16:01:52 <georgk> #startmeeting NetReady weekly meeting
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16:02:00 <georgk> #topic roll call
16:02:06 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
16:02:14 <bin_> #info Bin Hu
16:02:23 <DanSmithEricsson> #info Daniel Smith
16:02:39 <jlinkes> #info Juraj Linkes
16:03:55 <georgk> #topic agenda bashing
16:03:58 <georgk> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/meetings/NetReady
16:04:44 <georgk> #info agenda is ok
16:04:54 <georgk> #topic update on the OPNFV summit
16:05:27 <georgk> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/EVNT/2016+OPNFV+Project+Track+Session+Proposals
16:06:52 <georgk> #info there is a project theater for projects
16:06:55 <georgk> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/EVNT/Proposals+for+Berlin+Design+Summit+Session
16:09:14 <amaged__> #info Ahmed Maged
16:09:52 <georgk> #info i put NetReady in teh list of projects for the project theather track
16:10:17 <georgk> #info we┬┤ll keep it in both wiki pages
16:10:56 <georgk> #info volunteering speakers welcome for the project track session
16:11:24 <georgk> #topic L3VPN use case
16:12:20 <georgk> #info Bin uploaded L3VPN use case description
16:13:13 <ijw> tomhamb: ping
16:13:15 <ijw> I've blamed you for everything
16:13:17 <ijw> EVERYTHIG
16:13:50 <tomhamb> hi
16:14:11 <ijw> How are you getting on?
16:14:17 <georgk> #link http://artifacts.opnfv.org/netready/docs/requirements/use_cases/use_cases_l3vpn.html
16:14:20 <tomhamb> ijw thanks
16:14:26 <ijw> Welcome
16:14:42 <ijw> It's what everyone does to me, I was sharing the love ;)
16:14:55 <tomhamb> ijw I understand
16:15:08 <ijw> Blame Georg
16:15:16 <ijw> (I'm trying to share the blame too)
16:15:46 <tomhamb> ijw - I am getting close to checking in some code today.  I have some bug fixes and new sync code to add
16:15:56 <ijw> Lovely
16:16:35 <tomhamb> ijw Are we to the point were we need to create new repositories for the proton, gluon and particle generator code?
16:16:40 <ijw> I'll keep an eye out and take a look when it's in - not sure the master has its devstack plugin, so I'll bring that across when we have something working (assuing enikher's stuff is working)
16:17:03 <ildikov> ijw: LOL, 'sharing the love', I will steal this :)
16:17:11 <ijw> We're getting there - but at the moment let's put it all in the one place if that's still possible and we'll break it up after
16:17:52 <ijw> Right now, my concern is we have lots of code and I think we'll struggle to actually deploy it unless we do a bit of work there.  That's easier if we don't have to break it all up first
16:18:54 <tomhamb> ijw Okay,  I'll push it and see what happens.  To really test it we need two different services (gluon and proton).
16:19:25 <enikher> what do you think of a proton branch?
16:21:36 <tomhamb> enikher we can do that in the short term
16:23:05 <ijw> If you add a proton/ directory at the top level we can make that work as a second and separate Python package
16:23:18 <ijw> Will also make it pretty easy to divide up in the future
16:25:49 <tomhamb> ijw Have you had a chance to merge the code from the demo branch to master?
16:25:57 <georgk> #info Bin is walking us through the use cases
16:38:02 <georgk> #info link to BGPVPN documentation:
16:38:10 <georgk> #link http://docs.openstack.org/developer/networking-bgpvpn/
16:39:01 <bin_> #link https://github.com/openstack/networking-bgpvpn
16:40:27 <georgk> #info Bin, georgk, and amaged_ will work on mapping the use cases to the existing BGPVPN API
16:42:48 <bin_> #info (1) net-create
16:42:59 <bin_> #info (2) subnet-create
16:43:38 <bin_> #info (3) BGPVPN API to bgpvpn-create
16:44:08 <bin_> #info (4) BGPVPN API to update bgpvpn resources (RTs)
16:44:44 <bin_> #info (5) associate network (UUID) created in (1) with BGPVPN resources
16:45:15 <bin_> #info (6) associate BGPVPN to router of L3VPN
16:50:33 <georgk> #topic Gluon update
16:50:47 <georgk> #info ijw is giving an update on the PoC
16:51:21 <georgk> #info first internal Gluon demo on June 1st
16:52:10 <georgk> #info public demo at the OPNFV summit
16:55:03 <georgk> #endmeeting