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16:11:06 <earrage> #info program officially changed name to OPNFV Verified Program - we can probably use the acronym OVP moving forward
16:12:22 <earrage> #info launch of program will occur in January 2018 with 4-5 of the beta participants
16:13:18 <earrage> # info ZTE, Nokia, Huawei and WInd River will be in the initial wave - need to verify if Ericsson can submit results in December
16:15:34 <earrage> #info Stephen had an issue with admin services needing to be made public, which is fine in lab setting. However, this is not suitable for deployment testing
16:35:14 <earrage> #action add version field for in OVP portal for both OPNFV and commercial SUTs
16:49:13 <earrage> #info will use branch of stable/danube for OVP first release
16:50:11 <earrage> #info git release tag will be used with dovetail artifact versioning
16:51:19 <earrage> #action identify HA test-cases we can potentially use in Euphrates OVP
17:04:20 <earrage> #action how ONAP and Dovetail compliance programs work together or merge
17:04:55 <earrage> #action continue audit of available Functest/Yardstick test cases available from Euphrates
17:05:40 <earrage> #action start writing test specifications for use-case and forwarding performance test areas
17:06:55 <earrage> #action ask C&C committee if Dovetail container can use versioning that aligns with external OVP versioning
17:07:00 <earrage> #endmeeting