#opnfv-models: 2016-June-6 Models Project Meeting #9

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    1. Artur Tyloch (arturt, 16:05:29)

  1. OPNFV Berlin Summit (bryan_att, 16:10:12)
    1. Bryan will upload a draft of the second part of this talk this week for review. (bryan_att, 16:13:59)
    2. https://github.com/thomnico/juju-nfv-clearwater-restcomm (arturt, 16:39:21)
    3. https://jujucharms.com/u/dataart-telco-practice/dataart-telco-demo/bundle/13 (arturt, 16:51:13)
    4. Topics to be covered in the Berlin talk include: Data models that developers will be expected to prepare for onboarding; The process of ingestion e.g. any assumptions on translation; Service modeling; Test examples; Implications of the different modeling approaches and tools (bryan_att, 16:59:00)
    5. Re the data models that developers will be expected to prepare for onboarding: Existing vIMS assumes a VNFD element within a overall TOSCA-based blueprint. This may be translated into another data model for use by elements e.g. VNFM. (bryan_att, 16:59:57)
    6. Re the process of ingestion e.g. any assumptions on translation: what projects will do the translation, e.g. ARIA; sync between VNFM and NFVO on running state, and any needs for interfaces or backward translation supporting this (bryan_att, 17:00:27)
    7. Re service modeling: orchestration of resources across distributed clouds and WAN; application lifecycle aspects, e.g. scripts triggered by lifecycle events vs modeled e.g. in YANG (bryan_att, 17:00:43)
    8. Re Test examples for Berlin: vIMS/TOSCA/Cloudify; vIMS/Charm/JuJu; HelloWorld/TOSCA/[Cloudify JuJu] incuding showing the process of onboarding and deployment including any translation steps (bryan_att, 17:01:40)
    9. Re the juju-nfv-clearwater-restcomm project, Bryan will look into what's required to leverage this under functest (bryan_att, 17:02:06)
    10. Re the dataart-telco bundle and other such examples: these examples can be used in Functest to provide a deeper use case testing that e.g. runs every two weeks on the various scenarios (bryan_att, 17:04:02)

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