13:55:22 <earrage> #startmeeting Dovetail weekly meeting
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13:58:23 <earrage> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/47007/
13:58:49 <earrage> #info link above is for user guide edits; will continue to edit this doc and inputs are welcome
14:12:47 <earrage> #info Wind River HA - needs help with these test-cases
14:13:13 <earrage> #info Georg has observed CentOS bug and will work with Xudan on resolution
14:14:38 <earrage> #info Mika will continue testing and submit results in future
14:14:41 <Mika_R> #info Mika_R
14:17:23 <earrage> #action Stephen will send out logs on HA failures
14:22:21 <dneary> earrage, Just seeing your IRC comment on Wind River HA test cases - can you point at TC numbers, please?
14:37:36 <earrage> #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/Dovetail_Future_Release_Priority_Inputs
14:38:18 <earrage> #info link above for future planning of Dovetail; encourage input in this document
14:38:56 <earrage> #info Trevor - will CVP Danube test-cases work with Euphrates?
14:41:46 <earrage> #action consider collaboration within the TWG to figure out release alignment and strategy
14:48:55 <earrage> #info test-case definition needs to take into account OPNFV releases
14:52:10 <earrage> #action determine versioning for test specs, Dovetail containers aligned to OPNFV releases
15:04:08 <earrage> #info CVP approval milestones occurring next week - C&C, TSC, Marketing, Board
15:06:29 <earrage> #action add release planning and plugfest content to material that will be presented next week
15:06:45 <earrage> #endmeeting