15:00:01 <frankbrockners> #startmeeting BGS/Genesis weekly and Arno SR1 synch meeting
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15:00:07 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners
15:00:11 <[1]JonasB> #info Jonas Bjurel
15:00:19 <morgan_orange> #info Morgan Richomme
15:00:21 <frankbrockners> #link draft agenda is posted here: https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings/genesis
15:00:30 <trozet> #info Tim Rozet
15:00:47 <lmcdasm> #info DanielSmith
15:00:52 <s_berg> #info Stefan Berg
15:00:55 <radez> #info Dan Radez
15:01:17 <narindergupta> #info Narinder Gupta
15:01:35 <jose_lausuch> #info Jose Lausuch
15:01:35 <frankbrockners> looks like we already have quorum for the SR1 synch
15:01:42 <David_Orange1> #info David Blaisonneau
15:01:47 <frankbrockners> #topic Arno SR1 synch and readiness
15:01:48 <RandyLevensalor> #info Randy Levensalor
15:02:08 <chenshuai1> #info chenshuai
15:02:14 <fdegir> #info Fatih Degirmenci
15:02:34 <frankbrockners> let's check whether everyone is "ready for release" and what the open items are (Jonas reported a few minor things)
15:02:44 <frankbrockners> #topic Fuel status
15:02:51 <ashyoung> #info Ashlee Young
15:02:54 <frankbrockners> [1]JonasB?
15:04:03 <frankbrockners> [1]JonasB - r u there?
15:04:18 <[1]JonasB> #info Fuel is in seemeling good shape, all functional merges done, 20 good virtual devel. ci-pipeline runs, and a couple of manual, noone failed. Functest showing good results.
15:04:51 <[1]JonasB> #info: We will make the final touch on the release notes and installation instructions tonight.
15:05:18 <trozet> [1]JonasB: you mentioned via email that stable/arno was not even with master?
15:05:38 <[1]JonasB> #info Only known issue is the config issue in LF-Pod which Szilard, Tim or Jose could enighten us about - if it still exists.
15:05:44 <[1]JonasB> That is all
15:05:53 <bryan_att> #info Bryan Sullivan
15:06:18 <pbandzi> #info Peter Bandzi
15:06:26 <[1]JonasB> trozet I made a git diff master..stable/arno and saw that clean.sh differed?
15:06:56 <trozet> [1]JonasB: ah ok
15:07:10 <frankbrockners> what was the delta?
15:07:32 <frankbrockners> or better: what is the delta?
15:07:40 <[1]JonasB> Let me see.
15:09:18 <trozet> frankbrockners, [1]JonasB: 66b527d7a94ad5be261aec39fe692a135f77b657 Make 03_install_repo.sh executable and fix typo
15:09:31 <trozet> err wait
15:10:05 <trozet> oh i think its jose_lausuch patch
15:10:16 <trozet> to remove kill kvm instances
15:10:16 <[1]JonasB> It seems to be some code to forcefully remove VMs if they still exists
15:10:20 <trozet> yeah
15:10:46 <trozet> https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/1961/
15:10:54 <jose_lausuch> yes, it removes any qemu- process
15:11:06 <trozet> [1]JonasB, frankbrockners: i can cherry pick it to stable/arno and merge
15:11:10 <jose_lausuch> since we discovered that some vm leftovers were running
15:11:24 <[1]JonasB> cool
15:11:34 <frankbrockners> trozet: +1
15:12:06 <trozet> now they are even
15:12:07 <frankbrockners> assuming that the script has been tried...
15:12:07 <trozet> :)
15:12:11 <[1]JonasB> jose_lausuch: What about the LF-POD config issue, resolved or still there
15:12:15 <frankbrockners> thanks trozet
15:12:26 <jose_lausuch> Jonas1: it seems its still there...
15:12:36 <frankbrockners> on my question: has the script been used before on master?
15:12:38 <trozet> [1]JonasB: still there I think
15:12:42 <trozet> frankbrockners: yeah
15:12:43 <jose_lausuch> at least, this afternoon, after fuel was deployed, when Foreman triggered, it failed due to the setup
15:13:40 <[1]JonasB> trozet, jose_lausuch: Is it you two working on that?
15:14:04 <trozet> [1]JonasB: its more important to get the test results we need rather than fix CI imo
15:14:20 <[1]JonasB> trozet: +1
15:14:27 <jose_lausuch> yes
15:14:30 <frankbrockners> jose_lausuch - you say that foreman deploy failure was due to vm leftovers from fuel?
15:14:37 <trozet> but after jose_lausuch feels like he has all his results I will go try to debug/fix it
15:14:40 <jose_lausuch> and we are getting them fixed :) pbandzi can confirm
15:14:47 <jose_lausuch> frankbrockners:  no, sorry
15:15:00 <frankbrockners> ah ok
15:15:01 <pbandzi> yep ODL suite runs now on both...
15:15:05 <jose_lausuch> frankbrockners: foreman deploy failure was due to not proper setup of jumphost networking
15:15:12 <trozet> pbandzi: how do the results look?
15:15:15 <frankbrockners> ok.. folks
15:15:22 <frankbrockners> let's switch topic to foreman
15:15:29 <frankbrockners> #topic Foreman/status
15:15:41 <pbandzi> about config issue  there is now workaround: puting down and up two interfaces restore their required config
15:16:07 <pbandzi> but not sure about what was cause of that misconfiguration
15:16:22 <frankbrockners> let's info some  of that
15:16:41 <pbandzi> #info foreman config issue  there is now workaround: puting down and up two interfaces restore their required config
15:16:47 <frankbrockners> #info foreman deploy failures due to not proper setup of jumphost networking (per jose_lausuch)
15:16:51 <trozet> pbandzi: can you give the up/down specific command?
15:17:22 <jose_lausuch> trozet: ifdown enp7s0; ifdown enp6s0; ifup enp7s0 ; ifup enp6s0
15:17:32 <jose_lausuch> just reseting enp6 and enp7
15:17:55 <pbandzi> issue was that enp7 ended up without IP and foreman deploy therefore failed
15:18:24 <frankbrockners> #info (per pbandzi): issue was that enp7 ended up without IP and foreman deploy therefore failed
15:18:48 <frankbrockners> #info (per jose_lausuch): quick fix: reset the interfaces: ifdown enp7s0; ifdown enp6s0; ifup enp7s0 ; ifup enp6s0
15:18:52 <trozet> jose_lausuch, pbandzi: doing ifdown removes the .300 and .0 subinterfaces?
15:19:11 <pbandzi> trozet: no those were removed with clean script
15:19:14 <jose_lausuch> well, no
15:19:17 <jose_lausuch> exactly
15:19:19 <lmcdasm> ifdown will not work if the if-cfg files arent there
15:19:31 <jose_lausuch> lmcdasm: they are
15:19:34 <pbandzi> lmcdasm: but they are there
15:19:38 <lmcdasm> you should be using the "ip link delete Xyz" instead of ifdown
15:19:43 <lmcdasm> cause ifdown will only turn it off
15:19:45 <lmcdasm> not remove the vlan nic
15:19:51 <lmcdasm> (i think we discussed this last week Jose).
15:19:53 <trozet> ok so the proposed solution is to: delete the subinterfaces, then bounce the regular interfaces to gain their IPs back
15:19:59 <jose_lausuch> yes, we did
15:20:09 <trozet> #info ok so the proposed solution is to: delete the subinterfaces, then bounce the regular interfaces to gain their IPs back
15:20:15 <jose_lausuch> but we did it this way because the scripts were existing
15:20:24 <trozet> #action trozet to fix the clean with proposed solution
15:20:29 <jose_lausuch> and didnt want to bother about what ip goes what
15:20:50 <trozet> sound ok?
15:21:20 <frankbrockners> sounds good to me - question is when
15:21:29 <jose_lausuch> lmcdasm: but what the clean script does is with ip link... thats correct :)
15:21:34 <trozet> after functest is done with their results - its not release blocking
15:21:46 <lmcdasm> ok
15:21:50 <lmcdasm> thx for clarifying Jose
15:21:51 <frankbrockners> on the above discussion - should we first get all tests completed and then fix CI?
15:21:55 <jose_lausuch> np
15:22:03 <frankbrockners> ok
15:22:07 <frankbrockners> we're on the same page.
15:22:10 <trozet> frankbrockners: yeah this is an LF pod specific problem
15:22:15 <trozet> nothing to do with release imo
15:22:23 <jose_lausuch> +1
15:22:28 <trozet> other than hurting our progress ;)
15:22:32 <trozet> for functest results
15:22:47 <trozet> #info I think foreman is ready for release barring the results from functest on ODL
15:22:50 <frankbrockners> #info we'll first get all functests completed - and then look into script changes to fix the issue on POD2
15:22:56 <trozet> pbandzi can you please give latest results
15:22:57 <trozet> for ODL
15:23:08 <frankbrockners> #info script fixes aren't required for Sr1
15:23:16 <pbandzi> #info ODL tests runs on both fuel and foreman
15:23:51 <trozet> pbandzi: can you give the pass/fail and comparison to Arno (or if already updated on the wiki, provide #link)?
15:24:04 <jose_lausuch> I will update the wiki soon
15:24:12 <frankbrockners> ideally is should go here: https://wiki.opnfv.org/functest_release_1&#arno_sr0_vs_sr1
15:24:18 <jose_lausuch> yes frankbrockners
15:24:20 <jose_lausuch> thanks
15:24:31 <pbandzi> #info ODL pass/fail status remains same as it was
15:24:37 <[1]JonasB> When will it be there, need to update release notes with it.
15:24:39 <frankbrockners> #action jose_lausuch to update https://wiki.opnfv.org/functest_release_1&#arno_sr0_vs_sr1
15:25:10 <trozet> pbandzi: great.  Thanks
15:25:18 <frankbrockners> what else is left for functest to do jose_lausuch?
15:25:26 <jose_lausuch> nothing else
15:25:48 <frankbrockners> so from a functest perspective all you need is update the docs?
15:25:48 <trozet> so frankbrockners, [1]JonasB: should both installers update the tests results in the docs for SR1 before release?
15:26:01 <morgan_orange> doc has been updates
15:26:14 <[1]JonasB> trozet: Why not be lazy and point to the link?
15:26:19 <trozet> +1
15:26:24 <trozet> +1 to lazy
15:26:26 <trozet> i mean to link..
15:26:28 <trozet> :)
15:26:33 <frankbrockners> -1 to point to the link
15:26:35 <[1]JonasB> +1
15:26:47 <[1]JonasB> No to voting :-)
15:26:51 <frankbrockners> :-)
15:27:13 <frankbrockners> if you decide to use the the link, please point to a versioned wiki - not latest
15:27:52 <frankbrockners> would that work?
15:28:03 <trozet> jose_lausuch: can you update the wiki with the pass/fail for ODL then send out the version link?
15:28:06 <frankbrockners> mostly a question for jose_lausuch and morgan_orange?
15:28:18 <jose_lausuch> yes
15:28:20 <[1]JonasB> frankbrockners: How do I do that, and when is the final content there?
15:28:30 <jose_lausuch> I can do that
15:28:39 <frankbrockners> jose_lausuch would need to rell you the when things are final
15:28:54 <frankbrockners> on the wiki you can always go to "older revisions"
15:29:10 <frankbrockners> so you create a new revision without a real edit
15:29:24 <frankbrockners> and then pick the last revision
15:29:28 <jose_lausuch> frankbrockners: ok I'll try
15:29:39 <[1]JonasB> Jose_lausuch: So you send out a mail with the link to all of us, when done?
15:29:50 <frankbrockners> jose_lausuch - thanks. let me know if you have issues.
15:29:50 <jose_lausuch> ok
15:30:03 <jose_lausuch> frankbrockners: sure, thanks
15:30:16 <frankbrockners> #action jose_lausuch to send the link with test results to the team once results are final
15:30:52 <frankbrockners> any other updates
15:30:53 <frankbrockners> ?
15:32:26 <jose_lausuch> not from my side
15:32:34 <[1]JonasB> no
15:32:48 <frankbrockners> so from the above conversation I'd deduce that we'll release SR1 tomorrow. Does everyone agree - or does anyone see blocking issues?
15:32:59 <[1]JonasB> +1
15:33:09 <frankbrockners> if you see a blocking issue, please speak up now...
15:33:22 <trozet> sounds good to me
15:33:32 <frankbrockners> ok
15:34:03 <frankbrockners> next question: When do we label the release tomorrow? On Friday we said "Tuesday afternoon"
15:34:28 <jose_lausuch> I need to upload a patch still for releng
15:34:38 <jose_lausuch> to call the odl test
15:34:44 <jose_lausuch> I'll do it asap
15:34:48 <[1]JonasB> frankbrockners: Fuel will try to be ready by midnight tonight
15:35:05 <[1]JonasB> CET
15:35:06 <frankbrockners> thanks jose_lausuch and [1]JonasB
15:35:22 <frankbrockners> would be nice to label before the TSC call tomorrow
15:35:28 <fdegir> a question
15:35:42 <fdegir> pharos, functest, octopus, opnfvdocs, releng will have tags tomorrow
15:35:54 <frankbrockners> and genesis
15:35:55 <lmcdasm> ay reason why? other than to report at the TSC?
15:35:56 <fdegir> early morning - assuming no updates will come to these
15:36:07 <fdegir> genesis might be left to afternoon
15:36:12 <lmcdasm> i mean - just to understand what type of timeline you are setting Frank since it means late night work for some of us
15:36:20 <fdegir> given that we can build/deploy and produce docs from same commit
15:36:35 <lmcdasm> and if we are going against some arbitrary timeline so we can make a report, then i would avoid working against that.. let us finish as best we can and let you know
15:36:37 <fdegir> so
15:36:41 <fdegir> the question is
15:36:54 <fdegir> who expects to have commits left for tomorrow morning?
15:36:59 <fdegir> or anyone expects?
15:37:16 <lmcdasm> well if i understand so far, you dont have a CI test of ODL against the SR1 builds yet
15:37:17 <frankbrockners> fdegir - good question
15:37:17 <fdegir> including doc updates
15:37:25 <lmcdasm> so i think its a bit early to start taggin gthings until that works no?
15:37:32 <trozet> im just making 1 more commit to the linked test results for foreman
15:37:51 <[1]JonasB> Fuel will try to avoid commits tomorrow.
15:37:51 <fdegir> lmcdasm: that's the reason I say that we need to do a final run based on same commit
15:38:02 <trozet> lmcdasm: ODL tests passed according to pbandzi
15:38:07 <lmcdasm> im with you Fatih..
15:38:15 <jose_lausuch> trozet: yes, but manually
15:38:19 <lmcdasm> thats it Tim
15:38:20 <jose_lausuch> not from CI
15:38:23 <lmcdasm> we dont have a CI pipeline
15:38:26 <trozet> why does that matter?
15:38:27 <lmcdasm> jus t..
15:38:36 <lmcdasm> well.. thats it.. does it?
15:38:39 <fdegir> it is not repeatable
15:38:49 <trozet> its not needed to release
15:38:59 <trozet> no one is running LFpod 2 ci pipeline other than us ;)
15:39:04 <lmcdasm> well. i thought that a req for release was a integrated CI pipeline
15:39:07 <fdegir> if it was me, I wouldn't release this
15:39:11 <jose_lausuch> I'd like to push that patch anyway, its 10 min work as soon as we are finish :)
15:39:26 <trozet> yeah jose_lausuch push the patch for functest fix
15:39:32 <trozet> for CI clean fix it doesnt matter for release
15:39:37 <frankbrockners> ok - can we do the following:
15:39:39 <fdegir> it is not about CI
15:39:49 <fdegir> it is about repeatability/reproducibility
15:39:53 <fdegir> traceability
15:39:56 <lmcdasm> its not just CI, but the whole testing of ODL consistenly
15:39:58 <fdegir> many bilities
15:40:02 <lmcdasm> ya.. what Fatih said
15:40:07 <jose_lausuch> ya, ok
15:40:22 <jose_lausuch> you are right
15:40:39 <frankbrockners> agreed on the repeatability - if it works through CI it is proven to be repeatable
15:40:46 <frankbrockners> otherwise folks might challenge it
15:40:49 <trozet> so how many times should we repeat ODL test before we can release?
15:40:53 <jose_lausuch> CI is just our LF lab , people dont have to use our LF lab... so
15:41:18 <fdegir> if we can't even repeat our stuff in our lab
15:41:21 <jose_lausuch> you mean deploy+test ?
15:41:24 <fdegir> how we can expect people to do same in their labs
15:41:27 <morgan_orange> we said some days ago that we need 2 days of stable run (deploy/test)
15:41:35 <fdegir> but anyway, I
15:41:39 <fdegir> m here to report
15:41:48 <lmcdasm> +1 morgan - seems like we have a patch coming in from Jose for testing
15:41:51 <frankbrockners> morgan_orange.. we're abit away from the possibility
15:42:01 <lmcdasm> and then that functest needs to be frozen and then tests ran
15:42:04 <frankbrockners> but could we get 3 successful runs?
15:42:09 <lmcdasm> if we have said its 2 days after code freeze then so be it
15:42:21 <trozet> so 2 dailys? so if we fix clean today and functest, then 2 day delay assuming it all passes?
15:42:26 <jose_lausuch> but functest is about CI, the network configuration on the POD is about CI
15:42:42 <lmcdasm> (again - wondering at this deadline we are settings and why a day makes a difference - other than optics to the TSC)?  is one pass enough for a release? I dont think so - not after a last code change.
15:43:07 <lmcdasm> hmm. .seems to me like either we stick to our own guidelines.. or not
15:43:09 <frankbrockners> lmcdasm - perception matters, so let's try to not move the date
15:43:15 <lmcdasm> if we just say "3 times" what does that prove?
15:43:31 <frankbrockners> it proves that it was repeatable for 3 times
15:43:32 <lmcdasm> Frank - perception shoud NOT trump doing the job thoroughly.
15:43:32 <trozet> i dont think it proves anything
15:43:35 <trozet> we didnt change any code in ODL
15:43:40 <trozet> SR3->SR4
15:43:44 <trozet> its tested upstream by ODL
15:44:00 <lmcdasm> ok.. well.. my point is this.. if we have guidelines for release and we have said 2 days testing once frozen and labelled
15:44:15 <lmcdasm> then that is it.. if Frank needs to communicate that we ahve a release and its in "test stability phase" then so be it.
15:44:20 <frankbrockners> I agree - so the only challenge you could run into is that you misconfigured ODL
15:44:22 <lmcdasm> otherwise why bother with anything.. call a release now then
15:44:29 <frankbrockners> and you'd likely notice that in the first run...
15:44:30 <fdegir> +1
15:44:36 <fdegir> if we don't need to see if it works
15:44:44 <fdegir> then today and tomorrow don't different for me
15:45:08 <lmcdasm> my point Fatih - if we arent doing it to be thorough, then dont pay lip-service to it
15:45:15 <lmcdasm> say we are done cut it and we patch with problems as they are seen
15:45:20 <frankbrockners> folks... let's be pragmatic and see what would be feasible to run between now and tomorrow to increase the comfort level
15:45:25 <lmcdasm> and not say "we did 3 tests and are ok" which is a bit 'light i would say"
15:45:31 <frankbrockners> trozet promised to have the patch done quickly
15:45:44 <frankbrockners> then we can kick another deploy/test and see whether it works
15:45:52 <frankbrockners> and if it works we could try again
15:46:08 <trozet> well Fuel already passed ODL multiple times right?
15:46:12 <trozet> the concern is just foreman?
15:46:14 <lmcdasm> we dont know about ODL
15:46:15 <jose_lausuch> trozet: yes
15:46:22 <lmcdasm> except for pbandzi manual test report
15:46:31 <lmcdasm> and we also just had another patch submitted an merge a couple hours ago
15:46:37 <[1]JonasB> trozet: We didnt perform tests
15:47:01 <pbandzi> lmcdasm ODL tests are running automaticaly for fuel from last week
15:47:05 <[1]JonasB> Since the testpipeline is broken it the deve ci-pipeline
15:47:13 <frankbrockners> [1]JonasB: functest was never executed on the fuel deploys?
15:47:22 <jose_lausuch> guys, if ODL matters, I see a bigger problem here, the deployment as such, which didnt work today switching from Fuel to Foreman
15:47:47 <lmcdasm> ok - my last couple comments..  we have just frozen the code (for FUEL) 1 hour ago - and agree no more changes.. so all test results, while good info, dont count until you hit the freeze button
15:47:52 <trozet> so how about this - jose_lausuch  push the functest patch, ill push a fix for clean.  I'll run it 3 times today and then if its all good we release tmrw?
15:47:55 <lmcdasm> from there, you do your tests and start to get results to make in your release report
15:47:58 <[1]JonasB> frankbrockners: In LF-lab it was, not in the 20 runs we did with the devel. pipeline
15:48:21 <lmcdasm> i dont know how we can say - with code coming that "3" is going to be enough -what happenned to our 2 day guideline?
15:48:37 <lmcdasm> are we to throw this out cause we are now against a invisible time-wall?
15:48:49 <lmcdasm> what is the problem with freezing the code and waiting to see it sit and run for a while?
15:49:07 <frankbrockners> so jose_lausuch - what you say is that we'd need to do the deploy/test cycle for both fuel and foreman - correct?
15:49:09 <trozet> whats the point in it running for a while when it wont make a difference?
15:49:21 <lmcdasm> trozet - then why do 3 times?4
15:49:28 <trozet> i dont think it should be done any times
15:49:30 <trozet> at least for foreman
15:49:33 <trozet> im confident its good
15:49:39 <jose_lausuch> frankbrockners: thats what I would do
15:49:40 <lmcdasm> at all?  the point is whether we want to have a standard test method for our releases and do what we say we are going to do
15:49:47 <lmcdasm> or just cowboy it each time before release.
15:50:24 <lmcdasm> i just think that with the code still in  motion - while we "think" things wont happen, why bother to rush?  but again - as you said trozet, if it doesnt matter to the group and to the PTL, then fine
15:50:46 <frankbrockners> deploy/test takes <3 hrs? Correct?
15:50:52 <trozet> lmcdasm: i dont think its as tight for us.  I haven't changed any code in a week
15:50:57 <trozet> and been testing it
15:51:01 <jose_lausuch> I would say 4
15:51:21 <jose_lausuch> if everything is alright
15:51:27 <frankbrockners> ok - even with 4hrs - we should be able to run fuel and foreman 3 times in 24hrs
15:51:38 <frankbrockners> which means ODL would also go through testing 6 times...
15:52:03 <frankbrockners> we can label the release late on Sep/29...
15:52:07 <jose_lausuch> frankbrockners: in theory yes
15:52:30 <jose_lausuch> but maths sometimes dont apply with that exactitude
15:52:31 <lmcdasm> So that i undersatnd. we are saying that 12 hours before you want to release, you are gonna do more code change and run it three times - per platform and that is what we accept as a test result for a release (so we know for next time) - and with the approach if something goes wrong in the next 4 horus, you have put us all awake all night Frank
15:53:17 <lmcdasm> last time ill say it - but i dont see why this pressure for a day is after lots of people have hammered this all weekend.
15:53:46 <frankbrockners> IMHO we have two options: (1) fix things and run deploy/test in the next 24hrs. if things go well - release (2) fix things and have things run for 2 days - and release by then. which moves the release out by 1+ days.
15:54:17 <frankbrockners> Could you state your preference?
15:55:04 <lmcdasm> i think mine is obvious - finish your development, freeze everything, let it run for the 2 days that Functest group has agreed
15:55:08 <lmcdasm> then review / fix and release
15:55:46 <frankbrockners> other thoughts? Please opt for 1 or 2....
15:55:57 <trozet> 1 is fine with me
15:56:12 <[1]JonasB> I think 2 is the correct way
15:56:22 <jose_lausuch> I vote for 2, Daniel's thinking
15:56:52 <frankbrockners> morgan_orange, fdegir?
15:57:41 <lmcdasm> its not really a democracy Frank - make a call.. i dont "care" either way - i just think tha tyou havent had a stable CI pipline for a while, and you might wanna try some interations ... thats all.
15:57:53 <frankbrockners> nope lmcdasm
15:58:05 <morgan_orange> 2 makes sense for me. I am confident that if 1) is OK the extra day may be useless but we did not see any clean alternance of deploy/run so far and if we decided to have 2 days of clean run, we shall respect this decision. Is there any special need to release tomorrow?
15:58:15 <frankbrockners> we need to deal with the situation either way
15:58:37 <frankbrockners> and if we have a clear majority for (2) then the argument is far easier with the TSC
15:59:13 <[1]JonasB> ping fdegir
15:59:35 <fdegir> I vote 2
16:00:09 <frankbrockners> sounds as if a majority would prefer to have 2 days of stable deploy/test before we release
16:00:28 <fdegir> and we should really really freeze this time
16:00:37 <frankbrockners> I'll position things with the TSC accordingly tomorrow
16:00:42 <[1]JonasB> fdegir +1
16:00:53 <trozet> so then when do we freeze?
16:01:00 <jose_lausuch> fdegir: if we freeze now, the CI will fail again
16:01:02 <frankbrockners> fdegir - agreed, but let's get the CI patches..
16:01:07 <jose_lausuch> yes
16:01:18 <frankbrockners> so let's get the CI pipeline fixed
16:01:20 <fdegir> that was the question: anyone has anything more?
16:01:27 <[1]JonasB> The installer code should freeze NOW
16:01:30 <fdegir> if so, they go and we freeze
16:01:35 <fdegir> including docs etc
16:01:36 <trozet> yeah fdegir: docs update and clean patch
16:02:01 <[1]JonasB> fuel will freeze docs tonight
16:02:06 <frankbrockners> fdegir - we still need to update the docs to point to the test results...
16:02:33 <fdegir> test results go to functest
16:02:35 <frankbrockners> so could functest / fuel / foreman send a "frozen" to the team once ready?
16:02:45 <trozet> k
16:02:46 <lmcdasm> as well - the label of the ISO will need to be updated once the iso is cut with the final name ( i have used the format i have seen - hope that is correct).. as well, once Pharos has done their commits i can update the links to reference arch, etc
16:02:55 <lmcdasm> fine by me
16:03:26 <[1]JonasB> Should we wait with the test update in the release notes until just before the tagging?
16:03:58 <frankbrockners> #info team decided to stay with the rule to have 2 days of successful, non-interrupted deploy/release cycles prior to releaseing SR1
16:04:23 <frankbrockners> #info this decision means that SR1 will not come out on Sep/29 but a few days later
16:04:38 <trozet> we should wait to tag until the 2 days of testing are done so we know its going to stay frozen
16:04:47 <frankbrockners> #info teams working on SR1 will notify each other with a "frozen" email
16:05:07 <frankbrockners> #info once all components for SR1 are frozen - we'll start counting the two days
16:05:41 <[1]JonasB> frankbrockners: releasenotes must have an exemption
16:06:01 <frankbrockners> [1]JonasB - tests will likely be complete once we're through a deploy/test cycle
16:06:33 <frankbrockners> [1]JonasB - fine to have an exception on release notes
16:06:45 <frankbrockners> (kind of obvious=
16:06:53 <trozet> not to stir the pot anymore, but when we say 2 days, how many tests does that mean? 2 dailys? or..
16:07:30 <frankbrockners> what does CI currently do fdegir?
16:07:38 <jose_lausuch> trozet: even more, what do we test? stable arno only right?
16:07:48 <frankbrockners> yes stable
16:07:52 <jose_lausuch> frankbrockners: it does 2 deployments a day
16:07:52 <fdegir> frankbrockners: build/deploy/functest
16:08:05 <jose_lausuch> 1 for fuel master, 1 for foreman stable
16:08:08 <fdegir> run for 1 branch per installer a day
16:08:20 <frankbrockners> could we run things sequentially without delay - rather than only once a day?
16:08:21 <trozet> jose_lausuch: stable/arno only I think
16:08:29 <jose_lausuch> now we have to change it to fuel stable and foreman stable
16:08:37 <frankbrockners> otherwise we don't gain anything with 2 days...
16:09:10 <jose_lausuch> fdegir: we could decrease the separation between deployments
16:09:59 <trozet> we could also just submit a bunch of daily jobs manually that will consume 2 days
16:11:22 <jose_lausuch> trozet:  ok
16:11:28 <jose_lausuch> just during the night ...
16:11:36 <fdegir> we can connect foreman fuel jobs to each other
16:11:38 <jose_lausuch> well, we have differnt time zones, but stil....
16:11:46 <frankbrockners> fdegir +1
16:11:47 <fdegir> once foreman ends, it triggers fuel and vice versa
16:11:47 <jose_lausuch> can we chain them?
16:11:53 <jose_lausuch> ok
16:11:54 <fdegir> yes
16:11:56 <jose_lausuch> thats even better
16:13:05 <frankbrockners> #info once everything is frozen, we'll "chain" deployments (i.e. build/deploy/test  foreman - fuel - without any delay inbetween)
16:13:26 <frankbrockners> #info that should get us sufficient deploys to have a "comfort level" for the release
16:13:36 <frankbrockners> ok... looks like we have a plan now - finally
16:14:02 <frankbrockners> should we do a quick IRC synch tomorrow
16:14:04 <frankbrockners> ?
16:14:18 <frankbrockners> just to confirm that everything works fine?
16:14:21 <jose_lausuch> yep
16:14:27 <[1]JonasB> I will be in my car, so I cant make it
16:14:36 <frankbrockners> how about 9am PDT? (after debra's call)
16:14:44 <trozet> fine by me
16:14:58 <jose_lausuch> ok
16:15:08 <frankbrockners> ok - let's do this... should be less than 5min (keeping fingers crossed)
16:15:27 <frankbrockners> #info quick status checkin tomorrow - 9am PDT (=4pm UTC).
16:15:27 <jose_lausuch> like today :p
16:15:53 <frankbrockners> jose_lausuch - time depends on where you are...
16:16:08 <frankbrockners> anyway...
16:16:11 <jose_lausuch> yes, and today was needed
16:16:17 <frankbrockners> looks like we're done for today.
16:16:29 <frankbrockners> Genesis will need to wait till next week - post SR1
16:16:36 <trozet> agreed
16:16:37 <frankbrockners> ok with all Genesis folks here?
16:17:12 <frankbrockners> I take this as an ok from the larger team
16:17:34 <frankbrockners> ... thanks everyone
16:17:39 <frankbrockners> #endmeeting