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14:01:44 <r-mibu> #topic roll call
14:01:57 <ildikov> #info Ildiko Vancsa
14:02:02 <bertys> #info Bertrand Souville
14:02:14 <bryan_att> #info Bryan Sullivan
14:02:42 <r-mibu> #info Ryota Mibu
14:02:59 <r-mibu> #chair ildikov
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14:03:22 <r-mibu> #chair bertys
14:03:22 <collabot> Current chairs: bertys ildikov r-mibu
14:03:34 <r-mibu> #chair bryan_att
14:03:34 <collabot> Current chairs: bertys bryan_att ildikov r-mibu
14:09:41 <GeraldK> #info Gerald
14:11:14 <GeraldK> has someone started the meeting already?
14:12:35 <r-mibu> yep
14:14:42 <bryan_att> topic: Use of JIRA for Tasks
14:14:55 <GeraldK> #info Way of working: there are Jira tickets, but the way forward is not clear. should we organize into short/mid/long-term issues?
14:15:43 <GeraldK> #info proposal to better utilize features of Jira to do so
14:16:08 <r-mibu> #chair GeraldK
14:16:08 <collabot> Current chairs: GeraldK bertys bryan_att ildikov r-mibu
14:18:30 <GeraldK> #info inviting people from other projects to weekly meetings is of general interest and should be kept
14:21:14 <GeraldK> #info requirements track should stay a couple of month ahead of the implementation track
14:21:56 <GeraldK> #topic Lab sharing with IPv6 project
14:24:21 <corenova> #info Peter Lee
14:24:46 <GeraldK> #info Bin: VM is used as IPv6 router; integration efforts with ODL trying to solve gaps
14:25:39 <GeraldK> #info Bin: after this has been addressed, infrastructure could be used for Promise
14:26:53 <bertys> #info IPv6 project is using Spirent community lab
14:27:25 <GeraldK> #info Peter: would be great if Promise could send our requirements (ODL version, number of nodes, ...) to Infra-Team and they set it up (without Promise getting "empty" hardware
14:40:06 <r-mibu> #topic JIRA PROMISE-6
14:40:55 <corenova> #action Peter to update Promise-6 with additional contributors
14:41:45 <corenova> #topic JIRA PROMISE_23
14:41:57 <corenova> #info team should review and provide +1/+2 to the gerrit commit
14:42:04 <r-mibu> #link https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/1345/
14:42:37 <r-mibu> #topic JIRA PROMISE-19
14:43:12 <GeraldK> #info Mirantis would be interested to re-open Blazar
14:44:42 <GeraldK> #info related to Promise long term architecture
14:45:49 <GeraldK> #info there is long-term effort to extract Nova scheduler. we can start utilizing the latest status of this project and update Blazar accordingly
14:46:45 <r-mibu> #chair corenova
14:46:45 <collabot> Current chairs: GeraldK bertys bryan_att corenova ildikov r-mibu
14:46:49 <GeraldK> #info this extracting is *in the best case* done in Mitaka-release, but most likely in later release
14:51:57 <GeraldK> #info shim-layer approach seems the only way we can achieve our goals in few months. we should give high prio to solve southbound I/F gaps. but long-term architecture should not be neglected.
14:53:31 <GeraldK> #info Peter will make initial draft
14:54:06 <GeraldK> #info allocation part might be difficult. Peter is assuming all allocation request go via shim layer to make this work. we need to write down this big picture.
14:55:34 <GeraldK> #topic promise software architecture diagram (shim layer)
14:56:06 <GeraldK> #info this is not part of weekly Promise meeting, but additional technical meeting
14:56:54 <GeraldK> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/secure/attachment/10501/opnfv-promise.png
15:00:11 <GeraldK> #info top-left: package "yan/opnfv-promise" has dependency on other packages and schema files
15:01:11 <GeraldK> #info "yangforge" provides several internal types
15:03:20 <GeraldK> #info ComputeElement, VMImage, etc are instances of ResourceElement; ServerInstance is instance of ResourceInstance
15:05:35 <GeraldK> #info Promise instance needs to be tied to OpenStack. two ways to implement this: 1) tight integration between OpenStack and Promise by direct mapping logic and 2) a new layer encapsulating OpenStack
15:06:54 <GeraldK> #info OpenStack package can even capture different versions of OpenStack, e.g. different API versions
15:08:31 <GeraldK> #info the OpenStack package can also be (re-)used for other (OPNFV) projects
15:08:49 <GeraldK> #info (this is a powerful feature)
15:09:10 <GeraldK> #undo
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15:11:15 <GeraldK> #info there is not yet a basic demo for the OpenStack package
15:12:20 <GeraldK> #info this is planned for this week
15:13:09 <GeraldK> #info i.e. initial transaction to add a ResourceProvider and populate it with all related data
15:13:42 <GeraldK> #info idea is to capture all details, except things done via API extensions.
15:15:05 <GeraldK> #info Ildiko: who stores the reservations? Peter: idea is that Promise shim-layer stores all this information required, encapsulating a lot of existing information available downstream.
15:16:02 <GeraldK> #info Ildiko: are you planning to include "quotas"? Peter: quota system would be query, but in the first step not allow to change the quotas.
15:16:16 <GeraldK> #undo
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15:16:33 <GeraldK> #info Ildiko: are you planning to include "quotas"? Peter: quota system would be "query"-based, but in the first step not allow to change the quotas in OpenStack.
15:17:27 <GeraldK> #info shim-layer is kind of emulating OpenStack thus allowing to implement Promise features in the shim-layer
15:20:31 <GeraldK> #info this requires a feedback-loop to keep states synchronized (best in real-time). some delay might be acceptable for Promise (this has to be analyzed/discussed in more detail)
15:21:03 <GeraldK> #info Gerald: Promise might be okay with a more coarse-grained information.
15:21:36 <GeraldK> #info Peter: this also depends on the usage of the reservation system, whether you do reservations/changes on a per minute or per day basis
15:21:45 <GeraldK> #undo
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15:21:52 <GeraldK> #info Peter: this also depends on the usage of the reservation system, whether you do reservations/changes on a per minute or per day frequency
15:28:41 <GeraldK> #info Peter could need help to model missing things in the yangforge schemas; also the code logic for reservation is missing.
15:29:54 <GeraldK> #info Ildiko: do we need all those models to evaluate the approach as such? No, not all the models, but the basic ones, e.g. storage/network could be done later.
15:30:56 <GeraldK> #info Ildiko: are the flows etc already captured, e.g. in the requirement document?
15:32:00 <GeraldK> #info No, we don't have these explicit flows.
15:36:05 <GeraldK> #info Peter is quite confident that this shim-layer will allow for the basic reservation features among different resource types; but if there are specific behaviours, we may not be able to sufficiently model this (at least in the initial version).
15:40:41 <GeraldK> #info Peter will prepare and share sequence diagrams around the reservation flows
15:43:14 <GeraldK> #info team should then support Peter to continue from these baseline diagrams to extend to other flows/logic
15:55:20 <GeraldK> #info discussion on documentation priorities/needs.
15:55:56 <GeraldK> #endmeeting