14:00:18 <fdegir> #startmeeting Octopus Weekly Meeting
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14:00:26 <fdegir> #topic rollcall
14:00:36 <fdegir> anyone who wants to join the Octopus meeting
14:00:40 <fdegir> please type in your attendance
14:00:50 <chenshuai__> chenshuai
14:01:12 <fdegir> please #info your nick chenshuai__
14:01:18 <fdegir> #info Fatih Degirmenci
14:01:26 <chenshuai__> #info chenshuai__
14:02:08 <fdegir> looks like we're the only ones who are around
14:02:11 <fdegir> will wait a minute or so
14:02:30 <frankbrockners> fdegir - is there an agenda for this meeting?
14:02:38 <MatthewLi> #Jun Li
14:02:44 <fdegir> frankbrockners: the usual agenda which I'll type in shortly
14:02:45 <MatthewLi> #info Jun Li
14:02:48 <fdegir> mostly quick status check
14:03:01 <frankbrockners> ok - thanks fdegir
14:03:04 <fdegir> np
14:03:09 <fdegir> #topic agenda bashing
14:03:18 <fdegir> #info The agenda is: Action item review / Jira review and assign important topics / work on B-Release / AoB
14:03:49 <fdegir> #topic Action item review
14:04:20 <fdegir> #info Action Item on trozet and radez regarding RDO/TripleO demo: done last week
14:04:30 <fdegir> thanks for good demo
14:04:55 <fdegir> #info Action Item on Uli: ulik and vlaza check and improve description how to comment on documents
14:05:18 <fdegir> #info ulik and vlaza are not around so I'm actioning them again
14:05:27 <fdegir> #action ulik and vlaza check and improve description how to comment on documents
14:05:48 <fdegir> #info Action Item on MatthewLi: Zuul demo
14:06:08 <fdegir> can you please give a quick update and expected demo date MatthewLi?
14:06:10 <MatthewLi> #info I have finished the deployment in my lab
14:06:45 <MatthewLi> #info however, there is a need to retify the lab which I am using these days
14:07:18 <MatthewLi> #info the demo will be given in one or two weeks after the lab is retified
14:07:19 <narindergupta> #info Narinder Gupta
14:07:35 <fdegir> MatthewLi: can we say that the demo could be done on 27th of July?
14:07:49 <fdegir> we can always change this if things don't go according the plan
14:07:51 <MatthewLi> fdegir: no probelm
14:07:52 <bryan_att> #info Bryan Sullivan
14:08:07 <fdegir> #action MatthewLi to demo Zuul on 27th of July
14:08:17 <MatthewLi> fdegir: ok
14:08:24 <fdegir> #info Anyone wants to read about Zuul and give it a try, you can check below link
14:08:27 <fdegir> #link http://techs.enovance.com/7542/dive-into-zuul-gated-commit-system-2
14:08:49 <fdegir> there was no other action item
14:08:54 <fdegir> moving on to the next topic
14:09:11 <fdegir> #topic Jira Review and Assign Important Issues
14:09:26 <fdegir> #info We still have some open Jira issues for Arno maintenance
14:09:34 <fdegir> #info Issues can be seen using below link
14:09:49 <fdegir> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/issues/?filter=10200
14:10:06 <MatthewLi> yep, I will finish some in the next days which are assigned to me
14:10:11 <fdegir> #info I kindly request everyone to take a look at open Jira issues - including myself - and fix them
14:10:20 <MatthewLi> maybe in 2 or 3 days, will be very soon
14:10:35 <fdegir> thx MatthewLi
14:11:01 <fdegir> #info Once Arno issues are closed, we can continue adding new issues and work on them for B-Release and onwards
14:11:09 <MatthewLi> yep
14:11:27 <fdegir> that was it for jira stuff
14:11:38 <fdegir> #topic Starting to work on B-Release
14:12:04 <fdegir> #info As you might now already, we have been doing Octopus brainstorming on Etherpad
14:12:20 <fdegir> #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/octopusR2
14:12:39 <fdegir> #info It seems the Etherpad has been quited down so we need to go through ideas there
14:12:56 <fdegir> #info prioritize them and create corresponding issues in Jira
14:13:27 <fdegir> #info Please add your ideas there
14:13:41 <fdegir> #info and if you think we missed a really important item, highlight that there
14:14:07 <fdegir> before infoing the stuff in
14:14:33 <fdegir> I think having virtual deployments has highest priority in order to give feedback from verify and merge jobs as well
14:14:54 <fdegir> anyone thinks otherwise or anything else should be also highlighted?
14:15:55 <fdegir> #info Working on virtual deployments in order to improve CI coverage is probably the highest priority
14:16:18 <frankbrockners> something which is only implicitly on the etherpad is the ability to do build/deploy/test sequentially for several installers on a single POD
14:16:20 <fdegir> #info In order for Octopus to work on this, one of the PODs in the LF lab must be reconfigured
14:16:40 <fdegir> frankbrockners: good point
14:16:44 <frankbrockners> this "sequential execution on a single POD" ability would be a high prio item as well IMHO
14:16:51 <fdegir> info'ing it and putting it to etherpad
14:17:11 <frankbrockners> fdegir - do you - or should I?
14:17:18 <fdegir> frankbrockners: I can add it
14:17:22 <frankbrockners> thanks
14:17:23 <fdegir> thx for reminding
14:17:52 <fdegir> #info frankbrockners reminds that we have to prirotize the work needed to do the sequential execution on a single POD - build/deploy/test for multiple installers on one node
14:18:02 <fdegir> #action fdegir to add this to etherpad
14:18:26 <fdegir> anyone like chasing people?
14:18:35 <fdegir> we need to poke LF and Pharos regarding LF lab reconfiguration
14:19:24 <fdegir> #action fdegir to contact LF and Pharos regarding LF Lab reconfiguration - assigning one of the PODs for CI
14:19:50 <fdegir> moving on to last agenda item
14:19:53 <fdegir> #topic AoB
14:20:03 <fdegir> ayone wants to bring anything?
14:20:36 <chigang> fdegir: May I have a question?
14:20:50 <fdegir> please go ahead chigang
14:21:12 <fdegir> what would you like to ask?
14:21:18 <chigang> fdegir: I saw each Lab that have a different in Jenkins dashboard
14:21:52 <chigang> fdegir: Can we make rules for them to manage them?
14:22:01 <fdegir> chigang: you mean different slaves from each lab is  connected to Jenkins?
14:22:11 <fdegir> https://build.opnfv.org/ci/computer/
14:22:12 <chigang> fdegir: different name
14:22:44 <fdegir> they all have different names already
14:22:54 <fdegir> or can you please explain a bit more?
14:23:41 <MatthewLi> chigang: do u mean we should set a rule to name the slaves?
14:23:47 <chigang> Can we rename them in some rule, such as company-location-workfor---
14:24:01 <fdegir> good idea chigang
14:24:14 <chigang> yep, we can their use from their name.
14:24:23 <chigang> yep, we can see their use from their name.
14:24:35 <fdegir> #info chigang proposes naming slaves connected to OPNFV Jenkins in certain way
14:24:54 <fdegir> #info Proposal is: company-location-etc - details to be defined
14:25:05 <fdegir> chigang: can I action you to propose a naming scheme?
14:25:18 <chigang> OK
14:25:22 <fdegir> on etherpad https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/octopusR2
14:25:39 <fdegir> #action chigang to propose naming scheme for slaves connected to Jenkins on https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/octopusR2
14:25:46 <chigang> I add in etherpad
14:25:48 <fdegir> thx for bringing this up
14:26:00 <fdegir> this might require us to disconnect and reconnect all the non-LF slaves
14:26:11 <fdegir> as the name change may require us to change tokens
14:26:38 <fdegir> but can check this with one of the slaves first once we have the proposed naming scheme
14:27:14 <fdegir> #info once chigang propose naming scheme, we should try this with one slave first to see if it impacts the slave tokens
14:27:31 <fdegir> anything else?
14:27:36 <chigang> yes , it need some work for rename, so we should discuss the rules together.
14:27:51 <fdegir> yep
14:28:10 <fdegir> please create a jira ticket regarding this so we can subscribe to the ticket
14:28:33 <chigang> ok
14:28:34 <fdegir> and go to etherpad once you add comment to the ticket regarding your work
14:28:39 <fdegir> then we add our comments to etherpad
14:29:13 <fdegir> if nothing else, I propose to close the meeting
14:29:34 <MatthewLi> bryan_att: how is your congress doing
14:29:59 <MatthewLi> maybe you can put your patch up in the repo
14:30:40 <fdegir> bryan_att: ping
14:31:25 <fdegir> I've added some thoughts to etherpad regarding this after yours MatthewLi
14:31:27 <bryan_att> Still trying to get a testbed off the ground so we can start working on the patch.
14:31:49 <bryan_att> Have not successfully deployed Arno yet...step 1
14:32:39 <fdegir> I info this in so we can check back this again coming weeks to see if we can be any help
14:32:49 <bryan_att> Thx
14:33:09 <fdegir> #info bryan_att is working on setting up testbed and Arno installation in order to continue with Congress work
14:33:25 <fdegir> #info Octopus will keep an eye on this work and give hand if needed
14:33:27 <MatthewLi> bryan_att: if there's sth need help, I can give some, few days ago, i have put an patch to deploy rally in openstack
14:33:47 <bryan_att> Great, I will reach out when ready
14:34:02 <fdegir> ok then
14:34:13 <fdegir> closing the meeting and we can continue discussions on #opnfv-octopus as usual
14:34:17 <fdegir> thx for joining
14:34:20 <fdegir> #endmeeting