14:00:28 <hongbo1> #startmeeting dovetail weekly meeting
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14:00:44 <hongbo1> #info hongbo
14:03:45 <hongbo1> #topic approval of last minutes
14:04:45 <bin_> #info Bin Hu
14:06:26 <bin_> strange that after I dialed in with my phone, I was prompted "the organizer has not started meeting. You will be put on hold until an organizer starts the meeting"
14:07:03 <bin_> I can see everyone is talking, but I cannot hear anything
14:07:15 <hongbo1> bin_: ?
14:08:10 <bin_> The same issue reported by Pierre Lynch in chat window of GTM
14:08:34 <bin_> anyway, just keep going, and we will figure out what is going on with GTM
14:09:36 <hongbo1> #info the IPV6 has been merged inthe dovetail. the dovetail has the first testcase.
14:09:52 <hongbo1> #topic test cases plan
14:11:12 <bin_> There are 24 more test cases. I will submit them one by one so that it will be easier for everyone to review.
14:23:24 <dneary> #info Hongbo proposed that we invite people to add test case candidates to the Dovetail test use cases page, and then proceed to select test cases to add to the Dovetail test suite
14:23:44 <dneary> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/dovetail/Dovetail+test+use+cases
14:24:32 <dneary> #info Dave Neary said that there are a number of tests there which are not appropriate for Dovetail already, and he is concerned that encouraging people to add test cases to the page creates an incorrect assumption that they will be added to the test suite
14:25:21 <dneary> #info Dave suggests that we need a checklist which can be used to independently verify if proposed test cases satisfy the minimum criteria for being added to the test suite, based on the test case requirements document
14:25:34 <dneary> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=6827269
14:25:59 <dneary> #info We need to agree on test case requirements (that page is still a draft) before inviting people to add test cases
14:26:46 <dneary> #info Pierre suggests that we could add columns to the table to make it easy to see if a test case satisfies the requirements, and we should update the page to ensure it is clear that test cases listed are test case candidates
14:30:27 <hongbo1> #info first thing we need the test case requirements  draft
14:31:55 <dneary> #info Hongbo and Dave agreed that we need to finalise the test case requirements page. We need a process for converging on an agreement.
14:32:16 <dneary> #link Draft test case requirements: https://wiki.opnfv.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=6827269
14:34:37 <sajeev> this wiki page looks more like a Dovetail overview than test case requirements
14:35:18 <dneary> #info Hongbo proposes that we start to add tests to the test suite once we agree on criteria, in parallel to adding new tests
14:35:41 <dneary> #info Pierre says that we are mixing test cases and use cases - for example, vPing is not a test case, it is a use case.
14:39:27 <dneary> #info Hongbo asks that Dovetail team members add comments to test case proposals to help filter test case proposals next week
14:40:01 <dneary> #info Pierre says we need to mark the page "candidate test cases" to clarify that these are not the Dovetail test cases
14:43:09 <hongbo1> #info agreement: we can add mark to the test cases wiki and to filter some test case to get the last test cases for the dovetail
14:44:23 <dneary> #link Candidate Dovetail test use cases: https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/dovetail/Candidate+Dovetail+test+use+cases
14:44:43 <dneary> #info Dave modified the page title and introduction to clarify the process for adding new test cases.
14:44:59 <hongbo1> #topic test tools
14:47:03 <dneary> #info Dave asks if there is anything required from the Ubuntu runtime to run the test suite, and whether the test suite can run against an Apex SUT
14:47:47 <dneary> #info Leo answers that functest uses Ubuntu, Dovetail developers did not investigate whether there was any hard requirement, they are just doing the same thing
14:48:18 <dneary> #info since Functest can run against multiple scenarios, the test suite should not not depend on specific operating systems in the SUT
14:50:40 <hongbo1> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=7766287
14:50:50 <dneary> #info Dave asks if there is a design document for the test tool, to understand how it works and what someone needs to do to run the test suite
14:51:14 <dneary> #info Leo points to the "Dovetail scripts(draft)" page in the wiki
14:51:24 <dneary> #link Dovetail scripts(draft): https://wiki.opnfv.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=7766287
14:55:29 <dneary> #info Dave asks if there is a document showing how to run the test suite, and what the test tool does when run
14:57:52 <dneary> #info Leo says there is a document on how to run the test tool, but it has not yet been submitted to Gerrit.
14:58:45 <dneary> #info Dave will create a Jira to track the documentation of the test tool
14:59:44 <dneary> hongbo1,
15:00:07 <hongbo1> #endmeeting