#opnfv-meeting: Weekly Technical Discuss Meeting #175

Meeting started by jentoio at 12:59:41 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call (jentoio, 12:59:47)
    1. james Gu (jentoio, 13:02:59)
    2. Jack Morgan (jentoio, 13:03:03)
    3. Sunku Ranganath (jentoio, 13:03:15)
    4. Cedric Ollivier (jentoio, 13:03:29)
    5. Jim Baker (jentoio, 13:03:37)
    6. Al Morton (jentoio, 13:03:47)
    7. Liang Chen (jentoio, 13:04:19)
    8. Georg Kunz (jentoio, 13:04:50)

  2. CNTT Collaboration (jentoio, 13:05:41)
    1. discussion identified that CNTT requirements have items that are not testable or realistic and that they just define a goal (jentoio, 14:02:36)
    2. this fact isn't presented at during the process and might not be realized until requirement is received (jentoio, 14:03:48)
    3. in addition, we don't have requirement gathering model within CNTT that allows for this feedback - for example, a 3 week sprint or other regular schedule where you can participate to flush them out. One is just required to attend every meeting (jentoio, 14:05:29)
    4. Cedric mentions that feedback loop exists between CNTT/OPNFV in that CNTT provide requirement and eventually consume results of implementation (jentoio, 14:07:12)
    5. a requirements working group could fill this need as a bridge between requirements (CNTT) and OPNFV projects but details need to be figured out (jentoio, 14:08:33)
    6. otherwise, OPNFV folks have to work first in the CNTT streams while requirements are gatherd/discussed and then work to implement them in an OPNFV project (jentoio, 14:09:44)
    7. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/INF/CNTT+Collaboration (jentoio, 14:11:50)

Meeting ended at 14:11:59 UTC (full logs).

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