23:30:31 <n0ano> #startmeeting kvm
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23:33:42 <n0ano> #topic source tree
23:35:41 <n0ano> Source tree is up, please everyone track the tree to do reviews
23:37:08 <n0ano> scheduling - there are some milestone dates (a-f)
23:37:45 <n0ano> MS A - we've met the requirements for that, it was just a statement that the project wanted to included in the B release
23:40:01 <n0ano> MS B - tentatively 8/27 when we need to identify dependencies and preliminary plan
23:40:31 <n0ano> MS C - tentatively 9/25 when we will have to have detailed plans of exactly what we want to accomplish
23:44:41 <n0ano> we should use the etherpad https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/nfv-kvm for planning specific work items
23:45:46 <n0ano> MS D - 11/5 no new APIs or features after this (shouldn't be a problem for us we are not adding APIs or features)
23:47:48 <n0ano> #topic opens
23:48:30 <n0ano> need to setup automated testing
23:49:29 <n0ano> yunhong will start an email thread about what to do for testing
23:54:29 <n0ano> Don D. needs to order the meeting minutes links in reverse order.
23:57:04 <n0ano> Don D. to summarize the use of the etherpad and call to action for everyone
23:59:12 <n0ano> Nokia has some requirements that they will be sharing via the ML and the etherpad
23:59:28 <n0ano> #endmeeting