13:00:26 <hongbo493232> #startmeeting dovetail weekly meeting
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13:00:37 <hongbo493232> #rollcall
13:00:45 <hongbo493232> #info hongbo
13:00:48 <zshi_laptop> #info zenghui
13:02:11 <thaj> #info Thaj
13:03:32 <leo_wang> #info LeoWang
13:04:30 <hongbo493232> #topic new commiters welcome
13:04:53 <trevor_intel> #info Trevor Cooper
13:05:42 <hongbo493232> #topic Ask – what we need to ask from c&c and board? How should we take on the administrative side of tasks.
13:06:18 <hongbo493232> #info wenjing gives the backgroud: C&C is backwork for the board.
13:07:35 <hongbo493232> #info wenjing dovetail needs to drive forward with the C&C
13:08:00 <hongbo493232> #info wenjing next C%C will happen next monday
13:09:36 <hongbo493232> #info dave introduces the criterion for the dovetail from the C&C asked from the TSC
13:10:36 <hongbo493232> #info chris suggest dovetail goes back to the C&C
13:12:23 <bryan_att> the dovetail GTM link is not working. is there a new one?
13:12:35 <hongbo493232> 819733085
13:12:50 <bryan_att> please update the wiki page and the calendar invite
13:12:55 <hongbo493232> #link https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/819733085
13:13:15 <hongbo493232> to byran, yes we updated the new gotomeeting
13:14:25 <bryan_att> please ensure that the meeting info is updated before the meeting starts. this is one key reason why attendance is often light. if the meeting info is incorrect, people will just move on to some other task
13:15:20 <hongbo493232> ok
13:17:04 <hongbo493232> #info dave suggest dovetail can give the proposal to the C&C  for the criterion
13:17:12 <hongbo493232> #undo
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13:17:28 <hongbo493232> #info trevor suggest dovetail can give the proposal to the C&C  for the criterion
13:18:28 <bryan_att> https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/BOARD/viewpage.action?pageId=8690418
13:21:23 <Wenjing> https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/dovetail/CVP+document
13:21:51 <Wenjing> that's the cvp guidelines document. trevor is drafting the addendum to this.
13:22:15 <hongbo493232> #chair Wenjing
13:22:15 <collabot> Current chairs: Wenjing hongbo493232
13:22:44 <hongbo493232> #chair bryan_att
13:22:44 <collabot> Current chairs: Wenjing bryan_att hongbo493232
13:25:03 <hongbo493232> #info bryan suggestes to upload the addendum to the dovetail wiki
13:29:51 <hongbo493232> #info dave theree question for the C&C, can dovetail   2.what is the criterion for the TSC
13:30:02 <hongbo493232> #info to valite the dovetail work
13:31:49 <hongbo493232> #info treor will send the addendum to the email due stack of the C&C
13:33:18 <hongbo493232> #topic test area and test case document review.
13:33:35 <hongbo493232> #info IPv3, HA and VPN
13:36:39 <ChrisPriceAB> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/34441/ current HA patch for review.
13:47:43 <hongbo493232> #chair ChrisPriceAB
13:47:43 <collabot> Current chairs: ChrisPriceAB Wenjing bryan_att hongbo493232
13:48:13 <bryan_att> I added "The document needs to address not only what is currently available as tests, but what is needed as tests to validate this system capability. For example, the current document only tests whether an API endpoint can be recovered, and not whether the service provided by that endpoint still works. HA means that service endpoints are redundant, remain
13:48:13 <bryan_att> available during a partial outage (with potentially a very short unavailability of the service), is recovered quickly, and works as expected after recovery."
13:51:28 <ChrisPriceAB> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/34577/ the current IPv6 patch for review
14:03:10 <bryan_att> #info my main comments are let's don't do extra effort. let's reference the tests that will specifically be used (by hyperlink) and pput test step details in the tests as self-documentation. Let's include in the dovetail doc the specific criteria that validates success for the particular feature.
14:04:17 <hongbo493232> #endmeeting