13:00:07 <hongbotian5656> #startmeeting dovetail weekly meeting
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13:00:29 <uli-k> #info Uli
13:00:43 <hongbotian5656> #info rollcall
13:00:47 <thaj> #info Thaj
13:01:36 <MatthewLi> #info Jun Li
13:01:51 <Wenjing> #info Wenjing
13:02:35 <leo_wang> #info Leo Wang
13:03:37 <hongbotian5656> #topic  Test case requirement update
13:04:34 <hongbotian5656> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/dovetail/Dovetail+Test+Case+Requirements
13:06:21 <hongbotian5656> #info Focus on OPNFV role and unique aspects, e.g. Integrated reference platforms
13:08:50 <hongbotian5656> #chair ChrisPriceAB
13:08:50 <collabot`> Current chairs: ChrisPriceAB hongbotian5656
13:08:59 <hongbotian5656> #chair Wenjing
13:08:59 <collabot`> Current chairs: ChrisPriceAB Wenjing hongbotian5656
13:11:02 <ChrisPriceAB> #info Chris Price (running late due to the shifting of time)
13:11:47 <hongbotian5656> that is ok
13:13:00 <Wenjing> #agree 1) Focus on OPNFV role and unique aspect - this is covered by current req
13:15:49 <trevor_intel> #info Trevor Cooper
13:16:33 <ChrisPriceAB> #info A dialog of review and assessment of the brainstorming  text on the test requirement document is taken.
13:16:59 <ChrisPriceAB> #info many of the points are determined to be "guidelines" as opposed to requirments
13:17:17 <ChrisPriceAB> #info guidelines for DoveTail should be driven through the CVP rather than the requirements documentation
13:19:06 <ChrisPriceAB> #info dneary outlines that there is may not be additional actionable input in the brainstorming section that would need to be addressed in the requirements part of the document.
13:19:57 <ChrisPriceAB> #info there was no argument on that position by attendees
13:23:12 <ChrisPriceAB> #info consensus was arrived at that while the brainstorming provides useful input it does not directly impact the requirements for test cases as described.
13:30:19 <Mika_R> #info Mika_R
13:32:05 <dmcbride> morgan_orange: can you please join the release meeting (IRC)?
13:40:59 <hongbotian5656> #topic Danube plan review – agreement on TSC report on
13:41:01 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic Danube planning update
13:41:37 <ChrisPriceAB> #info there is a C&C call on Monday and a TSC call on Tuesday we should provide DoveTail updates on
13:42:37 <hongbotian5656> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/dovetail/Dovetail+Danube+Plan
13:53:39 <morgan_orange> dmcbride: hi
13:56:50 <dmcbride> morgan_orange: we are meeting in IRC on opnfv-release, if you're available
14:03:40 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic CVP test specification draft
14:03:55 <ChrisPriceAB> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/30811/ patch for the draft of the test spec
14:04:14 <ChrisPriceAB> #link http://artifacts.opnfv.org/dovetail/review/30811/testing_user_teststrategy/index.html temprary render of the test spec
14:17:35 <ChrisPriceAB> #info the team is invited to comment and review the document.  Once ready we can submit it and start to work in paralllel on key sections.
14:17:50 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic RefStack update
14:18:10 <ChrisPriceAB> #info RefStack is integrated in to CI now and is running as part of the basic infrastructure.
14:18:48 <ChrisPriceAB> #info All aside from one test case are passing well across our scenario's and Matthew is working to resolve this
14:19:02 <ChrisPriceAB> #info The backend DB is also under discussion
14:19:16 <ChrisPriceAB> #info good progress at this stage
14:21:30 <ChrisPriceAB> #topic Test case needs and quality discussion
14:22:42 <ChrisPriceAB> #info uli-k describes a proposal on how the dovetail suite can run against a SUT via the CI pipeline
14:23:05 <ChrisPriceAB> #info uli-k adds that the tests should also be able to be run manually without additional requirements.
14:37:14 <ChrisPriceAB> #info there was a point raised that DoveTail needs to evaluate an SUT in a carrier style deployment, addressing VLAN and other networking considerations
14:41:28 <hongbotian5656> #endmeeting