14:00:38 <uli-k> #startmeeting Octopus&Releng weekly meeting
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14:00:47 <uli-k> #chair fdegir
14:00:47 <collabot> Current chairs: fdegir uli-k
14:00:50 <chenshuai> #info chenshuai
14:00:56 <fdegir> #info Fatih Degirmenci
14:01:03 <uli-k> #info Uli Kleber
14:01:10 <May-meim1> #info meimei
14:01:11 <uli-k> #topic Roll call
14:01:14 <Malla> #info Malla
14:01:15 <chigang> #info chigang
14:01:23 <r-mibu> #info Ryota Mibu
14:02:07 <uli-k> Welcome everybody!
14:02:19 <fdegir> hi
14:02:21 <May-meim1> hello Uli
14:02:26 <uli-k> Let's go!
14:02:33 <uli-k> #topic Agenda bashing
14:03:08 <uli-k> We don't have any specials on the agenda yet. Any additionals?
14:03:19 <ChrisPriceAB> Milestone C status  :D
14:03:31 * ChrisPriceAB runs and hides
14:04:01 <uli-k> #info ChrisPriceAB proposes to add Milestone C status.
14:04:11 <uli-k> Ok.
14:04:33 <uli-k> Maybe we should also look at SR1
14:04:53 <uli-k> #info Uli adds Arno SR1 to agenda.
14:05:18 <uli-k> OK. Action Items.....
14:05:24 <uli-k> #topic Action Items
14:05:49 <uli-k> #info First AI: uli-k trozet ChrisPriceAB: clarify the need of doing Brahmaputra release on LF Lab
14:06:17 <uli-k> #info Discussions are still ongoing. So we have to keep it open
14:06:26 <ChrisPriceAB> #info pending pharos plan, will be resolved around milestone C timeframe
14:06:31 <fdegir> I think this also depends on pharos
14:06:42 <ChrisPriceAB> :D
14:06:42 * fdegir duplicated what ChrisPriceAB said already
14:07:07 <uli-k> #action uli-k trozet ChrisPriceAB: clarify the need of doing Brahmaputra release on LF Lab
14:07:33 <uli-k> #info Next AI:meimei fdegir: Follow-up Octopus Requirements with Pharos
14:07:43 * ChrisPriceAB isn't coming back here if he keeps getting AP's
14:07:47 <fdegir> #info The requirements have been passed to Pharos
14:07:54 <fdegir> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/pharos_rls_b_spec#ci_requirements_for_pharos_labs
14:08:00 <uli-k> It's just repeating an old one :D
14:08:09 <fdegir> #info Corresponding story in Pharos backlog has also been created
14:08:26 <fdegir> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/PHAROS-38
14:08:38 <May-meim1> I saw that
14:09:18 <fdegir> so we can perhaps close this action and come back with a new one once there is some work in Pharos regarding this
14:09:34 <uli-k> Agree.
14:09:43 <uli-k> #info Closed
14:10:12 <uli-k> #info Next AP: trevor_intel to propose way forward with community labs
14:10:27 <uli-k> I think that was also on me to trigger the discussion.
14:10:34 <fdegir> there was a pharos meeting last week
14:10:40 <fdegir> and we created the initial pharos backlog
14:10:42 <ChrisPriceAB> I think that one is ongoing...
14:10:49 <fdegir> which includes some backlog items
14:10:56 <fdegir> to start the work on community labs
14:11:12 <fdegir> we need to find someone to work on items
14:11:12 <uli-k> Agree.
14:11:27 <fdegir> together with lab reps
14:11:29 <ChrisPriceAB> can't find the wiki link, can someone pound it in
14:11:40 <fdegir> ChrisPriceAB: wiki link to what?
14:11:58 <ChrisPriceAB> the pharos community lab working wiki
14:12:34 <fdegir> I only know
14:12:36 <fdegir> https://wiki.opnfv.org/pharos_rls_b_plan
14:12:41 <fdegir> https://wiki.opnfv.org/pharos_rls_b_spec#ci_requirements_for_pharos_labs
14:12:45 <ChrisPriceAB> thanks
14:12:48 <fdegir> https://wiki.opnfv.org/pharos_rls_b_spec
14:13:02 <fdegir> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/pharos_rls_b_plan
14:13:05 <ChrisPriceAB> in the wrong place, that's why i coudn't find it
14:13:14 <fdegir> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/pharos_rls_b_spec
14:13:22 <ChrisPriceAB> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/pharos_rls_b_plan ongoing pharos B-release planning
14:13:30 <fdegir> himm
14:13:48 <uli-k> I suggest we help Pharos by everybody talking to the lab guys in his company.
14:13:49 <fdegir> shouldn't we do the planning on JIRA since almost all the items on that link already reflected to there
14:13:53 <fdegir> if I'm not mistaken
14:14:11 <fdegir> and each lab rep can take over a subtask from story
14:14:11 <ChrisPriceAB> yes you are right fdegir, but we need ppl in Pharos who can help get that done...
14:14:14 <fdegir> and work for their lab
14:14:44 <ChrisPriceAB> agree with uli-k, let's take that to the pharos meeting.
14:15:12 <uli-k> But let's support Pharos by talking to our lab guys directly. I will talk to Huawei lab guys.
14:15:40 <uli-k> #action uli-k talk to Huawei lab guys to support Pharos
14:15:48 <uli-k> Who talks to other labs?
14:16:21 <ChrisPriceAB> This is ana ction for Trevor and some support from the TSC rep's who's companies are providing labs I think.
14:16:48 <uli-k> So you talk to Ericsson lab guys?
14:16:56 <fdegir> Daniel is already in the loop
14:17:07 <fdegir> he was in the meeting last week
14:17:09 <ChrisPriceAB> Only when I have to :D  (but yeah Dan is already on the calls)
14:17:25 <uli-k> OK. and Intel Trevor should do himself :D:D
14:18:05 <uli-k> I will look at the labs map and contact other lab guys (CMCC, Orange, ...)
14:18:30 <uli-k> #action uli-k to trigger other lab reps according to community lab overview wiki
14:18:39 <uli-k> next AI....
14:18:45 <fdegir> before going there
14:19:03 <fdegir> they need to work on common lab description template together with the rest of the pharos
14:19:07 <fdegir> there are some new reqs
14:19:17 <fdegir> so it is not just about documenting their lab
14:19:27 <fdegir> that's all :)
14:19:27 <uli-k> Yes.
14:19:39 <May-meim1> agree
14:19:47 <uli-k> It doesn't help to document 10 differently looking labs :D
14:20:01 <uli-k> But that's Pharos task then.
14:20:07 <uli-k> #info Next AI:uli-k Clean up the Octopus committer list
14:20:08 <fdegir> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/PHAROS-28
14:20:13 <fdegir> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/PHAROS-29
14:20:28 <uli-k> thx
14:21:06 <uli-k> I am working now with the TSC representatives of the companies with inactive committers.
14:21:46 <uli-k> I also got one response. Chengappa a few weeks ago said he wants to start contributing to octopus now.
14:21:56 <uli-k> But I didn't see any contribution yet.
14:22:13 <uli-k> So I still need to work on this.
14:22:29 <uli-k> #action uli-k Clean up the Octopus committer list
14:22:29 <fdegir> who is Chengappa?
14:22:32 <fdegir> not in info file
14:23:01 <uli-k> cm-r@hp.com
14:23:05 <fdegir> ok
14:23:29 <uli-k> The other HP guy is still silent ....
14:24:10 <uli-k> #info next AI: uli-k to bring slow progress with Pharos to TSC
14:24:22 <uli-k> I did and the other actions are coming from that.
14:24:32 <uli-k> So we can close
14:24:36 <fdegir> #info I got an action from last week's Pharos meeting
14:24:47 <uli-k> Nice!
14:24:49 <fdegir> #info Created the Pharos backlog for R2 based on wiki and the discussions
14:24:50 <uli-k> :D
14:24:56 <fdegir> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/issues/?jql=project%20%3D%20PHAROS%20and%20labels%20%3D%20R2
14:25:07 <May-meim1> lots of tasks
14:25:13 <fdegir> lots of work :D
14:25:21 <fdegir> please go through them
14:25:30 <fdegir> and comment on them directly if something doesn't make sense
14:26:06 <uli-k> Do I need to #action that? :D
14:26:19 <fdegir> I think we don't need a separate action for it
14:26:28 <uli-k> Last AI:
14:26:32 <uli-k> #
14:26:48 <uli-k> #info last AI: aricg to help kvmfornfv with regards to keeping their patches in the repo, and to apply them as part of the build step.
14:27:21 <fdegir> it might be public holiday in Canada
14:27:33 <fdegir> but I had a discussion with aricg regarding this
14:27:35 <uli-k> It is also public holilday in US.
14:27:42 <fdegir> and we concluded that there are some guys in kvm project
14:27:48 <fdegir> who already contributed to kernel
14:28:00 <fdegir> so they should be comfortable with the work they need to do
14:28:13 <fdegir> I'm not sure if we should keep this action on aricg
14:28:32 <uli-k> OK. Let's close it. They will come back if unhappy...
14:28:36 <fdegir> we should definitely keep an eye on what they're doing
14:28:42 <uli-k> #info Closed.
14:28:43 <fdegir> but more than that might be too intrusive
14:28:51 <fdegir> don't know
14:29:13 <uli-k> Agree. Several people are concerned about the clone and temporary forking.....
14:29:24 <fdegir> yep, that's the issue
14:29:32 <uli-k> But that should be TSC task, not Octopus.
14:29:44 <chigang> how can I use their kernel?
14:30:07 <fdegir> I'm not sure if they have any patch in  opnfv repo yet
14:30:19 <fdegir> they have config file
14:30:35 <fdegir> the work is ongoing to build their kernel in OPNFV CI
14:30:43 <fdegir> once it is done, it will be uploaded to artifact repo
14:30:53 <uli-k> can they build the kernel? (manually)
14:30:54 <fdegir> then you can download it from there
14:31:09 <fdegir> uli-k: yes
14:31:12 <fdegir> that's the other way
14:31:34 <chigang> We use distribution from ubuntu or Redhat, I have a little confusion
14:31:41 <fdegir> please see here
14:31:41 <fdegir> https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/1269/
14:31:45 <fdegir> for their build script
14:32:17 <fdegir> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/1269/
14:32:43 <uli-k> chigang: good question!
14:33:02 <uli-k> We should understand how they see their workflow.
14:33:08 <uli-k> I understood following:
14:33:24 <uli-k> 1. Test patch locally from OPNFV repo
14:33:31 <uli-k> 2. upstream patch
14:33:44 <uli-k> 3. Get patch into the Distros
14:34:03 <uli-k> 4. Some time later we have it in the ubuntu or RH version we are using.
14:34:06 <fdegir> or
14:34:13 <fdegir> they provide rpm and deb packages
14:34:33 <fdegir> locally for OPNFV until that patch gets included to distros
14:34:37 <fdegir> this  is one of the things they intend to do
14:35:18 <uli-k> Then Brahmaputty would have RH++ or ubuntu++ in it?
14:35:31 <chigang> fdegir: only rpm packages? not initrd or boot system?
14:36:02 <fdegir> don't have more details than this
14:36:36 <fdegir> chigang: perhaps you can take a look at their meeting minutes
14:36:37 <chenshuai> fdegir: can we ask them to provide rpm and deb? if without reboot system will be better
14:36:41 <fdegir> or directly join their meeting
14:37:15 <uli-k> chigang, chenshuai, may I action you?
14:37:15 <chigang> i will have a look their git repo
14:37:23 <chigang> yep
14:37:28 <fdegir> please look at that build script
14:37:35 <fdegir> they build rpm there
14:37:54 <uli-k> #action  chigang, chenshuai clarify kvm4nfv workflow and how to use their kernel
14:38:02 <chenshuai> ok
14:38:11 <uli-k> We need to move on.....
14:38:23 <fdegir> I think aricg already working with them
14:38:28 * ChrisPriceAB thinks a longer discussion with them is needed here. How should we, how do they, etc...
14:38:29 <fdegir> so I'm not sure about this action item
14:38:49 <ChrisPriceAB> holidays in the US might create some lag on this
14:39:06 <uli-k> holidays in US will be over in a few hours....
14:39:51 <uli-k> I think the action is to understand their thinking as ChrisPriceAB said.
14:40:27 <uli-k> Shall we move on?
14:40:52 <fdegir> ok
14:41:07 <uli-k> (or do we need to move to releng for more urgent things, since it is already late?)
14:41:35 <uli-k> #topic Lab Compliancy
14:41:51 <uli-k> Anything we didn't discuss already?
14:42:05 <fdegir> already covered this in scope of action item
14:42:24 <uli-k> #info See in Action Item review
14:42:39 <uli-k> #topic B-Release Work
14:42:58 <uli-k> Any urgent things there?
14:43:10 <fdegir> we don't have backlog
14:43:20 <fdegir> what are we going to do for B-release
14:44:46 <uli-k> Yes, that's what we also need for the C milestone (and other things like dependencies....)
14:44:53 <fdegir> #info Releng B-Release Backlog has been created and the team started working on it
14:44:54 <fdegir> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/issues/?jql=project %3D RELENG and labels %3D R2
14:45:18 <fdegir> #undo
14:45:18 <collabot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.ircmeeting.items.Link object at 0x2b1e090>
14:45:21 <fdegir> #link https://goo.gl/TxMO6l
14:46:07 <fdegir> #link http://bit.ly/1NdxP9N
14:46:31 <uli-k> Thanks. Let me have a look and work from there. We cannot solve in this meeting.
14:46:39 <fdegir> agree
14:46:41 <uli-k> I will need help from all of you.
14:47:02 <fdegir> I think we will have some work once Pharos comes up with how to utilize community labs
14:47:16 <uli-k> So let's use #opnfv-octopus channel for this in the next days....
14:47:33 <uli-k> Some topics are dependent on Pharos, but some should be not...
14:48:09 <uli-k> And we should plan a bit ahead, what we do as soon as Pharos comes with that.
14:48:25 <uli-k> .. suggest to give a few minutes to releng....
14:48:27 <fdegir> we have some ideas on etherpad R2
14:48:34 <fdegir> we can perhaps go over it and prioritize
14:48:41 <uli-k> Yes.
14:49:07 * ChrisPriceAB is dropping off.
14:49:36 <uli-k> fdegir, we have only 10 minutes. Do you need them for releng? Sorry!
14:49:49 <fdegir> 1 item
14:49:54 <fdegir> LF Lab Reconfiguration
14:49:59 <fdegir> just an update
14:50:05 <fdegir> and another update for Arno SR1
14:50:16 <uli-k> #topic releng: LF Lab Reconfiguration
14:50:26 <uli-k> fdegir, you are chair....
14:50:32 <fdegir> #info aricg raised the need for procuring a new switch
14:50:56 <fdegir> #info TSC OKed the purchase so the POD1 conversion should take place after September 13
14:51:07 <fdegir> #info Servers from POD1 will be used for virtual deploys
14:51:21 <fdegir> #info and other project work such as builds, tests, etc.
14:51:28 <fdegir> that's all for releng
14:51:55 <fdegir> #topic Arno SR1
14:52:14 <fdegir> #info Arno SR1 will be released in almost same way as the Arno
14:52:25 <fdegir> #info The steps will be updated on
14:52:31 <fdegir> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/octopus/releasepipeline#arno_sr1_release
14:52:40 <fdegir> I'm working on it so I action myself
14:52:53 <fdegir> #action fdegir to update Wiki for Arno SR1 release
14:53:00 <uli-k> +1
14:53:19 <fdegir> will send it to PTLs participated to Arno to get feedback
14:53:46 <fdegir> that's all I had to say
14:54:06 <uli-k> There was a question about merging instead of cherrypicking. I didn't understand that.
14:54:12 <fdegir> yep
14:54:21 <fdegir> it's a long story
14:54:38 <fdegir> related to misunderstanding regarding where the SR1 will come from
14:54:50 <fdegir> so foreman guys didn't cherrypick stuff while they fix issues on master
14:55:00 <fdegir> which created big backlog of commits to cherrypick
14:55:04 <fdegir> also some technical reasons
14:55:14 <fdegir> cherrypicking vs merge
14:55:22 <uli-k> Will they go back cherrypicking now?
14:55:26 <fdegir> nope
14:55:28 <fdegir> they already merged
14:55:43 <fdegir> https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/1396/
14:55:58 <fdegir> I think it is too late to argue regarding this
14:56:04 <uli-k> understand.
14:56:05 <fdegir> we need to make sure this doesn't happen for B-release as well
14:56:18 <uli-k> Yes. There it will create problems....
14:56:21 <fdegir> and the document you've written is read and understood by everyone
14:56:32 <fdegir> if changes needed, they should be done well before the release
14:56:36 <uli-k> Here, and in one project, we can manage....
14:56:42 <[1]JonasB> FUel is using cherrypicking for SR1
14:56:52 <fdegir> yep
14:56:56 <fdegir> but not foreman
14:57:25 <fdegir> no further comments since this should have been known and followed for everyone
14:57:34 <fdegir> that document has been around for almost 2 months
14:57:46 <uli-k> In Brahmaputty and also if there is a SR2, we should make sure everybody follows proces.
14:57:56 <fdegir> yes
14:58:21 <uli-k> .. only I still need to incorporate some of the comments.....
14:58:28 <uli-k> .. my backlog
14:58:57 <uli-k> Anyways, we have to give way to BGS call - unless there is something really urgent left.
14:59:14 <fdegir> not from me
14:59:26 <uli-k> #info Thanks everybody for good meeting!
14:59:30 <uli-k> #endmeeting