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00:31:24 <n0ano> #topic planning etherpad
00:31:29 <n0ano> Don D. to send an email to the list to describe what needs to be
00:31:34 <n0ano> done to the etherpad and to encourage people to self signup for
00:31:40 <n0ano> tasks.  If they do sign up for a task we will look for dates
00:31:48 <n0ano> when things will be done.
00:31:57 <n0ano> #topic qmeu tree
00:32:04 <n0ano> Should we keep a copy of the latest qemu stable release in the OPNFV
00:32:09 <n0ano> git repo.  Don D. feels this is important as it makes a stable base
00:32:12 <n0ano> that everyone can easily get and also matches what we are doing for
00:32:16 <n0ano> the kernel.
00:32:28 <n0ano> #topic Live migration
00:32:40 <n0ano> China Mobile is using a FPA device in it's environment.  The FPA is a
00:32:44 <n0ano> passthru to the guest so it's state has to be passed to the new
00:32:47 <n0ano> machine also.  Downtime vs. total migration time.  Downtime is the
00:32:50 <n0ano> time when the service cannot respond to a request, total migration
00:32:55 <n0ano> time can be much greater as long as the downtime is small.
00:32:59 <n0ano> What about CPU & Network overhead during migration.  Not an issue
00:33:03 <n0ano> for CM because they only run 2 VMs with 4 cores per VM, since the
00:33:08 <n0ano> host has 16 cores they have plenty of CPU resources available to
00:33:12 <n0ano> do the migration overhead.  Under subscription, especially for
00:33:15 <n0ano> NFV use cases, would be a good discussion to start on the ML.
00:33:19 <n0ano> CM is also using a dedicated 10G nic for management, including
00:33:22 <n0ano> migration, so migration network BW will not affect client access
00:33:28 <n0ano> to the server.
00:33:36 <n0ano> #endmeeting