12:58:36 <jentoio> #startmeeting Weekly Technical Discuss Meeting #174
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12:58:44 <jentoio> #topic Roll Call
12:58:48 <jentoio> #info Jack Morgan
12:59:34 <jentoio> #info Fu Qiao
13:00:47 <jentoio> Al Morton
13:00:53 <jentoio> #info Al Morton
13:03:21 <jentoio> #info Sridhar rao
13:04:16 <jentoio> #info Anusha
13:05:39 <jentoio> #infoJim Baker
13:05:42 <jentoio> #info Jim Baker
13:06:27 <jentoio> #topic Common Infrastructure Realization & Validation (CIRV) project
13:06:53 <jentoio> #info Sridhar shared an update from last weeks meeting with CNTT
13:07:32 <acmacm> #info Al Morton
13:08:42 <jentoio> #info shared about cookbook status and that each OPNFV project should take ownership ofdocumentation
13:09:40 <jentoio> #info Chandrasekaran
13:09:58 <jentoio> #info Parth Yadav
13:12:13 <jentoio> #info CNTT just to keep the requirements in their documentation and have OPNFV projects drive documentation within OPNFV
13:15:04 <jentoio> #info CNTT RI/RC meeting will create proposal on a way forward
13:15:13 <acmacm> #info "some chapters are just copied from OPNFV" ?
13:15:57 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
13:20:21 <jentoio> #info Jim shares that CNTT that are working on figuring out how to move forward from CNTT documentation / requirements to implementation within OPNFV project
13:21:49 <jentoio> #info some of the details on how to go about doing that is still being worked out as Jack asks about how this might be done
13:29:09 <jentoio> #info Al /Fu Qiao discuss a specific example PDF_2.0/HDV as a requirement to implementation
13:31:40 <jentoio> #info CIRV project mandate appears to have gaps between current plan and how or what changes need to be made
13:33:34 <jentoio> #info Al mentions that current committer/contributer list seems to have lots of people but not a lot of work is getting done
13:35:14 <jentoio> #info Sridhar mentions perhaps CIRV can have a regular meeting to address these concerns
13:40:09 <jentoio> #info Fu Qiao asks why we are having this discussion on CIRV, Jack mentions that their is a gap between the project mandate and actual current plan
13:42:02 <jentoio> #info Fu Qiao suggest that we need to figure out how to migrate CNTT RI/RC to OPNFV first, then CIRV can re-evaluate its manadate
13:47:56 <jentoio> #topic Virtual Developer & Testing Form
13:49:58 <jentoio> #info event is June 22-25, project proposals are due June 3rd and today we are wanting to discuss what joint topics we want to have
13:50:47 <jentoio> #info What topics do we want to have a joint presentation with CNTT/OPNFV?
13:53:44 <jentoio> #info from of the OPNFV 2.0 meeting a few topics came up...
13:53:49 <jentoio> #info CIRV RI/RC Scope and Interaction
13:54:02 <jentoio> #info OPNFV / CNTT Release Processes _&_ Cadence
13:56:03 <jentoio> #info Industry adoption - Badging
14:04:28 <acmacm> #info Thanks Jack!
14:04:39 <jentoio> #endmeeting