12:59:29 <jentoio> #startmeeting Weekly Technical Discuss Meeting #177
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12:59:38 <jentoio> #topic Roll Call
12:59:55 <jentoio> #info David McBride
13:00:03 <jentoio> #info Jack Morgan
13:00:30 <jentoio> #info Cedric Ollivier
13:00:38 <jentoio> #info Jim Baker
13:01:27 <jentoio> #info Parth Yadav
13:02:08 <jentoio> #info Ildiko Vancsa
13:03:01 <jentoio> #info Liang Chen
13:04:36 <jentoio> #info Al Morton
13:05:21 <jentoio> #info Bob Monkman
13:06:57 <jentoio> #info Brandon Wick
13:07:03 <jentoio> #topic OPNFV Release Process
13:07:50 <jentoio> #info James Gu
13:09:32 <jentoio> #info dmcbride presented his slides on the current effort to improve/update the process
13:11:59 <jentoio> #info considerations were the first item discussed which include an update template, consolidated milestones, incorporate requirements, etc
13:12:52 <jentoio> #info assumptions for the new process were presented
13:14:40 <jentoio> #info a high level overview came next for example release proposal is a meta-release (release of releases),
13:15:49 <jentoio> #info OPNFV Level Requirements Planning - a new component in the proposal
13:16:55 <jentoio> #info this component includes a work group to gather and vet requirements
13:19:10 <jentoio> #info what does vetting mean? was defined in the next slide
13:19:50 <jentoio> #info PTL of TSC approved requirements would need approval of the project PTL involved in the requirement
13:21:30 <jentoio> #info requirement work group / subcommittee was presented in detail next
13:25:39 <jentoio> #info requirements owner responsibility was defined after looking at a slide on the workflow of a requirement
13:27:39 <jentoio> #info project release plans would include a template, reviewed and approved, documented in JIRA, assigned to the release
13:29:17 <jentoio> #info integrated vs non-integrated projects were defined (integrated means related to CNTT work) and process for both presented
13:31:11 <jentoio> #info self-release process was defined in the next slide as was integrated and non-integrated release processes
13:32:37 <jentoio> #info documentation was presented as it has been discussed extensively in previous meetings
13:33:10 <jentoio> #info integrated projects and gating process for defined next
13:34:02 <jentoio> #info milestones for the updated release process was defined next
13:34:58 <jentoio> #info Sridhar Rao
13:41:01 <jentoio> #info a Q/A section was included in the proposal which explained some issues that have come up in previous discussions
13:52:02 <jentoio> #topic marketing message - how is it impacted by this proposal?
13:54:35 <jentoio> #info concerns came up during discussion - who is the requirement owner within CNTT? (Jim) and overall concerns with current working CNTT  model (cedric)
13:56:03 <jentoio> #info concerns for current working CNTT model include lack of CNTT supplied resources, lack of lifecycle knowledge of CNTT and overall integration process
13:56:44 <jentoio> #info marketing message lacks a step in the process to report back to TSC prior to release to get feedback
14:03:18 <jentoio> #info next steps to define the next level details in the OPNFV Release Meeting
14:04:41 <jentoio> #endmeeting