14:01:25 <ulik> #startmeeting Octopus weekly meeting
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14:01:53 <ulik> Hi, please type #info with your name, so we have participant list.
14:01:58 <MatthewL2> #info Jun Li
14:02:00 <ulik> #info Uli
14:02:12 <jose_lausuch> #info Jose Lausuch
14:02:18 <meimei> #info meimei
14:02:21 <zhifeng> info zhifeng
14:02:27 <zhifeng> #info zhifeng
14:02:57 <radez> #info Dan Radez
14:04:05 <ulik> Welcome everybody. A few important people I don't see on the channel yet, so maybe we have to start without them.
14:04:16 <ulik> #info ulik apologizes that the agenda and previous minutes were distributed late
14:04:38 <ulik> .. but they are on wiki (meetings/octopus) now.
14:05:04 <ulik> #topic Agenda bashing
14:05:15 <ulik> #info Agenda has: Rollcall,Agenda bashing,Action item review,Arno Release follow-up,Status lab connections,Documentation Status,Release 2 Brainstorming
14:05:29 <ulik> Any additions?
14:06:04 <fdegir> #info Fatih Degirmenci
14:06:13 * ulik welcome
14:06:22 * fdegir thanks
14:06:32 <rprakash> #info rprakash
14:06:45 <ulik> No additions to agenda, so let's start with
14:06:55 <ulik> #topic Action item review
14:07:26 <ulik> #info Action from last week: all to review 399 and 400
14:07:41 <ulik> I saw documents merged.
14:07:58 <ulik> So I assume there were reviews :)
14:08:00 <fdegir> yes
14:08:06 <fdegir> got one extra review
14:08:22 <fdegir> incoporated the changes
14:08:35 <fdegir> and merged them on Wednesday if I'm not mistaken
14:08:57 <ulik> I expect we get more comments later, when other projects actually start using the documents
14:09:13 <fdegir> hopefully
14:09:30 <ulik> #info Action from last week: MatthewL2 new infra document according to OCTO-63
14:09:35 <MatthewL2> https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/453/
14:09:41 <MatthewL2> you can review now
14:09:55 <MatthewL2> I complete it today
14:09:57 <fdegir> #info Infra document has been sent for review
14:09:59 <fdegir> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/453/
14:10:10 <ulik> Great!
14:10:26 <ulik> #info Action from last week: uli remove outdated links etc. in main page.
14:10:51 <ulik> I did it. I hope I didn't remove a link too much ;-)
14:11:05 <ulik> Next one is related:
14:11:21 <ulik> #info Action from last week: uli to add also links to pdf documents.
14:11:27 <ulik> Also done.
14:11:41 <MatthewL2> good
14:11:41 <fdegir> an additional question
14:12:08 <fdegir> #info question: should we include a heading on these auto-generated documents to highlight they're generated automatically?
14:12:08 <ulik> shoot
14:12:25 <MatthewL2> good idea
14:12:26 <fdegir> so people don't update wiki by mistake and their updates are overwritten later on
14:12:47 <ulik> They will immediately see that it is autogenerated.
14:12:54 <fdegir> will they?
14:12:56 <ulik> Just try to edit one.
14:12:56 <fdegir> how?
14:13:22 <ulik> try to edit and you will see that there is just scrape ..... instruction
14:13:30 <fdegir> now I see
14:13:51 <fdegir> then it's not necessary perhaps - assumin everyone understands scrape means the page is coming from some other place
14:14:08 <ulik> But a hint would be good that people are encouraged to send us comments so we can improve the docs.
14:14:34 <fdegir> yep, we can put a sentence just before "Documentation Tracking" on our pages
14:14:39 <fdegir> and highlight this fact
14:14:42 <ulik> ... at least they won't find the content they want to change hehehe
14:14:58 <ulik> I'll action myself
14:15:04 <fdegir> ok
14:15:11 <fdegir> perhaps we can talk to vlaza regarding this
14:15:23 <fdegir> so it can be generalized for all the projects putting documents to wiki in this way
14:15:42 <ulik> so you propose to action vlaza?
14:15:56 <fdegir> you and vlaza :D
14:16:08 <ulik> ok
14:16:15 <meimei> if all docs from git, it will not be a wiki? yes?
14:16:45 <fdegir> not all docs are from git
14:17:01 <fdegir> like general octopus page, meetings, etc
14:17:12 <fdegir> and perhaps some other docs that are not referenced by the community
14:17:14 <fdegir> case-by-case
14:17:21 <ulik> #action ulik and vlaza: add a note how to comment on documents under "document tracking"
14:17:48 <ulik> I even put the main summary, scope and introduction of the main page into git.
14:18:13 <fdegir> good, we have even more in scm
14:18:25 <ulik> and if I remember correctly, also the key project facts are scaped....
14:18:32 <ulik> scraped....
14:18:40 <morgan_orange> question regarding doc
14:18:45 <morgan_orange> in the functest doc http://artifacts.opnfv.org/functest/docs/functest.html
14:19:01 <morgan_orange> I haev a section : if you want to automate your tests
14:19:05 <morgan_orange> shall I keep it here
14:19:13 <morgan_orange> or give a pointer to one of your doc?
14:19:46 <ulik> better point to CI doc. (just in case we update to something fancy)
14:20:16 <morgan_orange> OK I will just keep the section title and redirect to your doc (to avoid divergence)
14:20:26 <ulik> +1
14:21:17 <ulik> I think that was actions from last week.
14:21:44 <ulik> I checked the last few meetings about actions and found some on April 13:
14:22:18 <ulik> #info Action from April 13: We need clear instructions for how to work with documentation and what to do with produced documents/artifacts
14:22:30 <fdegir> morgan_orange:for connection of your platform
14:22:39 <fdegir> please put reference to https://wiki.opnfv.org/octopus/jenkins_slave_connection
14:22:49 <fdegir> and remove the rest
14:22:55 <morgan_orange> ok
14:23:06 <fdegir> and replace CI Scripts with "Integrating into CI Pipeline"
14:23:30 <fdegir> you can say "Contact Octopus Team" and put a link to https://wiki.opnfv.org/octopus/pipelines
14:23:34 <fdegir> for pipelines overview
14:24:12 <fdegir> of course you can add any extra needed from your side there as well
14:24:14 <fdegir> :D
14:24:56 <fdegir> sorry ulik
14:24:59 <fdegir> please go ahead
14:25:07 <ulik> No problem!
14:25:08 <fdegir> was just looking at Morgan's document
14:25:37 <ulik> Do we need more instructions how to work with documentation and produced artifacts?
14:26:04 <fdegir> artifacts meaning generated documents?
14:26:08 <ulik> I think we are fine for the moment. OK?
14:26:30 <fdegir> if so vlaza's documentation regarding how to work with documentation is good
14:26:35 <fdegir> so we are fine if you ask me
14:26:44 <MatthewL2> yep we are fine working with victor
14:26:55 <ulik> Good.
14:27:11 <ulik> #info Action from April 13: Uli to clarify in TSC whether Octopus documentation is part of Arno
14:27:41 <ulik> I tried to clarify once and afterwards thought they accepted. Next TSC meeting was unclear again.
14:28:23 <fdegir> I think it shouldn't be part of arno
14:28:32 <fdegir> since we are not releasing CI or infra
14:29:27 <ulik> Arno is releasing that we are able to do continuous build deploy and test.
14:29:39 <fdegir> yes, that's right
14:29:52 <fdegir> but if you say "octopus documentation is part of arno"
14:30:08 <fdegir> I understood it as "Octopus documents are part of arno release package"
14:30:24 <fdegir> together with Arno license, version, user's guide, etc.
14:30:51 <fdegir> did openstack release openstack-infra as part of kilo?
14:30:53 <fdegir> anyone knows?
14:31:07 <MatthewL2> personally I think docs we have done can be part of arno
14:31:16 <fdegir> ok
14:31:29 <MatthewL2> openstack has a infra group there
14:31:33 <fdegir> then I can say "we should have build tools, git info, gerrit info, etc.etc. should be part of arno"
14:31:47 <meimei> docs of other projects is also the part of arno?
14:31:56 <fdegir> nope
14:32:07 <fdegir> only bgs, functest, pharos, opnfvdocs are part
14:32:14 <fdegir> bgs releases installers
14:32:20 <fdegir> functest releases test spec
14:32:29 <fdegir> pharos releases testbed infra
14:32:31 <ulik> So anything a user needs to deploy should be there.
14:32:49 <fdegir> users will get genesis stuff (ISOs)
14:32:52 <fdegir> but not OPNFV CI
14:33:15 <ulik> They should get deploy scripts or something.
14:33:28 <fdegir> that is in genesis repo
14:33:52 <MatthewL2> such as the "how to link to jenkins" doc is a user guide in some way
14:34:10 <fdegir> the distinction I have is
14:34:19 <fdegir> the thing users will get as Arno
14:34:29 <fdegir> and the things we do to run CI for OPNFV
14:34:59 <fdegir> so release documentation vs reference documentation is the thing I'm differentiating
14:35:12 <fdegir> but if the rest thinks it should be part of Arno
14:35:15 <fdegir> then +1
14:35:21 <fdegir> -1
14:35:22 <fdegir> vote
14:35:40 <ulik> I think it is more complex.
14:36:06 <ulik> for instance how to connect a lab is may be not Arno.
14:36:20 <ulik> But how to deploy my ISO should be in Arno.
14:36:32 <fdegir> and that is included in genesis documentation
14:36:44 <ulik> And how to automate my test
14:36:49 <ulik> ?
14:36:58 <fdegir> and that is part of functest
14:37:01 <ulik> We say that Arno contains automation ......
14:37:17 <meimei> So anything a user needs to deploy should be there-----------agree!
14:37:32 <fdegir> users don't need OPNFV Jenkins info
14:37:35 <ulik> I think BGS does deploy, functest does test, who does automate?
14:37:35 <fdegir> or pipelines
14:37:48 <fdegir> it is up to users to automate
14:37:55 <fdegir> whicever they want
14:38:09 <fdegir> they can use crontab
14:38:14 <fdegir> use travis-ci
14:38:21 <fdegir> use hudson
14:39:00 <fdegir> here are 2 examples for fuel
14:39:00 <fdegir> https://git.opnfv.org/cgit/genesis/tree/fuel/docs/src/build-instructions.rst
14:39:06 <fdegir> https://git.opnfv.org/cgit/genesis/tree/fuel/docs/src/installation-instructions.rst
14:39:29 <fdegir> anyway
14:39:31 <ulik> it looks like we can't get consensus today about the borderline
14:39:34 <fdegir> you don't have to convince me
14:40:13 <MatthewL2> hha yep, everyone can have his/her own opinions
14:40:16 <ulik> I just want to understand what do people mean is content of Arno when we say automation is part of Arno.
14:40:27 <fdegir> automation is not part of arno
14:40:34 <fdegir> automation/CI is what we do for OPNFV
14:40:40 <fdegir> to highlight the fact that we have CI
14:40:51 <fdegir> we continuously build, deploy, test and give feedback to community
14:40:56 <ulik> automation is always mentioned in the release descriptions.
14:41:33 <ulik> Let me check and ask around... and then let's come back with the question whether we need something of octopus in arno docs.
14:41:39 <fdegir> ok
14:42:03 <ulik> #action ulik: ask around... and then let's come back with the question whether we need something of octopus in arno docs.
14:42:17 <ulik> Last action of April 13:
14:42:34 <ulik> #info Action from April 13: Uli to start discussion on etherpad and send email to all projects
14:42:56 <ulik> I hesitated to send an email to whole community yet.
14:43:15 <ulik> And I didn't have the time today to look at the etherpad.
14:43:31 <ulik> What say? wait or send email?
14:44:05 <fdegir> I say we can wait until after Arno is out of door
14:44:35 <MatthewL2> I think we had better make this clear befor Arno is released
14:44:43 <fdegir> since BGS and FuncTest are the ones who worked with us more
14:44:59 <fdegir> and they have more insiders knowledge about what we have and how we work
14:45:13 <fdegir> I don't think they will have chance to look at our etherpad until arno is done
14:45:26 <fdegir> so it might get lost within arno discussions
14:46:18 <ulik> I would propose we share the link where we have private discussions. But no official email to join the brainstorm yet.
14:46:31 <fdegir> yep, that is better
14:46:54 <ulik> But feel free to share the link (I did it once....)
14:47:09 <ulik> MatthewL2: you fine with that?
14:47:17 <MatthewL2> yep
14:47:39 <MatthewL2> it's fine with me
14:47:45 <ulik> #agree we share the link to R2 etherpad where we have private discussions. But no official email to join the brainstorm yet.
14:47:57 <ulik> #info That was all action items
14:48:12 <ulik> #topic Arno Release Follow-up
14:48:24 <ulik> fdegir: can you summarize?
14:48:35 <ulik> with #info
14:48:38 <fdegir> #info Not much progress as of yet
14:48:54 <fdegir> #info We've been waiting for BGS to give us greenlight
14:49:14 <ulik> So they still struggle to deploy on LF????
14:49:19 <fdegir> #info As of today, we got OK from Foreman to start with basic Jenkins automation
14:49:45 <fdegir> I think foreman is almost there - need to see it from jenkins
14:49:51 <fdegir> #info Fuel is also very close
14:50:11 <fdegir> #info Regarding FuncTest, we had some executions on Ericsson server
14:50:32 <fdegir> #info and will continue with the rest of FuncTest work once we have Foreman deploy part is put on Jenkins
14:50:54 <fdegir> #info that is on LF POD
14:51:22 <ulik> Do you think I can report something tomorrow about Foreman deploying via jenkins on LF tomorrow in TSC?
14:51:52 <fdegir> hopefully
14:51:57 <fdegir> depending on how it goes
14:52:05 <fdegir> we have 23 hours to make it work
14:52:11 <ulik> :)
14:52:25 <ulik> Just let me know before TSC starts
14:52:29 <fdegir> will do
14:52:58 <fdegir> I think that's all for Octopus Arno reporting
14:52:58 <ulik> Anything else?
14:53:27 <ulik> #topic Status lab connections
14:53:56 <ulik> Did we connect CMCC lab yet?
14:53:57 <fdegir> #info We are still in same situation
14:54:18 <fdegir> CMCC (China Mobile?) hasn't been connected yet
14:54:57 <ulik> They are preparing.....
14:55:02 <fdegir> #info See the slaves connected to OPNFV Jenkins from below link
14:55:04 <fdegir> #link https://build.opnfv.org/ci/computer/
14:55:49 <fdegir> #info We have 7 labs connected (6 community labs + LF lab)
14:56:08 <MatthewL2> yep, they are trying to connect now these days, don't know if they completed
14:56:14 <ulik> Sounds good enough.
14:56:16 <morgan_orange> Orange used to be, but we are reconfiguring some machines to welcome Arno..
14:56:35 <meimei> I have contact Fuqiao(china mobile), she will ask me for help if she need
14:56:51 <ulik> So with CMCC it will be 8 :)
14:57:13 <ulik> Let's move on.
14:57:22 <ulik> #topic Documentation status
14:57:35 <ulik> #info I think we covered that during Action item review
14:57:44 <ulik> Or anything open?
14:57:44 <fdegir> extensively
14:58:07 <ulik> Otherwise let's close in time and make Frank happy.
14:58:17 <ulik> AOB?
14:58:41 <ulik> Thanks everybody for joining!
14:58:46 <fdegir> thanks
14:58:55 <ulik> #endmeeting