14:00:14 <ulik> #startmeeting Octopus weekly call
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14:02:57 <ulik> #topic agenda bashing
14:02:58 <fdegir> Document Management System
14:03:09 <ulik> #chair fdegit
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14:03:09 <collabot> Current chairs: fdegit ulik
14:03:28 <ulik> #info adding documentation system to the agenda
14:04:40 <ulik> #info release candidate 1 should also be on the agenda
14:05:00 <ulik> #topic additional committers
14:05:42 <bryan_att> #info Bryan Sullivan
14:06:01 <ulik> #info Uli asks whether everybody would agree to add Fatih, Iben and Jerry to the committers
14:07:30 <ulik> #agree Octopus team agrees that Fatih, Iben and Jerry should be committers
14:07:57 <rprakash> #info gotomeeting link?
14:08:24 <bryan_att> https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/150627173
14:08:57 <ulik> #topic release candidate 1
14:08:59 <bryan_att> See https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings for future reference
14:10:17 <ulik> #info Fatih clarifies that this Thursday, we only need to do build.
14:10:44 <ulik> #info This is working fine, so octopus should be fine
14:11:05 <ulik> #info we will verify also with BGS after this meeting.
14:11:14 <rprakash> #info can you add me to commiter for octuopus I missed that earlier
14:11:41 <ulik> #info Fuel was already running, other installers still missing
14:12:20 <ulik> #info Foreman, OpenSteak and others, the build scripts are still missing.
14:13:35 <fdegir> #info Build resources are needed for different installers
14:14:28 <fdegir> #info Information to connect lab resources to OPNFV LF Jenkins
14:14:31 <fdegir> #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/octopus
14:14:40 <fdegir> #info look for How to Connect Servers from Labs to OPNFV Jenkin
14:14:56 <aricg> just jump into #opnfv-octopus and discuss with me
14:15:10 <fdegir> #info and contact aricg
14:16:25 <ulik> #topic Triggering tests in different labs
14:16:47 <ulik> #chair bryan_att
14:16:47 <collabot> Current chairs: bryan_att fdegit ulik
14:17:14 <bryan_att> #info Fatih: update on triggering tests from labs
14:17:36 <bryan_att> #info ... some problems with internet reources being debugged for Intel lab
14:17:58 <bryan_att> #info ... also issues from other labs
14:18:58 <fdegir> #info Proposed solution might not work for all the labs as it happened with Intel lab
14:19:21 <bryan_att> #info uli: the more labs we try the better - all Pharos page labs should try to connect
14:19:34 <fdegir> #info if this is the case for more labs, we need to get firewall openings so OPNFV Jenkins master can reach the resources in different labs
14:20:14 <bryan_att> #info Fatih: when we get LF resources we won't have this problem
14:20:40 <bryan_att> #info ... it will help for R1 at least one running environment
14:20:54 <bryan_att> #info (?): who is working on the LF hardware?
14:21:13 <bryan_att> #info fatih: Constantin from LF is working on it
14:21:40 <bryan_att> #info aric: they are waiting on a switch; still need some topo info. but check with constantin
14:21:58 <bryan_att> #info uli: who will provide the info?
14:23:03 <bryan_att> #info peter: the suggestion was to standardize the lab setup topo
14:23:22 <rprakash> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/pharos/pharos_specification
14:23:45 <bryan_att> #info ... last week - currently at the Pharos page the ref platform is described - public nets are missing; there are three interfaces
14:23:59 <bryan_att> #info ... plus lights-out net makes four
14:24:22 <bryan_att> #info ... another BGS meeting after this one will continue the discussion
14:24:42 <bryan_att> #info fatih: we need BGS and LF to address the setup so we have something for next week
14:25:29 <bryan_att> #info peter: we expect it to be completed soon - tests require a ref platform agreement
14:26:00 <ulik> #topic hardware usage
14:26:18 <bryan_att> #info uli:  need more input from BGS
14:26:41 <bryan_att> #info fatih: for fuel we can use docker images but need input for the others e.g. bare metal or ISOs
14:27:38 <bryan_att> #info ?: foreman team has been working on bare metal
14:28:03 <bryan_att> #info ?: it would be more agile to focus on virtual environments
14:28:36 <bryan_att> #info uli: we need to revisit this requirement on bare metal vs virtual
14:29:02 <bryan_att> #info fatih: for R1 bare metal is required at least to verify its working
14:29:18 <rprakash> #info some of the stack inputs from BGS to Octopus (CI) like RDO, Juju and other tracks may bnot be ISO but some artifacts like tar files
14:30:02 <bryan_att> #info ... for the long term we can't run full CI loops for each commit and test on bare metal, but later we can do so using a virtual environment
14:30:33 <aricg> pic of lf hardware: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12773330/opnfv_hw_pics/OPNFVHardwareFront.jpg
14:30:49 <bryan_att> #info ... for bare metal will have to schedule based upon the installers being verified
14:31:26 <bryan_att> #info uli: we will revisit for R2
14:31:57 <ulik> #topic document repository
14:33:06 <bryan_att> #info aric: the desired end result is PDFs - IMO not the right way, e.g. space reqs. I recommend using a markup lang and generate PDFs as an artifact
14:33:10 <bryan_att> #info Bryan: +1
14:33:58 <bryan_att> #info fatih: some people said they don't know git etc
14:34:46 <bryan_att> #info bryan: we need to set an expectation that people will use the tools typical for open soruce
14:35:00 <bryan_att> #info uli: this must be addressed in the documentation group
14:35:17 <bryan_att> #info fatih: how do we handle this, e.g. go to TSC?
14:35:37 <bryan_att> #info uli: until the project is created, we can do it there; in the meantime in the TSC
14:36:03 <aricg> Im stuck on mute
14:36:10 <aricg> oh it works now
14:36:26 <bryan_att> #info bryan: can Octopus make a recommendation as an agreement
14:36:55 <aricg> dockbook or latex? ;)
14:37:16 <bryan_att> #info ... the documentation project should assess and support the consensus of projects rather than dictate
14:37:46 <bryan_att> #info ?: don't want to see word documents - rather latex
14:39:17 <bryan_att> #info bryan: everyone who has an opinion should voice it on the TSC and list
14:39:39 <bryan_att> #info fatih: can we vote on this now, here?
14:40:04 <fdegir> #info For Octopus documentation: R1 use markdown, R2 latex (or something else)
14:41:32 <bryan_att> #info ul: it would be good for Octopus to provide an input to the TSC
14:41:39 <rprakash> #info to have a project voice to text tool format ?
14:41:42 <bryan_att> #info ... anyone speaking against?
14:42:10 <bryan_att> #info david: agree storing a binary artifact is not good - text is better
14:42:26 <ulik> #agree to give message to tsc for a text based document format
14:42:49 <frankbrockners> does this also mean that we agree to use markdown for R1/Arno?
14:42:50 <MrSnvn> do we need to decide in between markdown and latex?
14:42:54 <bryan_att> #info uli: we can thus use git for this
14:43:28 <bryan_att> #info frank: will we use markdown for R1?
14:43:31 <frankbrockners> everyone should be able to use md
14:43:47 <frankbrockners> really simple - or use an online tool like http://dillinger.io/
14:43:56 <bryan_att> #info frank: all should be able to use markdown
14:44:24 <fdegir> #info For Octopus, we will use markdown for R1
14:44:44 * frankbrockners good choice
14:45:06 <ulik> #topic artifact repository
14:45:07 <bryan_att> #info bala: we can talk to TSC about whether markdown or latex should be used
14:45:32 <aricg> http://artifacts.opnfv.org/
14:45:37 <bryan_att> #info fatih: aric helped setup google cloud storage for artifacts
14:45:45 <aricg> this is the only artifact so far: genesis/fuel/opnfv-18.iso
14:46:03 <bryan_att> #info ... we still have some fine tuning to do
14:46:17 <ulik> #link http://artifacts.opnfv.org/
14:46:29 <bryan_att> #info bryan: can we access control this as needed?
14:47:16 <bryan_att> #info aric: we can mark artifacts as private etc
14:47:38 <bryan_att> #info ... we will create a different bucked with specific access controls
14:48:57 <bryan_att> #info fatih: metadata handling is not good enough with google storage; we need to address this
14:49:31 <bryan_att> #info uli: if we have a R2 patch ISO needing to be deployed; this will be in google storage; can jenkins auto-store these?
14:49:55 <bryan_att> #info fatiih: upload/download works fine, but the problem is with metadata
14:50:09 <bryan_att> #info uli: the deploy script needs to find the right artifact
14:51:08 <bryan_att> #info fatih: we might upload our own metadata file and link it to the artifact, then extract from the storage when we want to use the artifact
14:51:42 <bryan_att> #info ... we can put text in both places
14:52:17 <bryan_att> #info ... anyone can join the discussion on #opnfv-octopus
14:53:19 <bryan_att> happy hunting!
14:53:26 <ulik> #endmeeting