#opnfv-parser: OPNFV Parser Team Meeting Mar 16

Meeting started by zhipeng at 08:33:09 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. roll call (zhipeng, 08:33:19)
    1. David Shadmi AT&T (zhipeng, 08:40:45)
    2. Haiyang DING Huawei (zhipeng, 08:41:13)
    3. Pakkirisamy Vivekanandan HP (zhipeng, 08:41:34)
    4. Sabah Huamera HP (zhipeng, 08:42:15)
    5. Victor Hu Huawei (zhipeng, 08:42:32)
    6. Vinayak HP (zhipeng, 08:42:41)
    7. Zhipeng Huang Huawei (zhipeng, 08:42:51)

  2. Discuss YANG-TOSCA Plan (zhipeng, 08:43:07)
    1. Vinayak will ask for HP management ok for the open source of the coding (zhipeng, 08:43:31)
    2. Vinayak mentions the implementation will be python or Java (zhipeng, 08:45:13)
    3. Document will be developed at the same time (zhipeng, 08:45:28)
    4. We will develop YANG-TOSCA document together first, then integrate with Heat-Translator Docs later (zhipeng, 08:47:21)
    5. Howard asked if implementation in python would be better for later integration with Heat-Translator (zhipeng, 08:47:52)
    6. Victor mentions python might be better (zhipeng, 08:48:06)

  3. Heat-Translator demo (zhipeng, 08:49:15)
    1. Victor shows demo in Eclipse IDE (zhipeng, 08:49:39)
    2. David asks when will networking be ready (zhipeng, 08:57:18)
    3. Victor says there is no hard deadline, and currently underresourced for this task (zhipeng, 08:59:19)
    4. David propose to have a road map on this issue (zhipeng, 08:59:33)
    5. Victor explains that TOSCA has been changing, which also makes a road map difficult (zhipeng, 09:00:32)
    6. discuss on helping Iben on the saltstack, the consensus in the team would be not to join for the moment, wait for Iben's reply if he has something in his mind (zhipeng, 09:25:44)

Meeting ended at 09:25:53 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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People present (lines said)

  1. zhipeng (24)
  2. collabot (3)

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