16:00:41 <rpaik> #startmeeting OPNFV Q1 Hackfest
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16:01:15 <rpaik> We’re stating to gather in the room
16:01:23 <rpaik> will get started in a few minutes
16:04:36 <rpaik> #chair ChrisPriceAB
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16:05:13 <rprakash> #info rprakash
16:05:23 <rpaik> #chair rprakash
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16:07:23 <rpaik> getting started
16:07:52 <rpaik> hkirksey and ChrisPriceAB kicking things off
16:09:12 <rpaik> David McBride joins OPNFV as the new Release Manager
16:09:51 <rprakash> #info David McBrick comes from Qualcom
16:11:02 <rprakash> #link agenda https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/Q1'2016_Hackfest
16:11:50 <rprakash> #info announcing release of Brhmaputra
16:13:16 <ildikov_> #info Heather describes the Brahmaputra release infographic showing how the community grew
16:14:01 <rprakash> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/releases/brahmaputra
16:14:21 <rpaik> #infor Quarterly Awards winners announced
16:14:36 <rprakash> #info Tomi from Nokia gets as best Coder Developer for OPNFV and is part of Doctor
16:14:48 <rpaik> #info for Code Developement Tomi Juvonen
16:16:14 <rprakash> #info Dave Neary , Smith/Mark, Biert/Peter, Loee/Royta Mibu  for Collabortaion awards
16:16:38 <rprakash> #undo
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16:16:47 <rpaik> #info Documentation Award also goes to Ryota Mibu
16:16:56 <rprakash> #info Dave Neary , Smith/Mark, Biert/Peter, Lee/Royta Mibu  for Collabortaion awards
16:17:44 <rprakash> #info Integration award Cathy and Narinder Gupta
16:18:09 <rpaik> #info Future technical community events discussion
16:18:48 <rprakash> #info OPNFV summit on June 20-21at Berlin. Germany
16:19:16 <rpaik> #info the question is should we continue to co-locate with other events?
16:20:55 <rprakash> #info OPtions for H2 2016 ODL Seattle 27-29 Seattle, Plugfest in France (TBD) , LF Summit 20-24 Toronto Canada...choose one
16:23:00 <rprakash> #info IETF 97 at Seoul Nov 13-18 in Korea.. another option
16:23:18 <rpaik> #info comment that co-location with plugfest maybe a good idea
16:25:17 <rprakash> #info plugfest 2 invite from Orange in EU need discussions plus one more at IETF 97 in Korea
16:26:32 <rpaik> #info suggestion to start a poll on 2H events with the technical community
16:26:37 <rprakash> #info Bryan Sullivan wanted to know who are particpating where to maximize particpation  and prefers ODL
16:26:53 <rprakash> #info Chris too likes that
16:28:34 <rpaik> #info OpenStack Summit-Barcelona is in the last week of October
16:29:43 <rpaik> #info suggestion to have pre-OpenStack discussion regarding Blueprint planning within the community
16:29:45 <rprakash> #info another option is Openstack In Barcelone, Spain - October 24-28, 2016
16:31:41 <rprakash> #info Release C is Colorado
16:32:13 <rpaik> #info suggestion to schedule the afternoon breakouts around Colorado release planning discussion
16:33:02 <rprakash> suggested timing today noon PST     3:30-4:00: Release C Planning
16:34:50 <rprakash> #info changes :     4:30 - 6:00: Release C planning
16:35:09 <rpaik> #topic Brahmaputra retrospectives
16:36:39 <rprakash> #info Chris is looking for Constructive complaints for Release C plan for what we laerned in B
16:36:52 <rpaik> #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/c-release-brainstorming Colorado release plan Etherpad
16:37:03 * bryan_att can help take minutes
16:37:17 <rpaik> #chair braynn_att
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16:37:33 <rpaik> #chair bryan_att
16:37:33 <collabot`> Current chairs: ChrisPriceAB braynn_att bryan_att rpaik rprakash
16:39:14 <rprakash> #info David McBrick to ask questions on feedback from Release B
16:39:39 <rprakash> #info q1. WHoa was inolved in testing Brahmaputra?
16:40:07 <rprakash> #info what was comprehensive test coverage
16:40:41 <rpaik> #info trying to do everything all at once (esp. for testing) was a major challenge
16:41:33 <rprakash> #info Tim redhat say too many parallel tasks hence we barely finished creating tests and hence covergae was minimum and problem was lot of baremetals and too much at last movement
16:42:02 <rpaik> #info test prep activies should be done earlier in the prep cycle
16:42:14 <rprakash> #info David says to figure out what test cases before rather than in late in release cycle
16:42:57 <Alan_> #info this improved from A to B and needs to improve more in Colorado
16:44:20 <rprakash> #info Dependency between individual project and testing was evdient in the Projects as everyone was tied to Func_test and hence Unit testing should be added
16:44:29 <rpaik> #info interdepencies between various projects requires more unit testing (e.g. of feature projects) earlier
16:44:41 <rprakash> #info Installer by Installer was painful process so need some methodology
16:44:58 <rprakash> #info everybody seems to do differently
16:45:51 <rprakash> #info David say we need consistancy, but other say differentaite between Unit tests from Production environment
16:46:17 <Alan_> #info chris - normalize CI pipeline so same methodology from unit to system
16:46:23 <rprakash> #info Chris say we need to streamline between CI and testing
16:47:04 <narindergupta> we need to standarize on the hardware spec for CI  for release as well.
16:47:05 <rpaik> #info frankbrockners adds that scenarios were introduced late in the cycle
16:47:11 <rprakash> #info Frank says concept of Scenerio needed to be completed with feature before taking up to testing
16:47:29 <rprakash> #info Frank says integration was in a rush
16:47:54 <rprakash> #info Frank not everything works at same pace with Multiple Scenerios
16:48:26 <rprakash> #info Two weeks of Testing and Two weeks of Integration is not sufficient
16:48:41 <Alan_> #info Frank - define Colorado scenarios early and each works at own speed
16:48:56 <rprakash> #info Frank says so we should not club synchronizing Scenerios
16:49:19 <rpaik> #info frankbrockners add that we should schedule scenarios independent from each other
16:49:30 <rprakash> #indo David asks Frank waht that means for Colorado?
16:52:21 <Alan_> #info - Chris: Unit and System and isolated (and unit comes from upstream) but system has dependencies on unit
16:52:35 <Alan_> *are* isolated
16:52:53 <rprakash> #info rprakash said test at MS3 would be helpfull
16:52:57 <rpaik> #info need to have clearer milestones for testing
16:53:40 <rprakash> #info Chris points that lot of testing is in upstream and hence Yardstick needs differentaite for OPNFV Scenerios
16:54:16 <rpaik> #info ChrisPriceAB asks if we can find a way to combine scenarios
16:54:19 <rprakash> #info Chris susggests  reducing Scenerios
16:55:01 <rprakash> #info Tim says tie Configuration to Scenerios instead of Calling Confguration of Doctor in multiple Scenerios
16:55:03 <Alan_> #info - Benefit of this is that features are isolated to disjoint scenarios currently
16:55:36 <rpaik> #info dradez asks if we can have scenarios based on configurations vs. features
16:56:48 <rpaik> #info we need to be able to deploy any scenario on any POD
16:58:17 <rpaik> #info arturt notes that we don’t have enough Pharos hw resources that we can easily consume
16:59:31 <Alan_> #info - Chris - we were under-resourced (<20%) on both community and LF resources - that is, we could not get them "on demand" or soon enough
16:59:55 <rpaik> #info infratructure support for Pharos resources is an area for improvement
16:59:56 <rprakash> ##info Lab resource for LF to get >20% efficiency similar to comminity labs about same efficiency
17:00:18 <rprakash> #info need more lab support besides Aric from LF
17:01:49 <rprakash> #info Tim says Development testing needs early look -means unit testing asks David
17:02:01 <rpaik> #info question is raised if we can complete development test prior to production tests?
17:02:04 <rprakash> #info Trevor says its Fetaure testing
17:04:43 <rprakash> #info Tim says some goes into specific some goes generic in Func_test , so help reduce iteration we should focus on infrastructure configuraion , like look at Doctor which could get some from fuc_test directly
17:05:03 <rprakash> #undo
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17:05:09 <rpaik> #info Doctor project rolled their testing in Functest and that worked well
17:05:16 <rprakash> info Tim says some goes into specific some goes generic in Func_test , so help reduce iteration we should focus on infrastructure configuraion , like look at Doctor which could get some from func_test directly
17:06:26 <rprakash> #info Saves time if we get help from platform folks as how use case can be tested
17:06:45 <rprakash> #info end user getting involed is a good
17:08:19 <rpaik> #info trozet notes that for Apex they need to add test cases to make sure that a new feature works (vs. just deploying)
17:08:24 <rprakash> #info Tim says Apex makes sure that add func_test to esnure part of system like Horizon end point access
17:10:53 <rpaik> #info installers need to add some of the “basic” functest suites
17:11:37 <rprakash> #info Installers have common Tempest tests and can be used as minimum smoke test plus validate more seperately to save test run time
17:12:12 <rprakash> #info Chris needs we need to add more to CI make all these happen as part of Build and Deploy
17:12:33 <rprakash> #undo
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17:12:45 <rprakash> info Chris says we need to add more to CI make all these happen as part of Build and Deploy
17:14:02 <rprakash> #info Scenerio we need to link to be able to system level plus user level testing
17:14:43 <rpaik> #info frankbrockners adds that configuration file for functest is another improvement area
17:14:59 <rprakash> #info Frank says having proper configuraion files is better and says Morgan is looking at that for cleaning up
17:15:54 <rprakash> #info Chris says YardStick is targeted at system level whereas Func_Test targets some features
17:16:46 <rprakash> #info Smoke test must include some of the Func_test fro example
17:16:47 <Alan_> #info chris - maybe need to be giving specs to functest what it should provide
17:17:40 <Alan_> #info All - realization that scenario definitions did not have an owner - how should this work in C release?
17:18:28 <rpaik> #info discussion on where scenario configuration files should be (currently they’re with the installers)
17:18:36 <rprakash> #info we need to pull some from installer and put in some other scenerio  to simplify the installation
17:20:17 <rprakash> #info Ian say jumping between Scenerios and Function should be minimum
17:22:31 <Alan_> #info Reason - features will be "smoke test passed and more" and scenario testing, while still hard, will be less frequent
17:23:05 <rpaik> #info ChrisPriceAB notes that there is a design guide for all testing projects
17:24:29 <rprakash> #info Producing an Artifact is being used by installer and so we should be able to merge some tests to staging  to complete some system testing
17:26:33 <rprakash> #info Chris says we have documents for Yardstick and Func_Test for whitebox plus vping and others refer
17:26:37 <rprakash> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/yardstick
17:27:31 <rprakash> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/releases/c
17:27:36 <rpaik> #info we also need to discuss upstream planning for the D-release (e.g. OpenStack Newton)
17:28:17 <rprakash> #info are we missing anything in OpenStack
17:28:46 <Alan_> #info - Purpose - to not just be consuming everything but saying what bridges the gaps
17:34:43 <rprakash> #info consider Orchestartion not just Tacker and other upstream can do same besides OpenStack projects
17:36:27 <rprakash> #info Bryan says Tacker is for Test case for Generic VNF but commercial can be different
17:37:11 <rprakash> #info Bryan says have Package thatw works and add commercial stuff aove that
17:37:33 <rpaik> #info need to solicit input from the large community via mailing lists for feedback to upstream communites
17:38:04 <rprakash> #info Ian says we need to plan for upstream in OpenStack in next 4-6 weeks
17:38:52 <rpaik> #info ChrisPriceAB suggests working groups to converges some of the individual project discussions/activities
17:38:58 <rprakash> #info Chris talks up about NFVReadyNeSs and see how all this is going to look , instead having 40 projects can we get them to merge
17:41:18 <rprakash> #info workgroups proposal by Chris to get consensus between Projects is a good idea and collect and start common purpose represenation for planning
17:41:21 <Alan_> #info - Suggestion to make this process happen through WG's submitting proposals to the TSC (not forcing proj merger)
17:41:45 <rprakash> #info 20 minutes break now
18:07:30 <rprakash> #info rprakash
18:07:59 <rpaik> #info getting re-started in about a minute
18:07:59 <rprakash> #topic Development aand Testing Infrasructure
18:08:24 <rpaik> #info presented by Trevor Cooper & Matthew Li
18:10:11 <rprakash> #info Jenkins-ci what should be included in evrify job
18:11:07 <rprakash> #info unitest to ensure Project is in order
18:11:44 <rprakash> #info what is time for tests - 1 hour , 10 hour?
18:12:08 <rprakash> #info Not hours and Days but few minutes
18:12:15 <rpaik> #info Matthew notes that goal should be minutes
18:14:16 <rprakash> #info improvement 2 is to test in local env before adding patch to Project to ensure minimize reun times for progress in CI
18:14:41 <rprakash> #info submit changes after testing in local environment
18:16:05 <rprakash> #info another option is to integrate with community installers and run the test cases once patch is set with related code
18:17:19 <rprakash> #info community environmenmts like Intel, Ericsson, Huawei .... for installers in differet PODs
18:18:55 <rprakash> #info Improvement 3 is adding Dashboard
18:21:44 <rpaik> #info there are individual testing dashboards in addition to the test board that went live on opnfv.org
18:23:14 <rprakash> #info Frank says we should look at moving from Hand Crafted to automated dashboard
18:24:00 <rprakash> #info due to lack of test folks we need to take it alter in test workgroup or teams
18:24:08 <rprakash> #undo
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18:24:34 <rprakash> #info due to lack of test folks  at Hackfest here we need to take it later in test workgroup or teams
18:25:33 <rpaik> #info Mathew also discusses Nodepool as a tool for lar resource management tool
18:27:04 <rprakash> #info Lab resource pool using NodeLable Parameter Plugin, but needs OpeSnatck environment alternate being considered or Virtual environment and Fatih working on it with his Releng coleagues
18:27:20 <rprakash> #undo
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18:27:37 <rprakash> #info Lab resource pool using NodeLable Parameter Plugin, but needs OpenSatck environment alternate being considered or Virtual environment and Fatih working on it with his Releng coleagues
18:28:16 <rprakash> #info Dev?Test Infra Goal/Vision
18:28:44 <rprakash> #info Lab Visibility: Capability, Usage,
18:28:56 <rprakash> #info Configuration Management
18:30:12 <rprakash> #info Common Inventory for Installer, POD Cobfiguration, Common Platform tests need development
18:32:17 <rpaik> #info Trevor notes that supporting a bare metal environement requires a lot of resources
18:32:30 <rpaik> #info and better support is required
18:33:22 <rprakash> #info Onboarding requires addressing
18:33:27 <rprakash> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/pharos_laas
18:35:08 <rprakash> #info lab-as-a-service will need Infrastructure support  - Lf Lab support, CI, Troubleshooting/sysadmin
18:35:45 <rpaik> #info aricg poses the question of providing potential users with direct access to jenkins toolchain
18:37:18 <rprakash> #info look at MaaS which was co-ordinating to ensure that Labs are utilized well and Iben and Arthur can lookback at that option
18:37:40 <rpaik> #topic OPNFV Plugfest
18:38:21 <rprakash> #info Aric has good question and may be we need to take this at Pharos meeting
18:39:56 <rpaik> #info Lincoln & Hongbo presenting the Plugfest update
18:41:07 <rpaik> #info Plugfest will take place during the week of May 9th at CableLabs in Louisville, CO
18:41:25 <rprakash> #info Lincoln itroduces Plugfest WG and Hongbo and Ray
18:41:30 <rprakash> #link http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/opnfv-plugfest
18:42:16 <rprakash> #info Provide event/Opportunity for tesing OPNFV and measure results
18:42:52 <rprakash> #info Keyfoucs ...1. Deployment, 2. Network Integration and 3. VNF testing over Platform
18:43:08 <rpaik> #info plugfest is open to both members and non-members of OPNFV
18:43:16 <rprakash> #info an Open event and any one can particpate not just OPNFV members
18:44:06 <rpaik> #info critical path right now is test plan development
18:44:17 <rprakash> #info Plufest Timelines - Rules of Engagement (ROE) like NDA sorted ot, and planning tests for now, followed by exceution and some white paper
18:45:17 <rprakash> #link http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/opnfv-plugfest/program
18:45:51 <rprakash> #Info Hongbo presenting the Technical details
18:46:13 <rprakash> #info Basic Scenerio and Extended Scenerio
18:47:27 <rprakash> #info Basic hardware/software test for OPNFV Platform beyond Pharos Scenerios to cover interoperability
18:48:46 <rprakash> #info Flow -> Pharsos ->OPNFV installler ->B-Release -> Test Projects-> VNF and Life Cycle
18:49:52 <rprakash> #info Vendors flow: Hardware Vendor -> Installer Vendor -> Platform Vendor -> Tesdt vendor -> VNF Vendor
18:50:50 <rprakash> #info Morning Session (Setup Only all Basic), Afternoon session (Test Secnerios and fianlly any exteded services testing)
18:51:54 <rprakash> #info test cases under consideraion OPFV testing, SDN testing, VNF testing, Orchestartion testing are current thinking
18:53:16 <rprakash> #info Nextstep Plugfest Test development requesting Particpation for Plugfest for Infrastrucure and overall communication
18:54:51 <rprakash> #link https://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1815505
18:56:40 <rprakash> #info Join Divetail meeting Friday 1400:1500 UTC
18:56:45 <rprakash> #link https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/458547813
18:57:09 <rprakash> #info  IRC channel: IRC channel: #opnfv-meeting@ Freenode (Web Chat)
18:58:24 <rprakash> #info Plugfest should not replicate what other people are doing as per Frank so we focus on OPNFV what it does and add more as we move to Release C and D etc
18:58:28 <rpaik> #info want to tie in what we do in Plugfest to OPNFV and not replicate what others have done (e.g. ETSI, NIA, etc)
19:00:35 <rprakash> #info we should see how we can bring in MANO testing in future  lets work through future Pludfests
19:01:08 <rpaik> #info important to remember that this is our first plugfest and will be a big learning opportunity
19:01:15 <rprakash> #info This first one should be a boot from ground and see how we can accomodate and inclusive as much as possible
19:02:25 <rprakash> #info This is setting the baseline for Plugfest as Ray Nugent mentioned
19:03:55 <rprakash> #info based on registarion may limit the partcipation and Ray Pike mentions and have a blog to promote the plugfest
19:04:48 <rprakash> #info 20 membership companies sign that itself will be huge
19:05:06 <rpaik> #info now breaking for lunch
19:05:13 <rpaik> be back in about an hour
19:05:19 <rprakash> #info Breaking for Lunch
20:08:39 <rpaik> #info re-starting in about a minute
20:08:53 <rpaik> #topic Colorado release planning
20:11:26 <rpaik> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/releases/colorado?s[]=colorado&s[]=release Colorado release page
20:15:38 <rprakash> #info rprakash
20:15:50 <rpaik> #info Tim notes that for his feature project, installers were moving targets for the Brahmaputra release
20:15:51 <rprakash> #topic OPNFV Release Planning
20:17:09 <rprakash> #info Chris starts discussions on Mile Stones and release dependancy
20:18:37 <rpaik> #info there is a suggestion to have feature freezes first
20:23:08 <rprakash> #info upstream dependency must be understood early
20:27:42 <rpaik> #info before Milestone 1, upstream dependencies must be understood
20:29:34 <rpaik> #info Genesis can be used as a vehicle to comprehend upstream dependencies
20:31:07 <rprakash> #info Frank to talk about OPNFV Release and Scenerio Release
20:32:43 <rpaik> #info OPNFV test components and features at system level
20:34:42 <rpaik> #info frankbrockners asks if there should be release schedules per scenarios
20:36:38 <rpaik> #info per scenarios you could have fearure complete, install ready, test ready, integration ready, and release ready
20:51:45 <rpaik> #info try to combine upstream patches in “one OPNFV version of upstream” whenever possible
20:54:39 <rprakash> #info Scenerio based rlease within Release C being proposed by Frank and Chris
20:55:08 <rprakash> #info some debate on experimental scenerio vs. Production based scenerios
20:56:27 <rpaik> #info this proposal for scenarios based release allows for quicker feedback to upstream developer communities
20:57:09 <rprakash> #info Chris wants to avoid labeling it like HA, NOHA, SDN, NOSDN per installer and with 4-5 intalers this makes it 20 scenerios for now
20:58:30 <rprakash> #info so we need to get a team working on scenerio based cycle within OPNFV to track all scnerios as compositions of components and their configuration
21:00:19 <rprakash> #info As we get to Scenerio maturity we may be able to do away with lables like we have now HA, NoHA etc etc.
21:11:29 <rpaik> #info idea to create a mechanism for projects to create an RPM for deployment
21:13:57 <rpaik> #info consensus on the scenario-based release proposal
21:14:36 <rprakash> #info Frank proposed Scenerio based relase and most agreed to it and Chris said despite that we still need to manage OPNFV release based in parallel like Release B
21:15:51 <rprakash> #info Sometimes in July we may have a stable release plan and in that few scenerios that my qualify and moeet the goals of OPNFV C Release
21:39:28 <rprakash> #info Get Scnerio tested early to get requirements upstream, but at the end of the day relase freez at a given time must include the scenerios that make it to date of freeze and hence release
21:48:46 <rprakash> #action Frank to summerize what was discussed on Scenerio based release within OPNFV time based rlease and all will review it to ensure it meets installer, testing and other questions different teams are concerned with this new idea
21:49:24 <rprakash> #info Ofee break before we gather for Project Breakout sessions
22:14:48 <rpaik> #info as we’re heading to project breakouts, we’ll end the IRC session
22:15:07 <rpaik> #stopmeeting
22:15:13 <rpaik> #undo
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22:15:18 <rpaik> #endmeeting