19:37:03 <bryan_att> #startmeeting VNF Onboarding (with End User Advisory Group, MANO working group, and Polestar Working Group)
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19:37:55 <bryan_att> #info Agenda: https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/polestar/Meetings
19:37:57 <bryan_att> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/download/attachments/6827381/User%20Story%20Workflow%20v_chris.pptx?version=1&modificationDate=1475177609731&api=v2
19:43:47 <bryan_att> #info Bryan proposes that we use JIRA to track the user stories, and Kanban to follow their process from proposal, thru approval, thru implementation, etc
19:44:05 <bryan_att> #info no objection to that proposal
19:45:06 <bryan_att> #info StevenWright: is there a mapping to scenarios?
19:47:07 <bryan_att> #info AlexVul: user stories relate to scenarios that fulfill a stakeholder's (user) needs, e.g. for VNF Onboarding there are a variety of personas (users) who interact with the system for different goals of the overall onboarding process
19:52:31 <bryan_att> #info AlexVul: at some point we need to be able to capture needs and agreements
19:52:46 <bryan_att> #info bryan_att: that can be done in JIRA
20:02:08 <bryan_att> #info AlexVul: Open-O has a particular way to address onboarding as an example, how would those capabilities plug in in support of these goals?
20:09:13 <bryan_att> #info bryan_att: we would integtrate what we could into a scenario in OPNFV based upon the technical effort to do so, and the resources available to do it
20:54:27 <bryan_att> #info Action items:
20:55:21 <bryan_att> #info Focus on VNF package definition and open source support in MANO WG, with specific aspects driven in the Models project
20:56:54 <bryan_att> #info Setup JIRA epics etc for the various Polestar user stories to help manage the flow of the proposed user stories into implemenation, using Kanban as an organizational tool
21:37:28 <bryan_att> #info Look at VNF lifecycle and agree upon terminology for the stages
22:05:57 <bryan_att> #info Current focus in the Models project is on the first steps of deployment (instantiation) but we can expand into the onboarding phase as we get resources; it will be better to converge the work in a single project in OPNFV, with the larger frame/goals set by the Polestar and MANO WGs.
22:06:01 <bryan_att> #endmeeting