#opnfv-meeting: OPNFV BGS weekly team meeting

Meeting started by frankbrockners at 15:00:03 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. rollcall (frankbrockners, 15:00:13)
    1. Frank Brockners (frankbrockners, 15:00:20)
    2. Randy Levensalor (RandyLevensalor, 15:01:09)
    3. Fatih Degirmenci (fdegir, 15:01:13)
    4. Peter Bandzi (pbandzi, 15:01:36)

  2. agenda bashing (frankbrockners, 15:02:45)
    1. Proposed agenda topics: (1) Arno SR1 focused work: status (2) LF lab reconfig (to allow for sequential deployment with different deployment tools (frankbrockners, 15:03:56)
    2. Narinder Gupta (narindergupta, 15:04:03)
    3. (3) discuss transition of installers in Arno to their own installer projects (Fuel, Foreman) to Fuel and Apex (frankbrockners, 15:06:00)

  3. Arno SR1 focused work: status (frankbrockners, 15:06:54)
    1. several minor fixes have been made to installers (e.g. flexibilitze IP address allocation) to meet specific deployment needs (frankbrockners, 15:08:01)
    2. successful demo of Fuel with plugins/adapters (to be used to integrate ODL properly in SR1) (frankbrockners, 15:08:34)
    3. Fuel is a dedicated project now: https://wiki.opnfv.org/project_proposals/fuel_opnfv (frankbrockners, 15:10:08)
    4. There have been some improvements in fuel deployment mechanism for SR1 (fdegir, 15:10:38)
    5. Apex (Foreman plus futures) is up for review by TSC tomorrow: https://wiki.opnfv.org/project_proposals/apex_opnfv (frankbrockners, 15:10:55)
    6. Tim Rozet (trozet, 15:11:36)
    7. there was a patch merged that greatly improves virtual deployments (will be part of SR1) (trozet, 15:12:39)
    8. we have a bunch of other JIRA tickets opened for improvements to SR1 which I am working on (trozet, 15:13:09)
    9. next patch to gerrit will migrate everything to genesis repo (trozet, 15:13:22)
    10. will also add a Jenkins verify job for virtual deployment on commits (trozet, 15:13:46)
    11. an RDO manager demo was done last week in the octopus meeting (the new installer for R2). It showed triple O functionality with Kilo and ODL Lithium working (trozet, 15:14:24)
    12. also Bryan Sullivan has put together a FAQ page for the opnfv-users, I need to update it with some Q/A but its a good start towards helping users and should be included in SR1 (trozet, 15:15:27)
    13. https://wiki.opnfv.org/releases/arno/faq (trozet, 15:17:05)

  4. LF lab reconfig (to allow for sequential deployment with different deployment tools (frankbrockners, 15:18:09)
    1. Manuel Rebellon (MR_Sandvine, 15:18:29)
    2. TSC decided to switch the LF infra back to the original plan: Only a single POD will be used for deploy&test. (frankbrockners, 15:18:57)
    3. This means that deployment tools need to run sequentially (frankbrockners, 15:19:16)
    4. MOM to TSC meeting where this has been decided (fdegir, 15:19:19)
    5. http://meetbot.opnfv.org/meetings/opnfv-meeting/2015/opnfv-meeting.2015-06-30-13.59.html (fdegir, 15:19:21)
    6. current pod setup: 1pod for fuel, 2 pod for foreman -> both uses different vlan settings (pbandzi, 15:21:41)
    7. what needs to be rconfigured depends on which project will use it and what are requirements of that project (pbandzi, 15:22:25)
    8. but vlna reconfiguration on POD is quite simple (pbandzi, 15:22:41)
    9. given the difference in vlan settings etc. there's a need for hardware reconfig between installer runs. those could be done via a script (UCS-manager comes with an API) (frankbrockners, 15:23:13)
    10. Installers need to document their network config needs (we have this for Fuel and Foreman - for Arno) (frankbrockners, 15:26:55)
    11. pbandzi will help installer teams with developing a script which creates the needed network config (frankbrockners, 15:27:24)
    12. longer term Genesis goal would be to reduce deltas between network configs (frankbrockners, 15:27:47)
    13. LF POD/Server usage: 1 POD (= 6 servers) for sequential deploy/test runs of different installers (frankbrockners, 15:32:18)
    14. 2nd POD: 2 servers for build, 1 server for virtual deploys (this leaves 3 spare servers for now) (frankbrockners, 15:32:47)
    15. The resources will continuously be evaluated and more could be taken into CI for virtual deployments (fdegir, 15:33:31)
    16. virtual deployment would be used to run verify jobs (for gerrit) (frankbrockners, 15:33:46)
    17. once verify jobs are fixed for virtual deployment, same can be done for merge jobs as well (fdegir, 15:34:59)
    18. correction (after discussion): 2nd POD: 2 servers for build, 2 server for virtual deploys (this leaves 2 spare servers for now) (frankbrockners, 15:36:20)
    19. Genesis needs to make sure all participating installers have ability to clean up before they start deployments - even they start after different installer (fdegir, 15:41:32)
    20. Topics like Jumpstart host config, clean-up before/after installer runs, questions on whether an installer runs as a VM on the jumphost are questions to be decided as part of the Genesis project (frankbrockners, 15:41:39)

  5. discuss transition of installers in Arno to their own installer projects (Fuel, Foreman) to Fuel and Apex (frankbrockners, 15:43:01)
    1. Fuel project was approved by TSC last week (frankbrockners, 15:44:35)
    2. Apex (incl. Foreman and RDOMgr) is up for approval tomorrow (frankbrockners, 15:44:45)
    3. that means we can think of migrating things from genesis repo into the dedicated installer repos (frankbrockners, 15:44:52)
    4. Work for Fuel and Foreman installers will continue in Genesis repo 'till Arno SR1. R2 work for installers will already start in dedicated installer repos. Once Arno SR1 is done, non-common code from Genesis will be moved/merged into installer specific repos. (frankbrockners, 15:57:08)
    5. As a consequence: Once Arno SR1 is released, everything which "non-common" will be removed from Genesis (frankbrockners, 15:58:20)
    6. genesis stable/arno branch should be left unctouched (no removal) (fdegir, 15:59:48)

Meeting ended at 16:01:00 UTC (full logs).

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