23:30:45 <n0ano> #startmeeting kvm
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23:31:45 <n0ano> #topic source code base
23:35:10 <n0ano> proposal is to use the yocto kernel source tree to start
23:36:14 <n0ano> the yocto tree is up to date, based upon 4.1.2
23:38:45 <n0ano> could start from the upstream RT kernel and add our patches.
23:41:53 <n0ano> we may find that the yocto tree has other changes unrelated to what we want
23:52:18 <n0ano> whenever the yocto tree changes, even for reasons unrelated to RT, we would have to rebase our tree
23:52:40 <n0ano> note that if we are based upon the upstream linux tree we still have to rebase when things change
23:52:56 <n0ano> in either case, we have to rebase
23:53:24 <n0ano> if we base our tree on the upstream Linux tree then pushing our changes to the upstream Linux tree will be easier
23:55:04 <n0ano> n0ano, would vote to use the Linux upstream tree as our base
00:09:28 <n0ano> ChinaMobile has setup up two trees, yocto and RT linux, either would work for them.
00:11:52 <n0ano> #action let's just start with the upstream Linux + RT patches (we can move to yocto if that's too hard)
00:15:06 <n0ano> #topic opens
00:23:15 <n0ano> looking for more detail on China Mobiles live migration requirements/setup
00:23:55 <n0ano> this will be the major agenda item for next week
01:22:52 <n0ano> #endmeeting