#opnfv-meeting: Weekly Technical Discuss Meeting #171

Meeting started by jentoio at 12:59:31 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call (jentoio, 12:59:40)
    1. Jack Morgan (jentoio, 12:59:48)
    2. Lincoln Lavoie (jentoio, 13:05:53)
    3. Jim Baker (jentoio, 13:05:57)
    4. Parth Yadav (jentoio, 13:06:09)
    5. James Gu (jentoio, 13:06:31)

  2. LF OPNFV Lab update discussion (jentoio, 13:07:38)
    1. Jim shared that LF IT wants to replace the UCS hardware that are in the Portland Lab (jentoio, 13:16:18)
    2. Jack provided a background on OPNFV community labs - those that support releases and those for development / testing (jentoio, 13:17:08)
    3. Al Morton (jentoio, 13:24:37)
    4. Trevor Cooper (jentoio, 13:39:12)
    5. Georg Kunz (jentoio, 13:39:30)
    6. Al presented the need to have 100Gbe testing in OPNFV community labs to keep up with industry standards (jentoio, 13:52:29)
    7. Jack mentioned that different labs have different purposes - LF Portlant lab supports releases while other labs support development and testing (jentoio, 13:53:38)
    8. Intel lab currently has an Ixia hardware traffic generator but doesn't support 100gbe - discussion resulted in the need to get a newer chassis if 100gbe traffic testing was desired (jentoio, 13:56:05)
    9. Other possibility included having some or all hardware resources in LF Portland lab be allocated to LaaS but would need to check with Trevor Bramwell (jentoio, 13:57:09)
    10. next steps include discussing LaaS possibility with releng project, Trevor (LF), looking at how many servers/nics we can get with the budget (do we need another switch?) in preparation for Friday's meeting with LF IT (jentoio, 13:59:51)

Meeting ended at 14:01:12 UTC (full logs).

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  1. jentoio (19)
  2. collabot` (3)

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