#opnfv-meeting: OPNFV BGS Arno release readiness - daily check in

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Meeting summary

    1. Frank Brockners (frankbrockners, 16:00:54)
    2. Tim Rozet (trozet, 16:01:01)
    3. Morgan Richomme (morgan_orange, 16:01:05)
    4. Peter Bandzi (pbandzi, 16:01:05)
    5. I've been working on a patch that will allow full virtualization of all nodes (trozet, 16:04:49)
    6. It should be ready soon and then those who want to try out the deploy but dont have the hardware can use virtual nodes (trozet, 16:05:15)
    7. Jonas Bjurel ([1]JonasB, 16:05:37)
    8. Morgan mentioned to me today he ran into some issue with network creation in the LF setup. I see some networks are created, but after that he has trouble making more (trozet, 16:06:02)
    9. looks like an ODL bug to me, but haven't sync'ed up with Morgan yet to debug further (trozet, 16:06:18)
    10. Dan radez (radez, 16:06:40)
    11. yes we need to synchronize on that, seems that much of the smoke tests failed due to impossibility to create new network properly (and to delete old ones) (morgan_orange, 16:07:01)
    12. nothing new, just working on rolling resources into the iso (radez, 16:08:00)
    13. any thoughts on when this will be complete? (frankbrockners, 16:08:24)
    14. Documentation for fuel is pending final review ([1]JonasB, 16:11:17)
    15. I'll put together the user/install guide and get it into gerrit either today or tmrw morning (trozet, 16:11:30)
    16. updates on Fuel: (frankbrockners, 16:12:06)
    17. We're basically done with all devel. for the Fuel track ([1]JonasB, 16:12:40)
    18. : LF-lab transition should have started yesturday - lead by Joseph G, but unfortunately I havent got any progress relport from that. ([1]JonasB, 16:13:34)
    19. script for test preparation updated today - will not be able to be fully automated bu will be simple enough (and documented) (morgan_orange, 16:17:18)
    20. test on POD2 as discussed blocking point seems linked to network management (morgan_orange, 16:17:43)
    21. morgan_orange: can you briefly elaborate on what "script for test prep" means and why it cannot be fully automated? (frankbrockners, 16:18:13)
    22. not the same issue on Ericsson POD, jose reached ~10 erros on more than 100 tests (morgan_orange, 16:18:15)
    23. script for test prep means a script that wil install the tools, get the scenario, set the env variables (morgan_orange, 16:18:48)
    24. still need to source the rc file from openstack and configuration convention (naming) is different from the installer, (morgan_orange, 16:19:17)
    25. so need to perform manual operation once on jumphost (morgan_orange, 16:19:45)
    26. but once done tests can be fully automated (morgan_orange, 16:20:10)
    27. Does this mean that the test setup is dependent on the installer used? (frankbrockners, 16:20:14)
    28. not the test setup = same procedure but the configuration is different (morgan_orange, 16:20:49)
    29. e.g. no images preloaded on POD2, testVM already there with fuel, not sure all passwords are the same,... (morgan_orange, 16:21:17)
    30. Just to confirm: Test tools installation would be a one-time effort - and be independent from the installer. Correct? (frankbrockners, 16:21:37)
    31. yes (morgan_orange, 16:21:46)
    32. installed once, run as long as installer do not change default passowrds, .. (morgan_orange, 16:22:08)
    33. first tests performed from CI on LF POD 2 (morgan_orange, 16:22:26)
    34. errors due to networks (vPing, smoke tests and bench) but mechanism in place (morgan_orange, 16:22:49)
    35. https://build.opnfv.org/ci/view/functest/ (morgan_orange, 16:23:10)
    36. risk on vIMS suite, I tried to contact Martin and Andrew (suggest to perform the test for them if they could provide the procedure) => no feedback so far (morgan_orange, 16:24:15)
    37. next step: test on POD 1, + fix issue on POD 2, finalize CI + docs (morgan_orange, 16:25:30)
    38. so key issues seem to be: (1) Network config (ODL issue mentioned above); (2) vIMS test setup and support (frankbrockners, 16:26:02)
    39. https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/460/ (trozet, 16:30:23)
    40. vPing needs network.. (morgan_orange, 16:51:55)

Meeting ended at 16:57:11 UTC (full logs).

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