55)
    35. Arnaud works with Morgan on CI, (pbandzi, 15:48:18)
    36. Joseph continues to encourage installer efforts to stay in-sync with CI group (dfarrell07, 15:48:49)
    37. Opensteak already mentioned at the beginning of meeting (pbandzi, 15:49:59)
    38. Discussion about milestones (dfarrell07, 15:50:37)
    39. Update on OPNFV HW (pbandzi, 15:50:51)
    40. https://wiki.opnfv.org/get_started/get_started_release_plan Release plan (dfarrell07, 15:50:58)
    41. Orange recieved HP server last week, good news (pbandzi, 15:51:13)
    42. does anyone know about linux foundation HW? (pbandzi, 15:51:59)
    43. No one seems to know much about LF HW status (dfarrell07, 15:52:24)
    44. M4 milestone is slipping (dfarrell07, 15:55:07)
    45. and will see afterwards what action (pbandzi, 15:55:27)
    46. Will look into how to report slipping M4, likely to TSC (dfarrell07, 15:55:30)
    47. Canonical working on juju deployer (pbandzi, 15:57:00)
    48. right now working on basic functionality ODL and Ostack integration, later will move on HA, (pbandzi, 15:58:13)
    49. juju is laready included as another option for deployer (pbandzi, 15:58:55)
    50. https://bluejeans.com/340813688/ Puppet mod meeting link (tomorrow) (dfarrell07, 16:01:25)
    51. dfarrell07 gives "willing to help, please reach out" message from ODL/ODL Puppet mod (dfarrell07, 16:01:47)

Meeting ended at 16:02:16 UTC (full logs).

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