15:00:52 <frankbrockners> #startmeeting OPNFV BGS/Genesis weekly team meeting
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15:01:04 <frankbrockners> #topic rollcall
15:01:13 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners
15:01:13 <arnaud_orange> hi all
15:01:18 <arnaud_orange> #info arnaud morin
15:01:25 <trozet> #info Tim Rozet
15:01:27 <pbandzi> #info Peter Bandzi
15:01:30 <narindergupta> #info Narinder Gupta
15:01:35 <RandyLevensalor> # info Randy Levensalor
15:01:46 <arnaud_orange> fyi, i won't be able to join the audio call if any, only irc
15:02:41 <frankbrockners> #topic agenda bashing
15:02:50 <frankbrockners> #info draft agenda: https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings/bgs#aug32015
15:03:19 <radez> #info Dan Radez
15:03:48 <dduffey> #info David Duffey
15:03:52 <frankbrockners> ok - 3 past the hr - let's get going
15:04:06 <frankbrockners> wanted to do a quick status check in as we roll towards SR1
15:04:18 <frankbrockners> and see where we are with LF lab reconfig
15:04:26 <frankbrockners> let's start with that one first
15:04:41 <frankbrockners> but prior to that - any other items for the agenda?
15:05:10 <frankbrockners> does not seem to be the case
15:05:16 <frankbrockners> #topic LF lab reconfig status
15:05:27 <frankbrockners> pbandzi - could you give us an update?
15:05:44 <wshao> #info
15:05:44 <pbandzi> #info LF lab reconfig script is running from jenkins job. Deploy job is failing however
15:06:04 <pbandzi> #info not sure the reason of this Tim is checkin
15:06:42 <frankbrockners> trozet - any additions?
15:06:47 <pbandzi> #info to me it look that opnfv is deployed but looks like dns mismatch config ? Tim do you know something more?
15:07:03 <trozet> #info not yet just logging in to look now
15:07:22 <pbandzi> that's all from me
15:07:34 <frankbrockners> thanks pbandzi and trozet
15:07:49 <frankbrockners> #topic Brief status (progress towards Arno SR1)
15:08:40 <frankbrockners> anything worth to mention from a Fuel or Foreman/Quickstack perspective? I do expect that discussions on SR1 timing will start to happen soon
15:08:52 <frankbrockners> Are we still good with "end of Sep" timeframe?
15:09:34 <frankbrockners> trozet - any thoughts?
15:09:35 <trozet> #info I think we are still good with timeframe for SR1.  We have about 5 or 6 bugs left to fix
15:09:46 <frankbrockners> thanks trozet
15:10:00 <frankbrockners> do we have someone representing Fuel online?
15:10:07 <trozet> #info we just need to get CI back up and running and it will help us progress faster
15:10:45 <frankbrockners> thanks
15:11:06 * frankbrockners thinks that we don't have anyone from Fuel online today
15:11:23 <frankbrockners> let's move to Genesis then
15:11:52 <frankbrockners> a few of us started discussions on "common requirements" last week at the Hackfest.. far from being done
15:12:18 <frankbrockners> #topic Genesis project formation: Continue discussion on initial set of requirements
15:12:55 <frankbrockners> #info https://wiki.opnfv.org/genesis lists a link to a "requirements sandbox" (as a googledoc)
15:13:12 <frankbrockners> for easier discussion - I would suggest that we all hop on a quick webex
15:13:30 <frankbrockners> here's the link: https://cisco.webex.com/ciscosales/j.php?MTID=m7b69b5e01c76a2102b38eaa2c10f4c3d
15:14:15 <frankbrockners> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/U71LFMPg/
15:14:17 <narindergupta> i am in
15:14:56 <frankbrockners> for now we have Dave, Narinder, Dan, Peter on the webex...
15:15:08 <frankbrockners> if interested - come and hop on the webex
15:37:28 <RandyLevensalor> Trozet improved security policies is something that I am hearing from cable operators and even in an email from bt
15:39:20 <trozet> RandyLevensalor:  I need to check to see if RDO manager uses it or not
15:53:27 <dduffey> frankbrockners, yep, thanks...
16:00:52 <dduffey> frankbrockners, thanks
16:12:22 <frankbrockners> #endmeeting