#opnfv-meeting: OPNFV BGS weekly meeting

Meeting started by frankbrockners at 15:02:47 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. will add minutes in irc (rprakash, 15:06:26)

  1. Agenda bashing (ChrisPriceAB, 15:07:14)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings/bgs#mar232015 (frankbrockners, 15:07:46)
    2. no changes proposed to the agenda (ChrisPriceAB, 15:08:14)

  2. Support OPNFV HW setup at the Linux Foundation (Trevor from the Pharos project will lead this discussion) (ChrisPriceAB, 15:08:19)
    1. Linuxfoundation hardware is in place, it is not yet cabled and configured for release 1 needs. (ChrisPriceAB, 15:08:48)
    2. Pharos has the ball on ensuring the LinuxFoundation labs are consistent with our release 1 needs (ChrisPriceAB, 15:09:17)
    3. trevor_intel trevor explains there is a POD set up based on the current BGS requirement. (ChrisPriceAB, 15:10:19)
    4. wrt test beds from Intels perspective 6 nodes, 1 Jump server(landing server), VPN access into development env (no security beyond access) (rprakash, 15:10:49)
    5. Redhat used Foreman to get into devlopment env in lab (rprakash, 15:11:44)
    6. POD2 - use for test env, test tools, Morgan has succesfully access env., Trevor have sent credential this morning to other peoples (pbandzi, 15:12:47)
    7. Other two PODs requested are to follow similar except Vswitch perf POD and one POD for Fuel track (rprakash, 15:13:32)
    8. How many VLAS, what kind of Security, who controls , these questions came up for UCS install, not sure reasons for these requiremenst (rprakash, 15:14:48)
    9. need to develop policies as to who and how do we manage this and Pharos should look at these questions / requirments to configure (rprakash, 15:16:05)
    10. POD1 is exclusively used by Redhat (rprakash, 15:16:36)
    11. POD4 Fueal needs multiple users , how do we move forward on managing this (rprakash, 15:17:06)
    12. Linux Foundation lab should have limited access -pretty much based on Jenkins (rprakash, 15:17:57)
    13. limited people with vendor lab interaction with Linux Lab should be given access to be able to serve the needs of community beyond tool access (rprakash, 15:21:11)
    14. LF will do admin is different from other vendors like UCS admin being managed, so we need skills, so till phase 1 we need some volunteers to keep linkage is kept with BGS to lab for time being (rprakash, 15:23:54)
    15. BGS will not be involved post Rel 1 but untill then BGS requires some access to LF facility for now (rprakash, 15:25:27)
    16. decision on using Baremetal was made at the start in LF (rprakash, 15:27:15)
    17. ACTION: need a volunteer to help Trevor in LF setup (rprakash, 15:27:57)
    18. Frank seeking someone with UCS experience for one BGS (rprakash, 15:28:59)
    19. Iben says there are other VM approaches who also need similar help (rprakash, 15:29:45)
    20. constatntly rebuild and deploy like Foreman, Fuel, Salt different BGS stacks , mostly kvm /Vagarant etc (rprakash, 15:30:56)

  3. Status check on BGS tracks (rprakash, 15:32:30)
    1. on network topology (rprakash, 15:33:01)
    2. https://wiki.opnfv.org/get_started_experiment1 (rprakash, 15:33:47)
    3. Dan is working on details listed Foreman track but will not work for all tracks (rprakash, 15:35:32)
    4. we are seeing convergence in evolving different tracks (rprakash, 15:37:50)
    5. Tim on Foreman track - Test scripts are ready, will open by end of week, Deploy scripts too ready (rprakash, 15:38:37)
    6. session about Foreman/Quickstaxk tomorrow (pbandzi, 15:39:19)
    7. https://bluejeans.com/930297667 (pbandzi, 15:39:24)
    8. Puppet HA issues on Openstack and tie in ODL into HA config , showing good progress (rprakash, 15:39:39)
    9. Tim used Khalisi to run test on Intel PODs using Tempest (rprakash, 15:40:50)
    10. Fuel is opposite compared with respect to quickstack (rprakash, 15:41:41)
    11. pbandzi excuted robottest from integration odl test suite, will provide more info on wiki/jira (pbandzi, 15:42:29)
    12. Builds are ready but virualization deployment is in process and Itel to Ericsson to LF labs in that order as it appears (rprakash, 15:42:36)
    13. one install procedure for ODL , need to involve CI to ensure this with common lib and touch points to expose to CI (rprakash, 15:43:53)
    14. https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/bgs (frankbrockners, 15:44:05)
    15. how do we go about for BGS from now to next exact one month - drop schedule in etherpad of BGS (rprakash, 15:44:31)
    16. Frank looking for feedback on this etherpad to pace the BGS in the last 4 weeks, if every one can chime in by next week as how it looks like (rprakash, 15:45:32)
    17. when do we do code freeze sometimes to Baremetal say April 2nd and say what works for us into LF/Jenkis etc (rprakash, 15:47:39)
    18. Getting base install and getting release docs thetas the message from Frank and rest to edit and correct what things appear to be for Rel 1 from BGS to CI (rprakash, 15:49:30)
    19. Iben says what help do we need from BGS and other teams to complete this and some tweaks/trade off can be made (rprakash, 15:55:16)
    20. deploy scripts are key (rprakash, 15:55:27)
    21. TIm says from BGS perspective about code freez when we do not have network topology , how do we freeze (rprakash, 15:56:24)
    22. We try agree on network toplogy and then we can come to commonly agreed and code complete may be in a week or two (rprakash, 15:57:14)
    23. priority is getting topology agreement is key (rprakash, 15:58:09)
    24. for OPNFV how are we going to use Cinder how to set it up, should that not be standard and documented - seeking Cinder teams tempest team help (rprakash, 16:00:58)
    25. how do we organize within the limited PODs with two drives outside - lets have a proposal on thisa (rprakash, 16:02:03)

Meeting ended at 16:04:00 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. need a volunteer to help Trevor in LF setup

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  2. collabot (8)
  3. frankbrockners (7)
  4. ChrisPriceAB (7)
  5. pbandzi (6)
  6. dfarrell07 (4)
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