#opnfv-models: 2016-April-4 Models Project Meeting #4a

Meeting started by bryan_att at 15:03:08 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. roll call (bryan_att, 15:03:17)
    1. Bryan Sullivan (bryan_att, 15:03:22)

  2. Status of project setup: Git, JIRA, Wiki (bryan_att, 15:09:04)
    1. https://github.com/Orange-OpenSource/opnfv-cloudify-clearwater (bryan_att, 15:16:04)
    2. Marc Flauw (bryan_att, 16:00:09)
    3. we discussed the R3 goals setting for the areas we will discretely focus on (bryan_att, 16:08:31)
    4. Bryan's goal is to setup a test framework for data model verification, using the vIMS as an example, and starting simple e.g. with vPing, and expanding with specific tests for model/template features (bryan_att, 16:15:05)
    5. Marc's goal is to analyze info models (or setup a validation framework for them) e.g. re whether all essential components/elements are included in the model, from a syntax and semantics perspective (bryan_att, 16:30:27)
    6. Both goals can benefit from reaching out to other OPNFV projects on the model use cases that support their features, e.g. affinity as a method of HA deployment. (bryan_att, 16:32:11)
    7. We can analyze the support for these use cases at the info and data model levels. (bryan_att, 16:33:37)
    8. We can probably use the same tools e.g. parsers or UML modeling tools to create a validation test framework. (bryan_att, 16:38:00)

Meeting ended at 01:36:15 UTC (full logs).

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