#opnfv-parser: Parser Weekly Meeting Apr 13th

Meeting started by zhipeng at 08:45:53 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. HP Team next step (zhipeng, 08:46:22)
    1. OPNFV is apache license, so Vinayak would go ahead with this info and try to setup repo as quickly as he could (zhipeng, 08:46:54)

  2. ZTE Team template contribution way forward (zhipeng, 08:47:57)
    1. hayden zhao discusses ZTE's template (zhipeng, 08:49:17)
    2. the template would focus on multi-instance support (zhipeng, 08:59:27)
    3. discussion on if a BP is good for the way forward (zhipeng, 09:02:21)
    4. Julien mentioned ZTE Team still need to figure out how to proceed (zhipeng, 09:05:14)
    5. zhipeng suggest we start our project starting from Openstack H release (julien_ZTE, 09:09:15)
    6. but currently we can begin our develop form current OPNFV release, it does not rely on Openstack H (julien_ZTE, 09:09:48)
    7. correction, on K release :) (zhipeng, 09:18:18)
    8. Agree, I make a mistake (julien_ZTE, 09:18:39)
    9. milestone discussion would continue on email (zhipeng, 09:21:16)

  3. member change (zhipeng, 09:21:22)
    1. Wang Yimin would replace Zhouqi (zhipeng, 09:21:35)
    2. no objections received, so Howard would ask Aric to provide correct privileges to Yimin, and revoke Qi's (zhipeng, 09:22:30)

  4. AOB (zhipeng, 09:22:37)
    1. Julien mentioned time is still needed on OpenStack development (zhipeng, 09:23:02)

Meeting ended at 09:23:17 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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People present (lines said)

  1. zhipeng (16)
  2. julien_ZTE (3)
  3. collabot (3)

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