13:12:30 <zhipeng> #startmeeting Parser Weekly Meeting 2015.06.17
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13:15:17 <zhipeng> #topic Roll Call
13:15:25 <zhipeng> #info Victor
13:15:39 <zhipeng> #info Anthony Chow
13:15:42 <zhipeng> #info julien
13:15:47 <zhipeng> #info Zhipeng
13:16:02 <zhipeng> #info Sahdev
13:17:25 <zhipeng> #topic Heat-translator introduction by Sahdev
13:17:35 <julien_ZTE> #info Julien
13:17:52 <zhipeng> already put your name down :P
13:18:26 <julien_ZTE> hi victor, can you record a vedio, my colleagues are not formiliar with GTM
13:19:01 <zhipeng> julien_ZTE Victor is recording it
13:19:07 <julien_ZTE> I cc the email to them, but they maybe happens to some problems.
13:19:10 <julien_ZTE> Thanks
13:19:20 <zhipeng> please ask away any questions you have :)
13:22:29 <zhipeng> #info Dan Druta
13:24:17 <zhipeng> #info some constraint provided by TOSCA is not available in Heat
13:24:25 <zhipeng> #info for example some flavor
13:27:14 <zhipeng> #info HT could be used outside out OpenStack in some scenarios
13:28:43 <zhipeng> #info plugins are needed in order to use openstack client, HT is developing such plugin
13:31:29 <zhipeng> #info Murano integration is another goal of Liberty
13:33:36 <zhipeng> julien_ZTE he is using the phone
13:33:41 <zhipeng> his name is Sahdev
13:36:39 <zhipeng> #topic Q&A
13:37:04 <zhipeng> #info Victor asks if HT could provide API for Parser to use
13:37:40 <zhipeng> #info Sahdev suggests it is doable, and encourage Parser Team to propose blueprints about which API need to be supported
13:39:59 <zhipeng> #info Julien asks if it is possible to have a neutron-plugin like plugin for HT to support extra features
13:41:46 <zhipeng> #info Sahdev suggets this would also be a good idea, since currently HT already got a new module mechanism
13:42:25 <zhipeng> #info again BPs are welcomed on the specific ideas
13:49:10 <zhipeng> #topic AoB
13:49:23 <zhipeng> #info delay Murano discussion later
13:50:54 <zhipeng> #endmeeting