15:58:29 <pbandzi> #startmeeting OPNFV BGS daily release readiness synch
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15:58:54 <pbandzi> #info Peter Bandzi (on behalf of Frank)
15:59:21 <pbandzi> #info draft agenda for today's meeting same as yesterday: https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings/bgs#may252015
16:01:08 <ChrisPriceAB> #info Chris Price
16:01:19 <morgan_orange> #info Morgan Richomme
16:01:43 <pbandzi> hopefully there will be more people than yesterday
16:01:44 <jose_lausuch> #info Jose Lausuch
16:01:55 * ChrisPriceAB :)
16:02:03 <fdegir> #info Fatih Degirmenci
16:03:06 <[1]JonasB> #info Jonas Bjurel
16:03:07 <pbandzi> lets get started as ussual with functest. morgan_orange can you please info some update
16:03:32 <morgan_orange> #info refactoring of scripts today - should be finished tonight
16:04:00 <morgan_orange> #info tests in progress on both PODs
16:04:35 <morgan_orange> #info still not full sequence run  (issue on absolute/relative path for ODL through CI ) + stupid path bug for cleaning
16:05:01 <pbandzi> #info i'll check that bug for dol tests
16:05:12 <pbandzi> dol=odl
16:05:15 <morgan_orange> #info as said during TSC call, confident to release the mechanism to run the 4 tests on CI for the 4th but there will be errors
16:05:50 <morgan_orange> #info seems that new version of fuel based solution introducing ODL lead to some tricky stuff on neutron related tests..
16:06:20 <pbandzi> thanks Morgan
16:06:48 <pbandzi> can we move to next topic?
16:07:03 <morgan_orange> yes
16:07:06 <ChrisPriceAB> #info Docs being updated by the community iteratively, teams should look for patches and approve with haste.
16:07:20 <pbandzi> #topic POD1/2 auto deployment
16:07:22 <ChrisPriceAB> #info  Not enough focus form the team in the last week, OpenStack was an interruption.
16:08:01 <pbandzi> not sure if we have someone from foreman team? radez ping?
16:08:34 <pbandzi> [1]JonasB can you please info status of POD1?
16:09:11 <[1]JonasB> #info quota patches merged, should fix the tempest tests
16:09:37 <[1]JonasB> #info ODL testing ongoing, plan to have it clean by end of this week
16:09:42 <[1]JonasB> end
16:09:47 <pbandzi> so there are same quotas now currently configured on both PODs?
16:10:04 <[1]JonasB> According to Jira
16:10:12 <pbandzi> ok thanks Jonas
16:10:27 <pbandzi> seems noone from foreman still
16:10:43 <morgan_orange> note that the change of the quotas lead to the end of the quota errors....
16:10:57 <pbandzi> we can info that
16:11:07 <morgan_orange> that have been replaced by post commit creat/udate network/subnet/port errors...
16:11:46 <morgan_orange> would have been interesting to see the consequence on POD1 which was very stable (always the same error from 1 run to another)
16:11:52 <pbandzi> #info note that the change of the quotas lead to the end of the quota errors.... (as per morgan_orange)
16:11:58 <morgan_orange> but it was on the HA without ODL
16:12:22 <morgan_orange> I should shared the week end results on the wiki (just sent a mail on monday)
16:12:33 <frankbrockners> morgan_orange: are the quotas the same in both pods?
16:12:42 <[1]JonasB> morgan_orange: Since ODL is not turned on until you explicitly ask to, we can test the new quotas with the same stable base
16:12:44 <morgan_orange> I just saw the Jira
16:12:47 <morgan_orange> for POD1
16:12:51 <morgan_orange> but I think so
16:13:07 <morgan_orange> no full build/deploy/test on POD1 snce the change (this morning)
16:13:42 <[1]JonasB> We have stopped autodeploy on LF1 since we're working with ODL
16:14:20 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: it could be interesting but ODL is in the R1 scope
16:14:24 <morgan_orange> so..
16:14:50 <jose_lausuch> yes
16:14:58 <jose_lausuch> we are waiting for Daniel
16:15:01 <morgan_orange> fdegir: I submit the patch for the path issue on functest cleaning
16:15:06 <jose_lausuch> POD1 is messed up, nothing working properly
16:16:08 <morgan_orange> POD2 faces also strange network issues - impossible to delete properly port or subnets..impossible to boot an instance from Horizon..
16:16:22 <fdegir> morgan_orange: merged, please wait 6 to 7 minutes before starting next functest
16:16:50 <morgan_orange> we will wait next full run
16:17:03 <fdegir> then can info some stuff in
16:17:24 <fdegir> #info We've taken down ericsson-build server due to lab maintenance
16:17:49 <fdegir> #info due to this, ful runs on POD2 has also been disabled since ericsson-build was the only one we could build foreman ISO
16:18:16 <fdegir> #info what we can do is, we can skip build and just run deployment + functest on POD2 until we get build server back if you agree
16:18:56 <morgan_orange> fine for me
16:19:02 <fdegir> ok
16:19:19 <fdegir> #info Will enable deployment + functest on POD2 shortly and send the update
16:19:29 <pbandzi> ChrisPriceAB you already provided update about docs.
16:19:50 <pbandzi> #info don't have anyone from foreman to provide update now
16:20:21 <pbandzi> Is there anything else we want to discuss now?
16:21:21 <morgan_orange> yes
16:21:45 <morgan_orange> BGS meeting and daily meeting looks more and more similar (Jose attended BGS while I attended TSC)
16:21:54 <morgan_orange> would it make sense to make only 1 meeting?
16:22:26 <morgan_orange> BGS would become our defacto daily meeting
16:22:44 <morgan_orange> and if BGS want to speak about v2 they could do it after synchro
16:22:49 <morgan_orange> what do you think?
16:23:02 <jose_lausuch> +1
16:23:16 <jose_lausuch> I Think we said the same things 3 times :D
16:23:21 <pbandzi> morgan_orange: it sounds good to me... what time and when the bgs meeting ocuurs?
16:23:46 <jose_lausuch> at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC)
16:24:08 <pbandzi> opnfv_bgs?
16:24:23 <morgan_orange> yes
16:25:19 <pbandzi> the time is ok for me. but not sure about us, but moreover the 16:00 bgs meeting is called Fuel status meeting - so it is more fuel specific seems to me
16:25:24 <pbandzi> or it should be
16:25:53 <frankbrockners> 16:00 CET is too early for folks in the US
16:25:54 <jose_lausuch> another idea is to report it here
16:25:59 <jose_lausuch> and not in bgs
16:26:40 <morgan_orange> keep BGS specific at 16 CEST and use 18 slot for synchro
16:27:01 <frankbrockners> Good idea.
16:27:11 <[1]JonasB> Guys, we're mixing two things up here. Jose attended the Fuel status call
16:28:18 <morgan_orange> Ok it is my fault I mixed so forget my statement
16:28:50 <jose_lausuch> ja, but we are reporting the same things kindof (copy-paste)  :)
16:28:52 <[1]JonasB> And I dont think we want to discuss fuel specifics in our daily BGS.
16:28:57 <jose_lausuch> which is ok
16:29:43 <jose_lausuch> maybe we (functest) could use BGS to report issues and help needed
16:29:51 <jose_lausuch> and this meeting for reporting the status
16:29:55 <jose_lausuch> what do you think?
16:30:14 <morgan_orange> ok agree
16:30:28 <[1]JonasB> agree.
16:31:17 <jose_lausuch> meaning, this is common BGS, makes sense to report it here, and the other Fuel meeting to get help/discuss issues
16:31:54 <morgan_orange> so this is the end as Mick used to sing, see you tomorrow (I have to jump now)
16:32:10 <jose_lausuch> me too!
16:32:12 <pbandzi> #info this meeting use for report status of functest, fuel bgs at 16 CEST for discusaing issues
16:32:21 <jose_lausuch> need to take the train on time
16:32:29 <pbandzi> thank you, good bye
16:32:45 <jose_lausuch> bye
16:32:47 <pbandzi> #endmeeting