#opnfv-meeting: OPNFV BGS weekly team meeting

Meeting started by frankbrockners at 15:00:03 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Jonas Bjurel ([1]JonasB, 15:00:15)
    2. draft agenda for today's meeting: https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings/bgs#may182015 (frankbrockners, 15:00:39)
    3. Frank Brockners (frankbrockners, 15:00:46)
    4. Tim Rozet (trozet, 15:01:03)
    5. Morgan Richomme (morgan_orange, 15:01:32)
    6. Peter Bandzi (pbandzi, 15:03:01)

  1. Updates on Functest (frankbrockners, 15:04:36)
    1. since friday functest part was failing on build/deploy/test chain (morgan_orange, 15:05:03)
    2. problem shall be due to misconfiguration of rc file (retrieve manually from OpenStack including tenant id) (morgan_orange, 15:05:29)
    3. shall be fixed (tenant name enough for tests) but need to be re-run (morgan_orange, 15:05:51)
    4. today deploy POD2 was failed so functest not launched (morgan_orange, 15:06:05)
    5. tests done on POD1 (morgan_orange, 15:06:22)
    6. vPing OK (morgan_orange, 15:06:26)
    7. ODL stil not running (pbandzi, 15:07:06)
    8. Tempest ~ 20 errors, anaysis started => several errors due to the test and/or config..(depends how you consider the issue) Multiple Networks => test expect only one network, when several available => test failed (morgan_orange, 15:07:37)
    9. ODL tests, sory, trying to analyze it and execuitre manualy but still not success (pbandzi, 15:08:09)
    10. https://wiki.opnfv.org/r1_tempest (morgan_orange, 15:09:59)
    11. test errors in 3 main categories: (1) multiple networks present (some tests expect single network); (2) quota exceeded (Neutron defaults are smaller than what tests create); (3) external connectivity. (frankbrockners, 15:16:47)
    12. category (3): resolution pending a patch - trozet is working on it (frankbrockners, 15:17:09)
    13. once category (3) is resolved, likely that test results on POD1 (Fuel) and POD2 (Foreman) will be similar (if not even the same). (frankbrockners, 15:17:47)
    14. CI/Functest if BGS Fuel OK possible to duplicate config POD2 (morgan_orange, 15:18:54)
    15. rally bench http://opnfv.orange.org/test/POD1/opnfv-neutron.html (morgan_orange, 15:23:27)
    16. Team agrees to move to auto-deployment on POD1 from today onwards per the original plan (as agreed last week) (frankbrockners, 15:26:29)

  2. Updates on POD1 and POD2 auto deployment (frankbrockners, 15:37:16)
    1. Looked into the LFPOD2 failures from last week. There was an issue with how we were checking to see if a node was finished its puppet configuration (trozet, 15:39:22)
    2. I modifed that check to be a more reliable check, and 10/10 deployments passed over the weekend (trozet, 15:39:48)
    3. Also, it cuts down on the time it takes to deploy. Previous deploys were clocking at 2.5 hours which wasn't right, it was just the check taking forever. Now the deploys are around 1.5 hours (trozet, 15:40:27)
    4. Failure from last deploy (this morning) was a real failure. The filesystem failed to mount correctly on the UCS and the install just bailed. Just powercycled the server now and it is installing fine so I believe it was a transient error (trozet, 15:41:41)
    5. Just looked at our neutron.conf and we aren't setting any of the limits in there so I guess it's using defaults (trozet, 15:42:42)
    6. Was testing out the external network patch some more this weekend and found 2 bugs I need to fix. Has to do with puppet ordering...so still working on that patch (trozet, 15:43:42)
    7. POD1/Fuel. We're working on 1 patch for the console access/consol logging (Files are currently missing in the .iso) ([1]JonasB, 15:44:29)
    8. We will not have time to resolve the ODL/HA proxy issue for Arno SR0, will come in SR1 - work has started ([1]JonasB, 15:45:13)
    9. Documentation will be finished this week ([1]JonasB, 15:45:32)
    10. SR0=Arno Base relese, SR1=incremental service release ([1]JonasB, 15:47:40)
    11. Question, how do we do with the user manual, should we have one just pointing into OpenStack or? ([1]JonasB, 15:48:26)
    12. Additional info on ODL HA proxy issue mentioned above: Combination of HA and ODL will not be supported initially when using Fuel as an installer. Plan to support it with the first service release (SR1). Work has already started (frankbrockners, 15:57:12)
    13. key open items for BGS to reach release readiness: (a) successful auto-deploys of Fuel (b) resolution and/or root-cause explanation of several test cases (c) ISO for Foreman/Quickstack (d) docs completed (e) patches for autodeploys (Foreman: external network connectivity) (f) ODL test suite running and automated (frankbrockners, 16:20:57)
    14. potential release date: High-level of confidence in the team to achieve a release date of June/4th (90% confidence) - and having (a)..(f) addressed. Confidence level drops significantly when May/28 would be the target for Arno (several folks out for either OpenStack, training, or vacation between now and May/28). (frankbrockners, 16:23:33)

Meeting ended at 16:27:43 UTC (full logs).

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  4. trozet (38)
  5. pbandzi (8)
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