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15:04:01 <bryan_att> #info Bryan Sullivan
15:06:29 <bryan_att> I just sent out a notice to the list that the meeting is starting. If we don't get quorum we can come back in the next session.
15:08:22 <bryan_att> Agenda was sent to the list:
15:08:26 <bryan_att> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/MB3i6TTV/
15:09:10 <bryan_att> I will wait a minute for others to join.
15:09:18 <bryan_att> #topic Agenda Bashing
15:11:37 <SergeM> can't find the dial in info
15:12:04 <bryan_att> OK, let me get it for you. You should be able to use the GTM link to get it.
15:12:16 <SergeM> wait, I think I found it
15:12:50 <bryan_att> OK
15:19:17 <bryan_att> #topic https://wiki.opnfv.org/models/releaseplan
15:19:36 <bryan_att> #info How to pick projects to reach out to
15:20:27 <bryan_att> #info focus on overlap e.g. projects that need a medium for model-driven capabilities, or providing model capabilities
15:27:18 <bryan_att> #info example is my focus on ODL - I  am looking into what YANG developers need and how YANG is used for service and device control
15:34:01 <bryan_att> #info a model architecture would be good to help focus and explain our analysis of the role of models in VNF lifecycle mgmt
15:48:21 <bryan_att> #info areas to focus on for 3GPP in the near term may include: control/user plane separation for 4G (presumably different model components would be used for each)
15:49:10 <bryan_att> #info also 5G with slicing disaggregation, etc
15:50:27 <bryan_att> #info ON.Lab work on Mobile-CORD is relevant here
15:58:10 <bryan_att> #info we'll continue on the list in the meantime and flesh out where we can contribute
15:59:29 <bryan_att> #endmeeting