14:59:33 <[1]JonasB> #startmeeting genesis weekly meeting
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14:59:36 <fdegir> thanks
14:59:46 <chenshuai> #info chenshuai
14:59:52 <uli-k> .. one minute early :D
14:59:52 <[1]JonasB> #info Jonas Bjurel
15:01:40 <ashyoung> #info Ashlee Young
15:02:03 <chenshuai> ashyoung: Hi, Ashlee
15:02:24 <ashyoung> hi chenshuai
15:04:11 <[1]JonasB> Hi "everyone", not to many in the call yet - pleasi info your name if you havnt already done so
15:05:10 <chigang> #info chigang
15:05:59 <[1]JonasB> So I guess it will be a short meeting since there arent too many in the call.
15:06:12 <[1]JonasB> Lets start with SR1 update
15:06:22 <[1]JonasB> #topic SR1 update
15:06:22 <ashyoung> It's a US holiday
15:06:37 <[1]JonasB> Yes, that is probably why:-)
15:07:38 <[1]JonasB> #info Fuel@OPNFV is on track for SR1 release Sep 29, we might be sliping a day or two for the code freeze.
15:07:50 <[1]JonasB> Any info on Forman?
15:08:44 <[1]JonasB> Lets move on to Genesis then.
15:09:03 <[1]JonasB> Lets move on to B-release it should be
15:09:12 <[1]JonasB> #topic b-release
15:09:45 <[1]JonasB> So have you had alook and commented on the b-release genesis Jira tickets?
15:10:25 <chenshuai> I did a few jira
15:10:57 <[1]JonasB> chenshuai: What new Jira requests have you created?
15:11:39 <chenshuai> not for new jira, just genesis 7, and one new jira as mentioned last week about deployment without network access
15:12:07 <[1]JonasB> chenshuai: Thats right:-)
15:12:32 <chenshuai> :D
15:12:37 <[1]JonasB> Are we good with all the Jiras we have to transfer them to git for voting?
15:13:33 <chenshuai> sorry, do you mean I need to transfer the new jira to the genesis committer to vote?
15:14:02 <chenshuai> if so, I will do it tomorrow
15:14:15 <[1]JonasB> chenshuai: That is my impression that Jiras goto the git repo for voting
15:14:19 <chenshuai> ok
15:14:37 <[1]JonasB> chenshuai: I think Tim Voulonteered to do so.
15:14:47 <chenshuai> that's nice
15:15:33 <[1]JonasB> #info The Jira requests that exist should be put into git for voting, believe Tim said he will do so.
15:16:10 <chigang> May I have a question about voting ?
15:16:31 <[1]JonasB> chigang:yes
15:17:02 <chigang> if a project is approved by TSC, do we need to vote in genesis committers again ?
15:18:07 <[1]JonasB> chigang: Sorry, that was not what I meant - I referred to voting on Jira requirements for installers.
15:18:41 <[1]JonasB> chigang: We do not need to vote in commiters
15:19:12 <chigang> ok, only requirements for installers
15:20:08 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: and for genesis 41 (support ONOS) , at the moment, Ashlee is taking charge of it.
15:20:09 <[1]JonasB> We should set a date for final voting, does Sep 21 sound reasonable
15:20:43 <[1]JonasB> Coming back to ONOS in a second
15:21:03 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: do you mean any project that raises after Sep 21 will not accept?
15:21:46 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: I mean for B-release
15:22:28 <[1]JonasB> chenshuai: Milestone c is Sep 25, by then the scope should be set, so I expect we need to have some exemption procedures after that?
15:22:49 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: yes, that's great and what we want
15:24:34 <[1]JonasB> #info proposal is to have Sep 21 as the date for final voting on requirements in order to pass milestone C by Sep 25
15:25:18 <[1]JonasB> #info After that date somekind of exemption process must be in place for new jira requests to come in.
15:25:35 <[1]JonasB> Is that Ok?
15:26:40 <chenshuai> fine to me, and I think we need send an email to notify the community guys
15:27:18 <[1]JonasB> Did anyone had a chance to look at tims proposal on project requests to integrate with genesis/installers?
15:27:32 <[1]JonasB> https://wiki.opnfv.org/genesis/integration_guidelines
15:29:10 <chigang> frozen requirement for installer in Seq 25? is it right?
15:29:53 <[1]JonasB> #Info Tim has posted a proposal on the process for projects to request integration with genesis/installers
15:30:01 <[1]JonasB> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/genesis/integration_guidelines
15:30:15 <[1]JonasB> chigang: Correct
15:30:39 <chigang> [1]JonasB: Thanks
15:30:47 <[1]JonasB> I like Tim's proposal, what about you others?
15:31:24 <chenshuai> have a quick look and agree with you
15:31:25 <[1]JonasB> I think ONOS (among other projects) should follow those directions
15:34:02 <[1]JonasB> #info ONOS and other projects should request integration with Genesis/installers by following these guidelines
15:34:35 <[1]JonasB> So when can we have a request from ONOS with a description of dependencies etc?
15:34:54 <chigang> [1]JonasB: so if a project need to be involved in b release,  that need an installer to integrate it , is it right?
15:36:41 <ashyoung> I will do that today. What email list should I send that to?
15:37:23 <ashyoung> And can we update the wiki (https://wiki.opnfv.org/genesis/integration_guidelines) to reflect the email list?
15:37:46 <[1]JonasB> chigang: Yes that is correct
15:38:29 <[1]JonasB> ashyoung: We should use the tech-discuss list for this.
15:38:45 <ashyoung> with [genesis] notation?
15:38:50 <ashyoung> as a tag?
15:39:11 <chigang> [1]JonasB: if so , I think we need to send Tim's example proposal to each project leader. so they won't miss for B release
15:39:18 <[1]JonasB> Yes, that seems reasonable
15:39:54 <[1]JonasB> chigang - just sent it together with debra's meeting notes.
15:39:59 <ashyoung> is this the trozet_proposal?
15:40:08 <[1]JonasB> But I will make it clearer
15:40:44 <[1]JonasB> ashyoung: Yes trozet is the one who came up with the proposal
15:41:06 <ashyoung> if it's what's up on the wiki, it's pretty clear to me.
15:41:46 <[1]JonasB> Great
15:42:02 <ashyoung> BTW, we don't really have an ONOS project. We have a project called ONOSFW :)
15:42:17 <ashyoung> Is there any way to change that in Jira?
15:43:17 <[1]JonasB> ashyoung: You should write a mail to linux foundation help desk and ask for needed rights to change a jira
15:44:08 <ashyoung> Thanks!
15:44:14 <[1]JonasB> Anything more for today?
15:44:29 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: if one requirenment is voted and passed by genesis, do all the installers need to integrate it? or installers could decide to integrate or not ? or the project team decide to be integrated or not?
15:45:39 <[1]JonasB> chenshuai: I dont think all installers can adhere to all requirements, but of course we should aim as much commonality as possible
15:45:56 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: ok
15:47:04 <[1]JonasB> Ok if nothing more we may end the meeting
15:47:21 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: excuse me , i had one more
15:47:30 <[1]JonasB> goahead
15:48:39 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: for genesis 2, i think it's great, because at the moment not all the installers' configuration are same, especially some detail setup, genesis 2 is good for us to align with this, do we have a plan to start this work? I think it's a heavy work
15:51:14 <[1]JonasB> chenshuai: As you can see, I have commented on this. I think for new things we integrate common scripts are reasonable, but it doesnt make sense to rewrite existing scripts that installers already havers
15:52:33 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: yes, so we have 2 works for this, point out the scope and decide when to start
15:52:59 <[1]JonasB> chenshuai: Yes
15:53:21 <chenshuai> [1]JonasB: thanks, i have no question more today
15:54:05 <[1]JonasB> Thanks - lets talk next week
15:54:18 <[1]JonasB> #endmeeting