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15:01:04 <frankbrockners> #info Draft agenda for today - https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings/bgs#april202015
15:01:10 <frankbrockners> #topic roll call
15:01:22 <frankbrockners> could those of you who attend the BGS call #info in?
15:01:30 <radez> #info Dan Radez
15:01:38 <arnaud_orange> #info Arnaud Morin
15:02:01 <fdegir> #info Fatih Degirmenci
15:02:06 <HKirksey> #info Heather Kirksey
15:02:09 <trevor_intel> #info Trevor Cooper
15:02:20 <ChrisPriceAB> #info ChrisPrice
15:02:58 <rprakash> #info prakash
15:03:06 <ulik> #info Uli
15:03:12 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners
15:04:05 <pbandzi> #info pbandzi
15:04:05 <frankbrockners> question: I know that especially for the HW setup - there are still a ton of unresolved questions. Should we create an audio bridge or are folks good with IRC?
15:04:26 <frankbrockners> opinions?
15:04:33 <radez> are we going to get any of them solved here?
15:04:51 <radez> seems we should address the meeting adgenda and work on HW issues outside the meeting
15:05:07 <radez> other wise we'll spend all out time trying to answer questions we may not have the right people here to answer
15:05:14 <ChrisPriceAB> audio might be a good idea
15:05:16 <frankbrockners> works for me - so let's stay with IRC only for now
15:05:25 <radez> I'm not arguming against audio btw
15:05:30 <radez> *arguing
15:05:37 <frankbrockners> I'll setup a channel - if we need it - we can use it
15:05:42 <radez> man... I'm not going to try again :)
15:05:42 <frankbrockners> let's keep moving for now
15:05:51 <ChrisPriceAB> I would prefer we get the BS group to agree on the JS config and lab set-up.  It is gating and would seem to be highest prio
15:05:53 <frankbrockners> #topic agenda bashing
15:05:59 <chigang> #info chigang
15:06:06 <malla> #Malla
15:06:11 <frankbrockners> ChrisPriceAB: Agreed
15:06:15 <malla> #info Malla
15:06:21 <frankbrockners> and we need to spend time on it
15:06:38 <frankbrockners> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings/bgs#april202015
15:06:43 <frankbrockners> any additions to the agenda?
15:07:00 <ChrisPriceAB> looks good
15:07:07 <frankbrockners> let's focus the first part of the call on status reporting
15:07:23 <frankbrockners> in the second part we can start to address urgent issues (i.e. HW config)
15:07:45 <frankbrockners> #topic BGS status and workplan review
15:07:58 <frankbrockners> #info LF HW setup (POD1 and POD2) and current use
15:08:22 <frankbrockners> pbandzi: Could you give us an update on how things are configured?
15:08:28 <[1]JonasB> #info Jonas Bjurel
15:08:57 <frankbrockners> #link HW setup is documented at https://wiki.opnfv.org/get_started/lflab_hosting
15:08:58 <pbandzi> i am pasting link
15:09:11 <pbandzi> yes that I was going to do
15:09:25 <frankbrockners> what have you done so far?
15:09:37 <frankbrockners> and what are the additional plans (if any)?
15:09:57 <pbandzi> #inof POD1 and POD2 are configured according wiki link
15:10:04 <dneary> #info dneary
15:10:24 <pbandzi> #info right now having discussion if one NIC or many NIC should be configured on Jumphost
15:10:54 <ChrisPriceAB> do we have a description of this detail on the WiKi?
15:11:01 <pbandzi> #info also vlan tagging as i pointed out after the meeting with foreman and fuelt team is not aligned with both deploy methods
15:11:14 <pbandzi> #info Fuel - tagging/untagging is done on the Linux hosts, the switch should be configured to pass tagged traffic.
15:11:24 <pbandzi> #info Foreman - VLANs are configured on switch and packets are coming to/from Linux hosts untagged.
15:11:44 <pbandzi> #info however There was agreed not use VLAN tagging unless the target hardware lacked the appropriate number of interfaces.
15:12:16 <ulik> during octopus call many questions about networking in pod1 and pod2
15:12:27 <ChrisPriceAB> Hey Peter, I though we discussed we would tag mgmt/oam/storage.
15:12:37 <frankbrockners> #info another discussion topic is the setup of the jumphost itself - i.e. what bridges need to be configured for the installer VMs
15:12:46 <ChrisPriceAB> (or the correct names)
15:13:12 <frankbrockners> #info in addition, we need to define which of the VLANs (with their associated private addressing) needs internet connectivity.
15:13:50 <frankbrockners> #info for those, a gateway (plus NAT - given that 1918 addresses are used internally) would need to be configured if Internet connectivity is a requirement.
15:13:57 <ChrisPriceAB> This is what the LF team with Dan defined on the week-end:
15:14:00 <ChrisPriceAB> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/bnBb7k41
15:15:35 <[1]JonasB> I thought we had aligned around the blueprint that was decided a number of weeks ago? But we seem to have diverged from that?
15:16:00 <[1]JonasB> https://wiki.opnfv.org/get_started/networkingblueprint
15:16:34 <frankbrockners> #info - This is the agreement that Peter was referring to: http://lists.opnfv.org/pipermail/opnfv-tech-discuss/2015-April/002005.html - i.e. no tagging from the host - use of VLANs would be transparent to hosts
15:16:55 <pbandzi> ChrissPriceAB: they are tagged inside switch. so far i dnot' know if anyone would try to create infrastructure which will work for both fuel and foreman
15:16:56 <frankbrockners> #info It seems as if we need to revisit this - so let's have this discussion at the end of this call.
15:17:42 <frankbrockners> Thanks Peter for the info. Let's try to get through all the updates first - and then we can come back to the HW topic.
15:18:09 <frankbrockners> #info Release readiness
15:18:57 <frankbrockners> #info Could we create a status of where we are today?
15:19:03 <frankbrockners> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/get_started/get_started_release_plan#arno_release_readiness_-_status_summary
15:19:34 <frankbrockners> #info the above link should capture where we are - so that for the TSC call tomorrow, we can take a more "informed decision" about the date for Arno.
15:19:47 <frankbrockners> #info some info is already present (thanks Jonas)
15:19:58 <frankbrockners> #info let's go line by line.
15:20:34 <frankbrockners> #info Bootable ISO disk image for Jumphost installation available - flagged "true" for Foreman and Fuel. Correct?
15:21:21 <fdegir> #info frankbrockners: correct
15:21:32 <radez> #info yes for foreman, we're also in final testing of having a patch to the iso ready to do an installation with internet connectivity
15:21:36 * frankbrockners thanks Fatih
15:21:49 <radez> #info so we're close to having the second item yes, but it is no for now
15:21:54 * frankbrockners thanks Dan
15:22:03 <radez> I'll go in and try and update what I know in that wiki doc for our progress
15:22:43 <frankbrockners> ok - that could speedup things
15:23:05 <frankbrockners> Could Fuel and Foreman teams review the entire table - and do appropriate edits?
15:23:12 <frankbrockners> then we can confirm the entire table
15:23:57 <frankbrockners> Fatih/Dan/Jonas - could you review & update - and tell us once done?
15:24:04 <fdegir> would be good to capture this as people download stuff fr
15:24:13 <fdegir> on artifact repo
15:24:27 <[1]JonasB> frankbrockners: Is there anything missing from me?
15:24:44 <fdegir> fuel iso status
15:26:13 <frankbrockners> [1]JonasB: Looks complete. Items such as "Lab stable state documented and up to date in Pharos" are not really for BGS - so we should move them to the second table below.
15:26:29 <frankbrockners> Chris can then hijack the content for Arno release pages.
15:26:35 <[1]JonasB> frankbrockners: Agreed
15:26:46 <frankbrockners> dradez: are you still updating the table?
15:26:52 <radez> frankbrockners: updated what I know about
15:27:05 <ChrisPriceAB> let's not miss the dependancy, if the docs don't serve the BGS teams needs we are toast.
15:28:30 <frankbrockners> radez: Thanks. Tim promosed a user guide for tomorrow
15:28:48 <radez> ack, I'll update
15:28:52 <frankbrockners> radez: Has anyone from the Foreman team looked at the lincense documentation requirement
15:28:55 <frankbrockners> ?
15:29:10 <frankbrockners> (per the discussion with MikeD and Heather last week)
15:29:31 <radez> afaik we have not
15:29:38 <HKirksey> I was actually just typing up and email to everyone asking for an update on that
15:29:49 <frankbrockners> HKirksey: Is this a gating item for Arno - or can we document after the release?
15:30:28 <HKirksey> I can check w/ MikeD, but I believe some level of scanning of the code would be good from a legal protection standpoint
15:30:44 <ChrisPriceAB> frankbrockners: We can't post the ISO's without the licencing docs
15:30:44 <[1]JonasB> radez: Should be possible to steal what we have done in Fuel, a patch is up in 20 min.
15:30:51 * ChrisPriceAB should not
15:31:01 <HKirksey> We need to make sure we won’t get sued based on the content of the ISO — based on everyting I know I’ve heard, I am not worried, but good to cross t’s and dot i's
15:31:23 <radez> [1]JonasB: cool, thx
15:31:25 <HKirksey> I’m sending out na email so Mike D can chime in on that thread, since he’s on on this IRC
15:31:26 <frankbrockners> ok - that sounds like a gating item
15:31:44 <frankbrockners> #info License doc information has to be present for Arno release
15:32:00 <frankbrockners> ok - can we call the table complete for now?
15:32:29 <frankbrockners> ChrisPriceAB: Given that you added a few additional entries: Is all the info you were looking for present?
15:33:16 <ChrisPriceAB> Looks good for tracking.  :)
15:34:53 <frankbrockners> ok
15:35:10 <frankbrockners> Are there any additional status items we should add to the table (and track)?
15:35:53 <ChrisPriceAB> HW
15:36:02 * ChrisPriceAB :D
15:37:23 <frankbrockners> ok - looks like we're done.
15:37:26 <frankbrockners> with the table
15:37:45 <rprakash> You mean HW depedency on Intel and Ericson labs?
15:38:17 <frankbrockners> #info Issues which need immediate attention
15:38:43 <frankbrockners> #info 1. - Finalize HW setup and agree on config (per the above)
15:38:56 <frankbrockners> what additional things need team attention?
15:39:13 <frankbrockners> How are we doing on Jenkins integration?
15:40:02 <fdegir> #info js from lf pod1 connected to jenkins
15:40:30 <lmcdasm> #info - does it work again this morning -cause i tore that down last night - you might wanna check
15:40:42 <fdegir> #info but jenkins jobs haven't been run on it yet
15:41:22 <fdegir> that's all for jenkins vs lf he i suppose
15:41:48 <pbandzi> how are we going to proceed HW discussion?
15:41:50 * frankbrockners thanks Fatih - so sounds that there is no burning issue
15:42:02 <frankbrockners> pbandzi: Very good point
15:42:11 <fdegir> we'll know more once we run some stuff
15:42:50 <frankbrockners> looks like we're done with the main agenda
15:42:57 <frankbrockners> let's switch back to the HW topic
15:43:10 <frankbrockners> #topic LF HW setup
15:43:21 <frankbrockners> I've setup a bridge: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/158935301
15:43:39 <frankbrockners> +1 (312) 757 3119
15:43:54 <frankbrockners> meeting ID: 158935301
15:45:24 <frankbrockners> [1]JonasB - could you join the bridge as well?
15:47:02 <frankbrockners> #info LF HW discussion objective: Let's agree on a HW setup that works for both installers
15:47:26 <lmcdasm> #info - lets first review the networking requirements
15:47:45 <frankbrockners> Daniel - are you on the call as well?
15:47:47 <lmcdasm> #info so that everyone understands what the GOAL is - and the differences between the two installers and their requirements
15:50:31 <frankbrockners> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/get_started/lflab_hosting
15:50:57 <lmcdasm> #info - that diagram doesnt work and is missing info / doesnt reflect what we agreedd last Friday
15:51:27 <lmcdasm> #info - that diagram also doenst match the reference topology
15:51:41 <lmcdasm> #info - that digram doesnt reflect the VLANs that need to be in place (and are not)
15:53:55 <lmcdasm> #info - why are all the hosts setup on a 173.30.9 public IP??
15:54:54 <lmcdasm> #info - still not resolved the delta between what FOREMAN Calls PUBILC and what FUEL Callsed PUBLIC.. idont see the new NIC or VLAN on POD1
15:56:02 <aricg> lmcdasm: are you able to get on the call?
15:56:05 <lmcdasm> what call
15:56:16 <aricg> 11:43 < frankbrockners> I've setup a bridge: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/158935301
15:56:19 <aricg> 11:43 < frankbrockners> +1 (312) 757 3119
15:56:21 <aricg> 11:43 < frankbrockners> meeting ID: 158935301
15:56:22 <lmcdasm> there are 4 IRC meetings, 2 chats and a call with all the same people talking about the same thing
15:56:35 <lmcdasm> '
15:56:44 <aricg> ah, no worries, this is the best one.
15:57:35 <lmcdasm> getting a busy signal trying to get in
15:58:26 <aricg> lmcdasm: https://wiki.opnfv.org/doku.php?id=get_started/lflab_hosting
16:05:42 <B_Smith> is this difference written down somewhere?
16:06:32 <B_Smith> Foreman fuel network requirements
16:06:34 <B_Smith> ?
16:15:22 <frankbrockners> B_Smith: This was discussed in the past - http://lists.opnfv.org/pipermail/opnfv-tech-discuss/2015-April/002005.html  - but it seems that things were not understood in the same way
16:26:44 <B_Smith> can we get these diagrammed on the wiki?
16:29:54 <frankbrockners> #info Foreman is on POD2 - Fuel is on POD1 (this is going to stay until ARNO)
16:30:40 <frankbrockners> #info We'll create additional interface for Fuel on the hosts - in trunk mode (on the associated fabric switch)
16:31:06 <frankbrockners> #info OpenStack info will stay the same
16:31:45 <frankbrockners> #info For now, we're going to tailor each POD to the installer need. Once done - we'll find a superset of network config which works for both installers
16:36:47 <frankbrockners> #info Peter Bandzi will create two additional interfaces enpsXX (likely with 2 digits) which will be trunking interfaces. He'll configure the UCS fabric accordingly
16:38:15 <frankbrockners> #info Jonas will update the https://wiki.opnfv.org/doku.php?id=get_started/lflab_hosting wiki for POD1 to show the details for Fuel (ideally also showing the virtual/software switches within the jumphost) - and also detail corresponding IP communication requirements (i.e. do the VLANs with private addressing have a need to communicate to the internet).
16:38:40 <B_Smith> Frank...do you need to close the meeting?
16:38:46 <frankbrockners> #info BGS team will have the next check-in tomorrow, April/21 at 9am PDT.
16:38:54 <frankbrockners> B_Smith
16:39:02 <frankbrockners> B_Smith: Closing in a second
16:39:07 <frankbrockners> Thanks everyone.
16:39:10 <frankbrockners> #endmeeting