14:00:23 <ulik> #startmeeting Octopus weekly meeting
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14:01:19 <ulik> Hi, please #info, so we know who is listening.
14:01:41 <fdegir> #info Fatih Degirmenci
14:01:42 <ljlamers> #info Larry Lamers (VMware)
14:01:52 <zhifeng> #info zhifeng jiang
14:01:57 <MatthewL2> #info Jun Li
14:01:59 <rprakash> #info on irc only Praksh
14:02:01 <chigang> #info chigang
14:02:14 <ulik> We are all IRC only ;-)
14:02:17 <B_Smith_> #info Brian Smith
14:02:30 <rprakash> ok  thanks
14:02:46 <aricg> #info aricg
14:02:54 <wangxiao1> #info
14:02:56 <davidmichaelkarr> #info David Karr
14:03:38 <ulik> I put on the agenda for today:
14:03:59 <ulik> Arno Release follow-up,  Move main wiki pages to git,  Release 2 Brainstorming
14:04:12 <ulik> Anything else?
14:04:26 <fdegir> I think that's a good agenda to start with
14:04:43 <MatthewL2> that's good
14:04:53 <ulik> OK. then let's go
14:05:03 <ulik> #topic Arno Release follow-up
14:05:26 <ulik> were there any requests to Octopus?
14:05:45 <meimei> #info Meimei
14:05:48 <fdegir> not that much at the moment
14:05:50 <rprakash> What will be plan for rolling in BGS and OSCAR into Octopus, is there a plan ?
14:06:05 <fdegir> rprakash: can we stick to subject please
14:06:08 <fdegir> Arno issues first
14:06:35 <ulik> So any deploy steps running smootly?
14:06:35 <rprakash> I though it was follow on o octopus not follow up, so I take back my question
14:07:03 <fdegir> #info Deployment in Ericsson and Intel labs are "running" according to BGS
14:07:20 <fdegir> #info But baremetal deployment is yet to be completed for Fuel and Foreman
14:07:26 <fdegir> #info on LF HW
14:08:11 <ulik> OK better question: Deploy scripts now called regularly on LF PODs?
14:08:24 <fdegir> not yet
14:08:54 <fdegir> as we all know, we are very dependent on the BGS output
14:09:14 <fdegir> so, we won't be ready until they're ready - and they're not ready yet
14:09:19 <ulik> So they still try manual deploy on LF....
14:09:33 <fdegir> I'm not so sure that either
14:09:39 <fdegir> if manual deploy works or not
14:09:50 <fdegir> there have been some discussions regarding LF Lab setup
14:09:59 <fdegir> which will probably be finalized today
14:10:09 <fdegir> and then first manual deployments should happen there
14:10:13 <fdegir> and then we come next
14:10:20 <ulik> OK that's a start then to see things moving.
14:10:42 <fdegir> so, this was dependency towards BGS
14:10:48 <fdegir> we have dependency to FuncTest as well
14:11:03 <ulik> But it's disappointing that lab setup is that criticatl -  will say no flexibility in the deploy......
14:11:11 <MatthewL2> is there anything we Octopus can do for this?
14:11:13 <ulik> Yes Functest is second question.....
14:11:35 <fdegir> MatthewL2: I don't think Octopus has too much to help here
14:11:45 <fdegir> regarding LF HW setup
14:11:46 <ulik> I don't know. As far as I know they also try manually
14:12:24 <MatthewL2> ok
14:12:47 <ulik> Agree. We cannot do much.
14:13:07 <ulik> We can polish our Arno documents.
14:13:39 <MatthewL2> agree
14:13:51 <ulik> Pipeline document is not merged yet.
14:14:55 <ulik> I just checked that jenkins wow is also not there (I thought we had it already)
14:15:01 <fdegir> #info We have 2 documents waiting to be merged
14:15:08 <fdegir> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/399/
14:15:13 <fdegir> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/400/
14:15:25 <fdegir> #info pipeline and slave connection documentation
14:15:51 <ulik> Do you still wait for reviews?
14:16:08 <fdegir> could be good everyone can take a look and give feedback
14:16:19 <fdegir> we can keep them open for reviews 1 more day
14:16:27 <fdegir> and merge tomorrow
14:16:44 <fdegir> this way we can get everyone aware of what we are doing for Arno :D
14:16:53 <ulik> We are a good group here. So please everybody have a look and put comments.
14:17:02 <MatthewL2> some reviewer may don't review in time, this is really a question
14:17:12 <ulik> #info Everybody Please engage and review
14:17:33 <fdegir> we normally should wait 24hrs at least given that we're on different locations
14:17:34 <zhifeng> No one talking or I am off line.
14:17:52 <fdegir> but this was a special case to get more input so that's why I didn't merge them
14:18:12 <fdegir> but yes, as ulik says, you have 1 more day
14:18:37 <fdegir> once Arno is out of the door, we will improve the documentation based on "evolved" CI
14:18:49 <ulik> +1
14:19:03 <fdegir> but anyway, documentation is almost done for R1 - and this is a "reference" documentation
14:19:21 <fdegir> won't be released as part of Arno since CI is not something to be released
14:19:34 <fdegir> it just outlines how we do CI for OPNFV
14:20:03 <fdegir> if there is no other documentation update
14:20:10 <ulik> If you want to see how it looks like in html, you can find the 2 existing docs already via the wiki links.
14:20:22 <ulik> This leads to the next topic.
14:20:24 <fdegir> I'd like to say some words regarding FuncTest
14:20:38 <MatthewL2> I have skimmed it
14:20:39 <ulik> OK go ahead I wait
14:21:02 <MatthewL2> mainly pay attention to the robot they use
14:21:15 <fdegir> #info We've been doing some trials with available FuncTest suites on Orange and Ericsson slaves
14:21:49 <fdegir> #info We had some hangings on Orange slave when we run vim-tempest
14:21:59 <fdegir> #info But it "completed" fine on Ericsson slave
14:22:12 <fdegir> #link https://build.opnfv.org/ci/view/functest/job/functest-vim_tempest-test/
14:22:30 <fdegir> #info We are now waiting for input for vping-test
14:22:45 <fdegir> #info this will again probably be done on Ericsson slave
14:23:02 <fdegir> #info so, we have some progress
14:23:17 <fdegir> and that's all for functest
14:23:35 <fdegir> join to #opnfv-functest channel if you want to keep up to date with functst stuff
14:23:45 <MatthewL2> ok, I know more, now
14:23:48 <ulik> Good point!
14:23:56 <fdegir> sorry - opnfv-testperf channel
14:24:31 <fdegir> #info Main FuncTest contacts are morgan_orange, jose_lausuch and pbandzi at the moment
14:24:41 <ulik> By the vping-test exercise did you learn something for the setup?
14:24:55 <fdegir> we haven't tried vping as of yet
14:25:01 <fdegir> waiting input from Malla (?)
14:25:04 <ulik> I mean about what will be possible problems when moving that to LF?
14:25:36 <fdegir> sorry but haven't come that far
14:25:41 <morgan_orange> fdegir: yes. I successfully tested vPing on orange POD manually but people from NTT are customizing vPing
14:25:52 <ulik> OK. No problem. Just a question.....
14:26:04 <fdegir> thanks morgan_orange
14:26:19 <fdegir> #info vPing has successsfully been tested on Orange POD manually
14:26:33 <fdegir> #info People from NTT are customizing vPing
14:26:40 <Malla> We have almost completed vping test in our local test-bed, hopefully by tomorrow, we will submit for review.
14:26:51 <morgan_orange> it seems BTW that there is a vPing scenario in tempest :)
14:27:24 <fdegir> #info Updates to vPing has been tested locally and will be sumitted for review tomorrow (input from Malla)
14:27:44 <fdegir> thanks Malla
14:27:57 <fdegir> and I think that's all for FuncTest vs Octopus updates
14:28:11 <ulik> ok then....
14:28:15 <ulik> #topic Move main wiki pages to git
14:28:47 <ulik> #info Part of main octopus wiki page is already created from rst file.
14:29:18 <vlaza> #info I can help at this topic, just give me the list of pages you want moved
14:29:46 <fdegir> vlaza: we already fixed them - 2 of them were merged
14:29:48 <ulik> Did you check what I did?
14:29:51 <fdegir> 2 of them are under review
14:30:10 <fdegir> but we still have this embedding images to html issue
14:30:38 <fdegir> #info Here are the pages we either finished working on or pending to be merged
14:30:49 <fdegir> #link CI Pipeline: https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/400/
14:31:05 <fdegir> #link Jenkins Slave connection: https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/399/
14:31:18 <fdegir> #link Artifact Repo Usage: https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/393/
14:31:31 <fdegir> #link JJB Usage: https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/397/
14:31:45 <vlaza> fdegir: we can try to upload images also into artifactory while merging
14:32:02 <fdegir> I think we should take a discussion with aricg regarding this
14:32:13 <fdegir> since it is a common thing to solve for all projects
14:32:19 <ulik> aric is here
14:32:20 <vlaza> sure, we ca talk after the meeting
14:32:28 <ulik> yes.
14:32:32 <fdegir> yep
14:32:39 <ulik> not all the details in the meetig....
14:32:53 <ulik> Should we also move https://wiki.opnfv.org/octopus/flows to repo?
14:33:09 <fdegir> ulik: flows is covered by pipeline document
14:33:22 <ulik> right. sorry.
14:33:42 <ulik> Then when pipeline doc is there, we can remove that link.
14:33:57 <fdegir> yes; that's something I did for artifact repo
14:34:05 <fdegir> we can do the same for flows page as well
14:34:05 <ulik> what about https://wiki.opnfv.org/octopus/infrastructure?
14:34:22 <fdegir> that page is also outdated
14:34:28 <fdegir> (kind of)
14:34:47 <fdegir> a new "more general" infra document can be created
14:34:50 <fdegir> and moved to git
14:34:54 <MatthewL2> yes
14:35:20 <meimei> fdegir: https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/387/ is necessary for the https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/399/??
14:35:55 <fdegir> meimei: not at the moment since document talks about manual connection
14:36:02 <fdegir> it doesn't have reference to that script
14:36:31 <meimei> ok
14:37:12 <MatthewL2> fdegir, do we need a new infra rst document?
14:37:54 <fdegir> I think the outdated info from the link ulik put there can be removed
14:38:00 <fdegir> and what is left can be put into .rst file
14:38:37 <ulik> Can somebody help fdegir and do it?
14:38:49 <MatthewL2> I can try
14:38:51 <fdegir> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/OCTO-63
14:39:02 <fdegir> above is the story for infra document
14:39:18 <fdegir> feel free to take it over please
14:39:25 <ulik> OK. So we have a couple of actions:
14:39:48 <ulik> #action all to review 399 and 400
14:40:09 <ulik> #action MatthewL2 new infra document according to OCTO-63
14:40:32 <ulik> #action uli remove outdated links etc. in main page.
14:40:37 <ulik> Did I forget one?
14:40:41 <fdegir> nope
14:40:45 <fdegir> that was all I think
14:40:54 <fdegir> just a quick info to everyone
14:41:02 <fdegir> #info The documentation we have in git talks about "what we currently have"
14:41:09 <fdegir> #info not "we want to have"
14:41:29 <MatthewL2> agree
14:41:31 <fdegir> so, please do reviews and the documentation based on this
14:41:57 <ulik> So the info on main page about what we currently have should be in git, all other information just in wiki.
14:42:11 <fdegir> or etherpad for brainstorming
14:42:20 <ulik> yes....
14:42:46 <ulik> I'll try to make that a bit more clear....
14:43:13 <ulik> Anything else about doc?
14:43:29 <fdegir> should we put agreed regarding doing documentation in git?
14:43:38 <ulik> yes.
14:43:41 <fdegir> for "reference documentation"
14:43:50 <fdegir> so everyone can review it and/or be made aware
14:43:50 <ulik> Anybody against that?
14:44:14 <ulik> agreed.....
14:44:28 <ulik> #agree all reference documentation shall be put in git
14:44:54 <meimei> agree
14:45:19 <ulik> .. and all git documents should be accessible easily via the wiki. E.g. the links we already have should point to all docs.
14:45:43 <ulik> Should we also put links to download the pdfs?
14:46:11 <fdegir> we could do that as well
14:46:38 <Malla> Yes, I think it's also better to keep the links to pdf's
14:47:21 <ulik> Just put a link to the pdf from artifact repo, so people will see it easily. Yes. Will do.
14:47:35 <ulik> #action uli to add also links to pdf documents.
14:47:49 <ulik> Anything else about doc?
14:48:23 <ulik> nope. so let's spend a few remaining minutes....
14:48:31 <ulik> #topic Release 2 Brainstorming
14:48:42 <ulik> Everybody found the etherpad?
14:48:56 <ulik> #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/octopusR2
14:49:17 <MatthewL2> I have put some topics this afternoon(china), you can see there
14:49:50 <ulik> May I say too many Huawei? Where are others?
14:49:54 <ulik> :)
14:50:41 <fdegir> but I'm quite chatty there as well :D
14:50:54 <ulik> Yeah saw you.
14:51:14 <fdegir> I think it is good if eveyone can share what they think about how we can improve the CI moving to R2
14:51:23 <fdegir> it is a good place to have discussions
14:51:28 <MatthewL2> yep
14:51:33 <ulik> Anyways, I suggest we go a little bit longer "internally" -  that's the octopus team.
14:51:56 <ulik> And make sure we have something to share with other projects as soon as Arno is done.
14:52:02 <fdegir> yep
14:52:09 <MatthewL2> yep
14:52:10 <ulik> may be even a bit before that.
14:52:20 <fdegir> once arno is done, we should involve our "customers" in our discussions
14:52:41 <fdegir> customers = all the other OPNFV projects
14:52:50 <ulik> right. We neeeeed their input.
14:53:22 <ulik> But we get better input if we raise a few ideas.
14:54:02 <ulik> OK. I think not much need to discuss it deeper here. Just write on the etherpad....
14:54:17 <rprakash> sugeest first training to opnfv other proejct eams as what is Octopus is
14:54:30 <rprakash> teams
14:54:41 <meimei> yea!
14:54:55 <rprakash> This will help hem what to expect and add value to opnfv
14:55:37 <ulik> In what form? We already had a few training sessions. What's missing?
14:55:45 <rprakash> Plus what's the scope of ocotopus , does it include BGS an dOSCAR , or there will be seperate teams for  them
14:56:00 <fdegir> no
14:56:01 <ulik> Let's put training as another group on etherpad.
14:56:08 <fdegir> CI includes deployment as well
14:56:37 <fdegir> there is no separation and/or handover to another project such as oscar
14:56:45 <fdegir> anyway, we can discuss this on etherpad
14:56:48 <ulik> that's a good question.
14:57:25 <ulik> OK. I'll create a section for deploy
14:57:31 <fdegir> please don't
14:57:37 <fdegir> if we start separating
14:57:39 <fdegir> we lose the CI
14:57:48 <chigang> fdegir: what is different with deployment in BGS
14:57:59 <fdegir> 3 minutes left
14:58:14 <rprakash> Note Inputs from BGS and or other stacks and output Arfticacts for deployment need some interfaces and understanding , anyway will add my inouts to etherpad
14:58:17 <fdegir> CI is something that is above of build, deployment and test
14:58:29 <fdegir> whatever deployment mechanism is developed
14:58:39 <ulik> I meant: Ideas around deployment environment .... ?
14:58:41 <fdegir> that is executed by CI
14:58:54 <fdegir> please do not forget e2e view
14:59:21 <ulik> Yes.
14:59:27 <rprakash> agreed fdegir thats perfect e2e view
14:59:33 <frankbrockners> Folks... quick time check: You're at the top of the hr...
14:59:44 <ulik> OK. we have to postpone and have better time next week for R2.
14:59:58 <ulik> Thanks everybody in Octopus!
15:00:06 <ulik> #endmeeting