#opnfv-meeting: OPNFV BGS daily check in

Meeting started by frankbrockners at 16:03:56 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Jonas Bjurel ([1]JonasB, 16:04:00)
    2. Peter Bandzi (pbandzi, 16:04:06)
    3. Stefan Berg (stefan_berg, 16:04:06)
    4. Frank Brockners (frankbrockners, 16:04:10)
    5. Morgan Richomme (morgan_orange, 16:04:17)
    6. Jose Lausuch (jose_lausuch, 16:04:24)
    7. Fatih Degirmenci (fdegir, 16:04:30)
    8. Dan Radez (radez, 16:05:04)
    9. Tim Rozet (trozet, 16:05:24)
    10. daily status updates... (frankbrockners, 16:05:37)

  1. functest status (frankbrockners, 16:06:09)
    1. readiness page updated (morgan_orange, 16:06:20)
    2. wait for green light on POD1 to start testing on POD1 (morgan_orange, 16:06:45)
    3. Tempest re-run after POD2 automatic reinstallation, better results: 97 (+13) tests OK / 26 failures (-7) (morgan_orange, 16:07:26)
    4. results posted on the Pad (morgan_orange, 16:07:39)
    5. AT&T offered help to have a look at the issues (morgan_orange, 16:07:50)
    6. test vPing failed on POD2 (Timeout) under investigation (morgan_orange, 16:08:06)
    7. arnaud is working on a cirros image for vPING (jose_lausuch, 16:08:47)
    8. getting support to fix the tempest failed tests (jose_lausuch, 16:09:33)
    9. the automated functest deployment worked on POD2 (jose_lausuch, 16:11:01)

  2. updates on LF POD deployments (frankbrockners, 16:11:49)
    1. At last we're up with on LF-Lab POD1 with a fully good autodeployment ([1]JonasB, 16:12:00)
    2. Next, Fatih will connect the autodeploy to jenkins and do a run ([1]JonasB, 16:12:28)
    3. after that we should start functest on POD1 ([1]JonasB, 16:12:46)
    4. An example script at auto_deploy_fuel.sh will deploy a three controller/two compute/Ceph setup (stefan_berg, 16:12:46)
    5. /home/opnfv that is (stefan_berg, 16:13:06)
    6. I have a question though. (stefan_berg, 16:13:11)
    7. I've stored the Fuel configuration in Git (dea.yaml) but I am hesitant to also store the hardware config which contains passwords for ipmi (dha.yaml). (stefan_berg, 16:13:49)
    8. Personally I feel this information is tightly coupled to the lab itself, anyone has any gut feeling or wisdom in this manner? (stefan_berg, 16:14:20)
    9. we stored the passwords into the genesis repo already, someone cant access without VPN (trozet, 16:14:21)
    10. if someone already has VPN access and want to destroy the setup they already can :) (trozet, 16:14:49)
    11. So I hear no arguments against doing this? Then I'll add this info for the Fuel config as well... (stefan_berg, 16:15:23)
    12. OK, a commit is coming up. :) (stefan_berg, 16:15:40)
    13. Thats the good part, now to the less good: We are struggeling with interference between ODL and OS HA proxy in HA deployments. Investigation ongoing ([1]JonasB, 16:16:34)
    14. no ETA today. ([1]JonasB, 16:16:50)
    15. one solution to this VLAN problem: (trozet, 16:27:40)
    16. I looked at the ENIC driver code. If the NIC supports RRQ it will strip the tag. If someone has the time you could modify the ENIC driver to strip the tag no matter what. This would hand the packet to any hypervisor untagged. (trozet, 16:28:29)
    17. However, creating a VLAN interface with tag 0 and and connecting that to the VM distribution bridge seems to be a functioning workaround, although a bit too much black magic for me to like it... (stefan_berg, 16:30:28)
    18. Updates on POD2 (frankbrockners, 16:31:35)
    19. as previously mentioned, LF POD2 was able to re-deploy correctly after LF config changes (trozet, 16:31:48)
    20. deploy.sh virtualization patch is done and working. Submitted a gerrit review: https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/519/ (trozet, 16:32:12)
    21. working on adding br-ex to the setup. I think this will resolve some of functest failures (trozet, 16:32:39)
    22. had a question about br-ex to both functest team and Fuel team (trozet, 16:32:50)
    23. 1. Do installers need to configure the provider, external network for functest in neutron? It requires knowing the public subnet, gateway, DNS so I would assume so? (trozet, 16:33:47)
    24. or does functest team's tests automatically determine that info and create the provider network? (trozet, 16:34:16)
    25. 2. Also, I was planning on only adding br-ex and configuring it for one Controller. How does Fuel currently do this? (trozet, 16:35:21)
    26. https://docs.mirantis.com/openstack/fuel/fuel-6.0/user-guide.html#network-settings is an overview of the parameters fed into Fuel for the network config (stefan_berg) (frankbrockners, 16:39:43)
    27. OK. I'll take a look at the guide (trozet, 16:40:35)
    28. Once the external network is running and we get a re-run of tempest smoke on pod2, I'll help morgan_orange debug the failures and we can create a root cause section on the wiki (trozet, 16:41:37)
    29. those who submitted comments for changes to the foreman installation guide: the guide was merged, please go ahead and submit gerrit reviews with your changes (trozet, 16:44:28)
    30. Infact the same status for fuel installation guide, merged but review it anyway! ([1]JonasB, 16:45:29)

  3. AOB (frankbrockners, 16:47:49)
    1. Sweeden have public holliday on Thu - Fri this week :-( ([1]JonasB, 16:48:16)
    2. Thu is a public holiday in many countries in Europe (frankbrockners, 16:49:29)
    3. BGS team will continue with daily synch meetings at 9am PDT (frankbrockners, 16:53:01)

Meeting ended at 16:54:45 UTC (full logs).

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  3. stefan_berg (28)
  4. [1]JonasB (27)
  5. morgan_orange (13)
  6. jose_lausuch (6)
  7. collabot (4)
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  9. bryan_att (2)
  10. fdegir (1)
  11. radez (1)
  12. ChrisPriceAB (1)

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