#opnfv-meeting: OPNFV BGS daily release readiness synch up

Meeting started by frankbrockners at 16:00:57 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Frank Brockners (frankbrockners, 16:01:03)
    2. Tim Rozet (trozet, 16:01:08)
    3. Jonas Bjurel ([1]JonasB, 16:01:14)
    4. Morgan Richomme (morgan_orange, 16:01:47)
    5. Peter Bandzi (pbandzi, 16:02:55)
    6. Updates on functest, autodeployments on POD1 & 2, etc. (frankbrockners, 16:04:33)
    7. updates on functest (frankbrockners, 16:04:55)
    8. never been so close to a first full CI run...3 of testcases run last night on POD1 (morgan_orange, 16:05:23)
    9. problem due to jenkins job (morgan_orange, 16:05:43)
    10. ODL suite successfully tested manually on POD2 (morgan_orange, 16:05:59)
    11. analysis of the error: 2 main causes: quotas and multiple networks (morgan_orange, 16:06:31)
    12. 100% pass on ODL suite with pbandzi's changes (trozet, 16:06:56)
    13. quota we saw running neutron and nova quotas that some quotas are set to 10 => to be increased (morgan_orange, 16:07:14)
    14. current quotas: http://pastebin.com/T8PmkJ1B (trozet, 16:07:37)
    15. proposal is: security_groups 10 -> 50, floating ip 50 -> 100, network 10 -> 50, router 10-> 50, subnet 10 ->50 (trozet, 16:10:00)
    16. when deleting objects in neutron while using ODL, some objects may fail to delete (known ODL Helium issue) (trozet, 16:12:29)
    17. quota increase partially required because of lack of proper clean up between tests (known bug in ODL helium: ODL does not always cleanup correctly, so some of the neutron clean fails between tests) (frankbrockners, 16:12:38)
    18. there are other errors in the neutron logs, showing illegal values during network creation. I think there might be some bugs with some test cases (trozet, 16:13:26)
    19. its hard to say which test case right now because they were all run by the time I checked the logs (trozet, 16:13:36)
    20. second cause Multiple Networks (morgan_orange, 16:14:26)
    21. for Foreman, quickstack already supports modifying those default values, so it will take me a few minutes to make the change (trozet, 16:16:03)
    22. I suggest you change the test case to create a network if it does not already, then change the pass/fail to see if that network exists by ID/name (trozet, 16:22:56)
    23. https://wiki.opnfv.org/r1_tempest (morgan_orange, 16:27:26)
    24. We have created a non HA deployment profile which is now autodeployed in LF ([1]JonasB, 16:32:30)
    25. We will see if we can get started with ODL tests tomorrow, not sure seems people are traveling from VC ([1]JonasB, 16:33:13)
    26. external network patch is done. I manually redeployed LF POD 2 last night with the external net created. The network name is "provider_network" and subnet is "provider_subnet" (trozet, 16:34:18)
    27. I started a redeploy in Jenkins: https://build.opnfv.org/ci/job/genesis-foreman-deploy/lastBuild/console once it is complete (hopefully success) we will run smoke test tempest and see what the results are (trozet, 16:34:55)
    28. test suite may need slight modification to actually use the "provider_network" morgan_orange looking into that (trozet, 16:35:30)
    29. quota defaults: https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/BGS-51 (trozet, 16:39:51)
    30. does tempest test case try to create an external network, or can it use one provided (trozet, 16:49:53)
    31. if can be provided, do tempest cases take the name of a provided network as a parameter? or is it a hardcoded name? (trozet, 16:50:31)

Meeting ended at 16:57:31 UTC (full logs).

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  2. trozet (65)
  3. lmcdasm (52)
  4. frankbrockners (38)
  5. [1]JonasB (14)
  6. collabot (3)
  7. pbandzi (1)

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