23:31:04 <n0ano> #startmeeting kvm
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23:32:39 <n0ano> #topic planning etherpad - https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/nfv-kvm
23:38:59 <jpekkari> Hi, it seems like I'm not hearable in the audio call
23:39:49 <n0ano> Yunhong has done some measurements of some metrics, he will send an email and update the etherpad with this data
23:40:08 <n0ano> jpekkari, not much I can do about that, the rest of us are hearing OK, I think it's a problem on your end
23:41:23 <jpekkari> anyway, the changes that are in the etherpad regarding to the maximum vcpu where mine
23:41:36 <jpekkari> *were
23:42:35 <jpekkari> I though used a different colour(some electric blue I remember)
23:43:21 <n0ano> would be good to add names to the tasks but it should be self volunteered
23:43:33 <n0ano> Don D. will send out a email to ask people to sign up for tasks
23:44:43 <n0ano> #topic opens
23:45:41 <n0ano> working on getting the CI system up for the git tree
23:45:51 <n0ano> working on the ML to get everything setup
23:46:10 <n0ano> first need to get the automatically build the kernel
23:46:23 <n0ano> creating a script (under review) to build the kernel
23:46:58 <n0ano> second step will be to boot up the host & guest with that newly build kernel
23:47:37 <n0ano> third step will be to run RT related testing
23:49:32 <n0ano> jpekkari, tnx for the updates, maybe marking at least one line with your name will help us identify which color is yours
23:51:14 <jpekkari> Sure, I used the namings that the etherpad is offering, but I can put my name in the lines too
23:52:10 <n0ano> jpekkari, I'm actually slightly color blind so I `hate` anything that is color related
23:52:51 <n0ano> Jun N. to share his inter-vm communication presentation he gave at KVM forum last week
00:02:38 <n0ano> next week is a Chinese holiday, week after would be good
00:02:46 <n0ano> #endmeeting