13:00:46 <hongbo1200909> #startmeeting dovetail weekly meeting
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13:01:01 <hongbo1200909> #rollcall
13:01:05 <hongbo1200909> #info hongbo
13:01:12 <georgk> #info Georg kunz
13:01:14 <Wenjing> #info Wenjing
13:01:21 <xudan_> #xudan
13:03:16 <dneary> #info dneary
13:03:35 <hongbo1200909> #topic  Beta plan timeline
13:04:36 <hongbo1200909> #info wenjing shown the timeline
13:05:09 <hongbo1200909> #info right now  we are at the point which is before the TSC review
13:05:48 <hongbo1200909> #info the TSC review propabllliy happens on /9/5 or 9/12
13:06:21 <hongbo1200909> #info all the new test cases will be the optional first and then can be changed to be the mandotrory
13:07:09 <hongbo1200909> #info after the test cases are merged, there will be beta testing
13:07:12 <MikaR> #info MikaR
13:08:15 <hongbo1200909> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/dovetail/Dovetail+Beta
13:12:08 <hongbo1200909> #topic dovtail v0.5 test case run results/status
13:14:11 <hongbo1200909> #info xudan introduced the stutas
13:14:31 <hongbo1200909> #info for the compass, the defcore, HA, and VPing can pass
13:19:21 <dneary> xudan_, What does vdb/vdc refer to? Is this a device name? And how are these names set?
13:20:00 <dneary> xudan_, And did the test case pass with a 30s time?
13:20:02 <dneary> Thank you
13:22:28 <hongbo1200909> this is the logical name of the volume
13:24:11 <dneary> xudan_, I found this Nova issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1217874
13:33:48 <hongbo1200909> #info there are two roles for testcases running
13:35:24 <hongbo1200909> #info bryan suggest to use the defocre
13:36:15 <hongbo1200909> #info suggest to remove the live migration
13:38:14 <hongbo1200909> #topic  Test case docs to be merged
13:39:57 <hongbo1200909> #info some of the pateches are merged
13:41:17 <xudan_> dneary: this is ha.tc008, it doesn't fail all the time. Sometime it will pass.
13:41:28 <dneary> xudan_, Thank you
13:43:14 <hongbo1200909> #topic  Status on the portal
13:44:30 <hongbo1200909> #info the web portal will be placed under cvp.opnfv.org
13:44:59 <hongbo1200909> #info if someone who want to try, can go to the web to upload the results
13:47:30 <hongbo1200909> #topic Tsc update
13:48:13 <hongbo1200909> #info all the documents should be merged
13:48:23 <hongbo1200909> #info before the TSC review
13:52:12 <xudan_> dneary: forgot to say that just test 20s, will expand it to 30s and check the results of all ha test cases.
13:52:22 <hongbo1200909> #info for the first release of dovetail, it will be later. and later it will be faster
13:59:20 <hongbo1200909> #endmeeting