16:02:53 <georgk> #startmeeting NetReady weekluy meeting
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16:03:01 <georgk> #topic roll call
16:03:04 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
16:04:00 <georgk> #topic agenda bashing
16:04:13 <georgk> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/meetings/NetReady
16:08:18 <georgk> #topic general state of the requirements document
16:08:34 <georgk> #info shall we reach out to the OpenStack community now or later
16:09:21 <georgk> #info bin suggests to wait for Rosella´s reply and ask for her advice how to proceed
16:13:32 <georgk> #info referring to the NetReady requirements document here
16:14:13 <georgk> #info bin is giving an update on his discussions with the OpenStack community regarding deprecating the networking_api configuration option
16:22:25 <georgk> #info discussions of how to improve the discussions with the OpenStack community who is ignoring us right now
16:24:25 <georgk> #info paulcarver is asking if it makes sense to re-implement Neutron using the model-based approach of Proton
16:24:59 <georgk> #info bin is stressing that this would bring us in a worse situation in terms of community acceptance
16:30:44 <georgk> #info more analysis of the Nova-Neutron interaction is needed
16:38:23 <georgk> #topic Gluon meeting at 18th and 19th August
16:38:51 <georgk> #info bin outlined the agenda: Nova-Neutron-Gluon interaction, demo for upcoming summnit
16:39:20 <georgk> #info there will likely no Neutron people joining the meeting
16:39:46 <georgk> #info bin sent an invitation to the Neutron folks, but didn´t get a reply
16:47:47 <georgk> #endmeeting