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Meeting started by SRao at 13:09:50 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. xTesting Integration. (SRao, 13:12:23)
    1. Sharing VSPERF experience with Integrating VSPERF with XTesting. (SRao, 13:13:11)
    2. xtesting is pass/fail. but tools like vsperf provide quantative results, as well as pass/fail. Xtesting allows you pass this quantative data to the OPNFV TestAPI thfought the "details" field, which takes a set of key/value pairs (efoley, 13:20:32)
    3. Across the benchmarking projects, there is discussion to try and standardise the set of keys to pass to this details field to make it more searchable (efoley, 13:22:13)
    4. Completed Internships in OPNFV (SRao, 13:48:47)
    5. 4 Project: CIRV_SDV, CIRV_HDV, VSPERF, Barometer. (SRao, 13:49:09)
    6. CIRV_SDV and VSPERF. (SRao, 13:49:22)
    7. CIRV_HDV is still ongoing (SRao, 13:49:46)
    8. SDV: Ashwin and Parth: Pre-Deployment and Post-Deployment Validations (respectively). (SRao, 13:55:27)
    9. Aditya and Adarsh - Metrics and Logging - respectively. (SRao, 14:00:00)

Meeting ended at 14:00:36 UTC (full logs).

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  3. mbeierl (3)
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