23:31:00 <n0ano> #startmeeting kvm
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23:31:29 <n0ano> #topic milestone C planning
23:34:18 <n0ano> Raghu is setting up the Jira entries for our Milestone C
23:35:05 <n0ano> He is setting up 4 epic stories one each for interrupt latency, vm-vm communication, live migration and performance testing
23:35:30 <n0ano> functional testing should be part of the standard patch submission process so no separate epic needed for that
23:36:32 <n0ano> everyone encouraged to check Jira for KVM to make sure all the entries make sense and fill free to assign any items to yourself as needed.
23:38:56 <n0ano> #action Raghu will be looking for bi-weekly status on tasks as they get assigned
23:39:12 <n0ano> feel free to update any of the Jira items as appropriate
23:41:14 <n0ano> #topic test environment
23:41:28 <n0ano> Yunhong has sent an email out about this
23:42:29 <n0ano> Yunhong has sent out an email with his view on what HW we need
23:43:03 <n0ano> we should only need 1 machine for most of our work, 2 machines for the live migration only
23:44:35 <n0ano> if we don't get a reply back by Monday 9/28 we can assume that Yunhong's requirements are acceptable.
23:45:25 <n0ano> #topic testing integration
23:45:39 <n0ano> other projects are using a full OpenStack installation which is overkill for us
23:46:29 <n0ano> #action Yunhong to send an email linking to the Jira entry about this issue
23:46:44 <n0ano> #topic
23:46:51 <n0ano> #topic genesis
23:47:15 <n0ano> we did create the appropriate jira entries so we are in good shape for this.
23:51:45 <n0ano> #action jose to see if he has test cases for pre-emption timing, any info will be sent to the list
23:58:30 <n0ano> #endmeeting