14:00:23 <ChrisPriceAB> #startmeeting OPNFV TSC
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14:00:29 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic Roll Call
14:00:35 <uli-k_> #info Uli Kleber
14:00:36 <ChrisPriceAB> #info Chris Price
14:00:47 <ChrisPriceAB> #chair rpaik
14:00:47 <collabot> Current chairs: ChrisPriceAB rpaik
14:01:01 <ChrisPriceAB> #chair uli-k_
14:01:01 <collabot> Current chairs: ChrisPriceAB rpaik uli-k_
14:01:23 <rprakash> #onfo rprakash
14:01:39 <aricg> Gotomeeting is bork?
14:01:41 <rprakash> #info rprakash
14:01:49 <Parviz> +info Parviz Yegani
14:01:51 <ttallgren> #info Tapio Tallgren
14:01:54 <edgarstp> #info Edgar StPierre
14:01:56 <dku> #info Dirk Kutscher
14:01:59 <JonasArndt> #info JonasArndt
14:01:59 <ChrisPriceAB> seems to be ok aricg
14:02:09 <rpaik> we now have a quorum
14:02:11 <GeraldK> #info Gerald Kunzmann (DOCOMO)
14:02:29 <Julien-zte> #info Julien
14:02:44 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic Approval of previous minutes of meeting
14:02:51 <ChrisPriceAB> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/wiki/tsc#march_15_2016 previous minutes
14:03:05 <ChrisPriceAB> #info minutes approved, no comments received
14:03:12 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic Agenda Bashing
14:03:24 <ChrisPriceAB> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/wiki/tsc current agenda
14:04:01 <rprakash> #info can you add to it approval for "Domino"
14:04:58 <rprakash> #info My Gotomeeting os Broke, but we have met the two AIs lited for Domino to get tpo TSC
14:05:56 <ChrisPriceAB> rprakash is there soeone who can present that on todays meeting?
14:06:44 <rprakash> #info yes Ican
14:07:39 <ChrisPriceAB> #info the creation review for the "domino project" will be added to the end of the agenda.
14:08:50 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic re-review of the netready project.
14:09:52 <ChrisPriceAB> #info Georg outlines the change to the project name from "nfvreadiness" to "netready" to better reflect the scope of the project.
14:10:39 <bryan_att> #info Bryan Sullivan
14:10:43 <ChrisPriceAB> #info There were questions around the scope of the project as well which was taken to the mailing list, this did not result in any further discussions on the scope.
14:10:47 <lmcdasm__> #info Daniel Smith
14:11:03 <trevor_intel1> #info Trevor Cooper
14:11:17 <Parviz> #info Parviz Yegani
14:11:32 <ChrisPriceAB> #startvote Shall the TSC vote to approve the creation of the netready project? (-1, 0, +1)
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14:11:35 <ttallgren> #vote +1
14:11:39 <Parviz> #vote +1
14:11:41 <ChrisPriceAB> #vote +1
14:11:42 <uli-k_> #vote +1
14:11:44 <edgarstp> #vote +1
14:11:46 <bryan_att> #vote +1
14:11:47 <bjskerry> #vote +1
14:11:48 <tnadeau> #vote +1
14:11:55 <JonasArndt> #vote +1
14:12:03 <Julien-zte> #vote +1
14:12:04 <GeraldK> #vote +1
14:12:11 <dku> #vote +1
14:12:22 <ChrisPriceAB> #endvote
14:12:22 <collabot> Voted on "Shall the TSC vote to approve the creation of the netready project?" Results are
14:12:22 <collabot> +1 (12): Julien-zte, dku, GeraldK, bryan_att, tnadeau, ChrisPriceAB, uli-k_, ttallgren, Parviz, JonasArndt, bjskerry, edgarstp
14:13:34 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic Hackfest update
14:15:34 <rpaik> #link http://ircbot.wl.linuxfoundation.org/meetings/opnfv-meeting/2016/opnfv-meeting.2016-03-14-16.00.html minutes from Day 1
14:19:16 <rpaik> #info rpaik will start a discussion on 2H Technical Community events
14:19:49 <uli-k_> #info Reminding people to send CFP for the OPNFV summit which closes in 9 days.
14:20:09 <uli-k_> #info just a quick reminder that event planning is done by marketing team
14:20:43 <uli-k_> #info so interested people could  join marketing meeting on Wednesdays.
14:20:48 <frankbrockners> #info scenario release discussion - see https://wiki.opnfv.org/releases/releaseplanning - slides available there as well
14:22:16 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic Board meeting update
14:22:41 <rpaik> #link http://lists.opnfv.org/pipermail/opnfv-tech-discuss/2016-March/008838.html board meeting summary
14:25:44 <bryan_att> where is the utilization documented? is there a dashboard for this?
14:26:17 <rpaik> #info there was a request from the Board if more HW is desired for testing/release activities and this conversation started during the Hackfest last week
14:26:32 <fdegir> we have to do testing more cleverly
14:26:56 <fdegir> and the infra homogeneity is another issue to tackle
14:28:22 <fdegir> I can't unmute myself but yes
14:28:26 <ChrisPriceAB> :D
14:28:34 <fdegir> Trevor already voicing the things
14:29:11 <fdegir> putting lots of hardware resources doesn't improve if they don't come up with human resources
14:29:23 <fdegir> it has negative effects as the same people have to deal with extra resources
14:29:25 <rpaik> #info trevor_intel1 notes that human resource has been a bigger challenge vs. HW
14:29:42 <bryan_att> I didn't get the sense that a lack of support was the point Chris was making - rather underutilization - maybe driven by lack of CI/CD support but still this means there is time available on the PODS and it should be used for other activities if CI/CD can't fill it
14:32:32 <fdegir> this is in releng backlog already
14:32:47 <fdegir> we will automate this tupe of stuff to get stats
14:34:55 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic Wiki migration update
14:36:14 <rpaik> #link http://lists.opnfv.org/pipermail/opnfv-tech-discuss/2016-March/008931.html wiki update
14:38:03 <aricg> I have no idea what to call the archived wiki, it will also hold private pages going forward.
14:38:56 <jmorgan1> docuwiki.opnfv.org?
14:41:52 <Julien-zte> #info are all the logs of docuwiki kept also in confluence after migration?
14:42:29 <fdegir> what about scraped pages?
14:43:02 <ChrisPriceAB> will still be able to scrape.
14:43:18 <fdegir> ok
14:44:10 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic Project creation review for the Domino project.
14:44:38 <ChrisPriceAB> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/project_proposals/domino the domino project proposal.
14:49:19 <rpaik> #info rprakash notes that Domino is a label-based publication/subscription system
14:52:58 <rpaik> #info rprakash also points out interactions with other OPNFV projects such as Models/Parsers as outlined in the project proposal page
14:57:16 <bryan_att> "do one thing"
15:02:16 <tnadeau> why are we delaying?
15:04:18 <ChrisPriceAB> #startvote Shall the TSC promote the domino project to incubation? (-1, 0, +1)
15:04:18 <collabot> Begin voting on: Shall the TSC promote the domino project to incubation? Valid vote options are , -1, 0, +1, .
15:04:18 <collabot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
15:04:20 <edgarstp> #vote +1
15:04:20 <uli-k_> #vote +1
15:04:22 <JonasArndt> #vote +1
15:04:23 <Julien-zte> #vote +1
15:04:23 <tnadeau> #vote +1
15:04:25 <bryan_att> #vote +1
15:04:26 <ChrisPriceAB> #vote +1
15:04:31 <ttallgren> #vote +1
15:04:31 <frankbrockners> #vote +1
15:04:34 <bjskerry> #vote +1
15:04:35 <GeraldK> #vote +1
15:04:35 <rpaik> #vote +1
15:04:38 <dku> #vote +1
15:04:43 <rpaik> #info for Parviz
15:04:54 <ChrisPriceAB> #endvote
15:04:54 <collabot> Voted on "Shall the TSC promote the domino project to incubation?" Results are
15:04:54 <collabot> +1 (13): frankbrockners, dku, ChrisPriceAB, bryan_att, tnadeau, uli-k_, Julien-zte, ttallgren, rpaik, JonasArndt, bjskerry, GeraldK, edgarstp
15:05:40 <bryan_att> +1 to trying to coalesce - we can do this and need to be talking between us about it
15:06:26 <rpaik> #info discussion on working groups to be added to the TSC call next week
15:06:56 <ChrisPriceAB> #endmeeting